2018 Final Attendance Rankings

Here are the final attendance numbers for 2018.  Remember, workouts in other regions do not count, and neither do workouts without backblasts posted to the website.

  1. Alright Alright – 216
  2. Coach K – 164
  3. F-150, Teasip – 133
  4. Icebox – 107
  5. Aaarrrggghhh – 103
  6. Ina – 102
  7. Special Sauce – 91
  8. Ant Man – 87
  9. Oatmeal – 77
  10. Chairman Mao – 75
  11. Pepper – 71
  12. Oo-de-Lally – 59
  13. Splash – 41
  14. Boomer – 38
  15. Gambler – 35
  16. Plus One – 34
  17. Eruzione – 33
  18. Sally – 30
  19. Spread – 29
  20. Rump Roast – 27
  21. Gold Digger – 23
  22. Isaiah – 22
  23. Walmart – 19
  24. Sambuca – 16
  25. Podcast, Neutered, Mile High – 17
  26. Belk Bowl, Helmet – 12
  27. Jojo, Sleeveless, Ultra – 10
  28. Candy Cane, Princess Turtlehead, Rocket Man (FloMo) – 9
  29. Goldie, Hannigan – 8
  30. Hippy – 7
  31. Shake Weight, Boney Express – 6
  32. Fortran – 5
  33. Rocket Man (CLT), Hotty Toddy, Wolf – 4
  34. Candy Land – 3

All By Myself

YHC arrived in the gloom to find 3 ruckers, but no doubletimers. So YHC took off accompanied by Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Maino and of course… Akon.

Split Times:

Overall Pace: 7:08

The gloom, football & busy season

PAX: F150, Coach K
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Flagpole Hill


MRM although there were no mutts to accompany PAX today.  Approximately 2.5mi ruck @ 16:32 pace.

YHC prayed us out.

PAX discussed Christmas happenings, OU’s impressive showing again the Crimson Tide on Saturday, Nick Saban’s expected pension benefits ($2.4M/year as a public employee, not a bad gig if you can get it), ND & OU being trolled on Twitter, and other bowl happenings.  F150 also got half a ruck’s worth of public accounting talk from YHC and Coach K.  Definitely worth the price of admission!!

1. Q Source launching in 2019.  Vote for times that work for your schedule on Band.

  1. Run Ranger Run signup. Team page is at following link: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/TeamFundraisingPage.aspx?teamID=838480&langPref=en-CA
  2. CSAUP event March 2. Contact AlrightAlright to volunteer for “planning committee”

Know when to fold ’em

PAX: Hardywood (down range from Richmond), Walmart, Teasip, Rump Roast, Antman, Sally, AlrightAlright
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Germany Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given and implicitly acknowledged

SSH x15 IC

IST x15 IC

High knees x20 IC

YHC had PAX team up, and decided to play cards with PAX by bringing two decks of cards set at different locations around the track (not quite at 200m intervals, more like 150m and 250m).

Each suit in the deck corresponded to a different exercise: Humpers, monkey (Hearts), Squats (Spades), Carolina Dry Docks (Clubs) and Diamond Merkins (Diamonds) while PAX performed number indicated on card (face cards were 10 and aces 11).  YHC was kind enough to remove all cards lower than seven from each deck, and as a bonus, one deck contained two jokers.  The reward for drawing jokers was 20 burpees for the “lucky” teammates!  Upon completing each lap, PAX completed five pullups before drawing a new card.

When the cards at both stations were drawn out, YHC assembled PAX in a circle of pain, reshuffled both decks and had each PAX pull a card from his deck of choice.

All IC:

Flutter kicks


Marge & Homer


YHC prayed us out.

Mumble chatter was varied since PAX were spread out around the track.  There was enough overlap to know Teesip and Rump Roast drew both jokers to complete 40 burpees (with luck like this, a trip to Vegas should be arranged).  No explicit thanks were given by other PAX for this sacrifice (however PAX were rewarded with a joker during circle of pain).  YHC had the pleasure of partnering with Hartywood during workout and learning he made the road trip to Texas with his M and 4 x2.0’s, one of which is 5 mos old (TClaps)! Best to our Richmond brother and safe travels home after the holidays!

1. Q Source launching in 2019.  Vote for times that work for your schedule on Band.

  1. Run Ranger Run signup. Team page is at following link: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/TeamFundraisingPage.aspx?teamID=838480&langPref=en-CA
  2. CSAUP event March 2. Contact AlrightAlright to volunteer for “planning committee”

CFP Primer

PAX: Alright Alright, Ant Man, Boomer, Hardywood, Icebox, Ina, Invisible Ink (FNG), Isaiah, Mar-a-lago (FNG), Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Sally
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x 15

IST x15



Abe Vigoda






Alabama Prom Date


OH Claps

Kraken Burpee


Alligator Merkins

Howling Monkeys

OYO Burpees

Mountain Climbers



Carolina Dry Docks

Lt Dans

Elevens (Merkins & Squats)


Nolan Ryan


Newton’s Cradle

OYO Paint the lines

T Merkins


Empty Wheelbarrow

Duck Walk

Al Gore

Monkey Humpers

Escalator (Burpees, Merkins, Squats, LBC)

Done throughout the workout

YHC Prayed us out

Lots of good mumblechatter this morning, even in the cold. Alright Alright was quick to guess the theme and thus received 5 bonus points. A nice crisp high five await the person with the most bonus points at the end of 2019, so I’m the competition will be fierce Antman was somewhat faithful to the fantasy football last place payoff as he Chippendaled for most of the workout and did wear the Michigan shorts (though they were over some tights). One FNG didn’t completely understand the alphabet workout as he said “F” but his legs did not move. This led Ina to proclaim that he was using invisible ink and hence his name. Good to have Isaiah back out and join us in the gloom and great having Hardywood down from Richmond as well as the two FNGs.

1. Run Ranger Run in Februray. Sign up on Band
2. CSAUP on March 2, Texas Independence Day

Dora Ball

PAX: Coach K, Rump Roast, Walmart
QIC: Sally

AO: Curtis Park

SSH x 16 IC
IST x 16 IC
Hairy Rockettes x 12 IC

Mosey to soft-top
Morning call: All but one PAX get into push-up position and hold the up position while one guy counts off doing 5 pull-ups. Every time a pull-up is called out, the PAX does a merkin. After 5 pull-ups, he joins the PAX and the next guy gets up and calls out his 5 pull-ups.
Repeato with Dips on the park bench replacing pull-ups

10 count recovery

Modified Lazy Dora:
Partner up; as a team complete 60 pull-ups, 60 merkins, 200 mountain climbers (double-count), 300 squats
Instead of running the whole time:
One partner does 10 pull-ups while the other planks; flapjack until reach 60
One partner does 10 merkins while the other planks; flapjack until reach 60
One partner does 20 double-count mountain climbers while the other does flutter kicks; flapjack until reach 200
Squats are like normal with the other partner running across bridge to the trash can

10 count recovery

Mosey to baseball diamond
Modified Field of Dreams:
1 PAX at each “base” and home plate.
PAX at 1st base does iron crosses AMRAP until relieved
PAX at 2nd base does alternating lunges AMRAP until relieved
PAX at 3rd base does T-merkins AMRAP until relieved
Final PAX starts at home plate, does 10 burpees, runs to 1st to relieve PAX who then runs to second to relieve 2nd PAX; 2nd PAX then runs to 3rd; 3rd PAX then runs to starts his burpees at home

12 count recovery

Partner up
One PAX runs to nearby benches, does 20 dips, while partner does jump squats; flapjack
One PAX runs to bench area, does 30 shoulder presses, partner does alternating jump lunges

10 count recovery

Dr. W x 12
Low-slow flutter kicks (double-count) x 12
Big-boy sit-ups x 12

YHC prayed for recovery as he has had to start eating crappier food to up his calorie intake

Not much mumblechatter but a lot of general cursing and groaning at the workouts (even by YHC).
During COT it was mentioned that Bubba’s is RIGHT there. So we made a coffeeteria run. (except for Coach K, who we thought said he was coming. A call to his cell phone went immediately to voicemail)
Curtis Park – not a bad AO. Mildly limited running room, but easily modified/overcome.

1. RRR

Reindeer Games 12/22

Ina Special Sauce Sally Coach K Teasip Rump Roast joined YHC for reindeer Games

Disclaimer!! (Came in handy, see below)


Reindeer run (a Native American run where you run next to a partner the whole time) to the track

Reindeer game #1: jump rope waterfall, all the PAX jumped rope until failure, once done start doing burpees until all are done

Native American runs around the track:
As promised I built in some modifying for Rump Roast (he wasn’t buying it after the Reindeer Run) so he hung out in the corner of the track while two of us stuck with him and did an exercise while the remaining 4 did a lap. We did this until every runner completed a mile. The alternating exercises included arm circles, shoulder presses, overhead claps, LBC’s, and some other ab stuff.

Reindeer Game #2- jump rope waterfall again

Moseyed to a fountain that was turned off for Reindeer Game #3: Merkin Tag, like freeze tag but instead of freezing you had to do merkins after you were tagged. This was pretty tough when only one person was it so we Omaha’d and had two PAX be it at a time.

Moseyed back to Burleson for Reindeer Game #4: Burpee Basketball- Ina, Rump Roast, Teasip, and Special Sauce v YHC, Coach K, and Sally. When the other team scored a basket you had to do 10 burpees for the first one and 5 for the second

Reindeer Game #5: football, kept the same teams but Rump Roast was all time QB. Whenever a pass was completed the defense did 5 merkins, when it was incomplete the offense did 5 merkins

The PAX were confused when I didn’t bust out the beats box and even more confused when we started out with a running exercise. Ina pointed out that ever since I got my new kicks I’ve become a different person with all the running (he’s not wrong, the Brooks Ghost shoes kick ass).

We had a little difficulty figuring out reindeer runs, maybe with more people it’d be easier.

Jump rope waterfalls were pretty fun, wish AlrightAlright could have been there so he’d have to do burpees for 5 minutes.

Note to Q’s who want to play merkin tag in the future- play on grass, Sally and Coach K fell and banged up their hands pretty bad. Sorry about that Fellas, I’ll do better next time

Basketball was fun but boy do we suck, final score was the Rump Roasters 2, UVA Sally’s 1…I’ll keep bringing the round ball out, maybe in a few weeks we’ll get double digit scoring.

Rump Roast had a QB rating of -17, only scores were pick 6’s…I blame it on that he did merkins after every play regardless of outcome and it clearly effected his throwing arm

YHC prayed us out and gave Teasip a case of beer so he keeps posting my backblasts on the website

Rudolph Run at Reverchon

PAX: Icebox Ina Plus One Rump Roast IPA (F3 Houston)
QIC: Special Sauce

AO: Reverchon Park
Given. Still not a professional

Inch worms

Mosey over to Thompson lookout on Katy trail for a hill and stairs beatdown

2 laps (down stairs, up hill)
Irkins, dirkins, dips x 20 single count

2 laps (down hill, up stairs)
Claymakers x 10 each leg
Step ups x 10 each leg
Squats x 20

1 lap (down hill, up stairs)
40 yard bear crawl
1 lap (down stairs, up hill)
40 yard bear crawl

20 bench core planks
15 slow Clount LBC w/ feet on bench

1 lap (down hill, up stairs)
40 yard lunge
1 lap (down stairs, up hill)
40 yard lunge

Repeat of Irkins, Merkins, dips, claymakers, step ups, squats, bench planks, lbc and added in rugby sit-ups. Pax chose the order.

1 more lap (down stairs up hill or down hill up stars, each pax got to pick which way they went)

Mosey back to soft top for Mary

Season of giving, each pax lead 1 Mary exercise

Plus one – Uptown crunch
Ina – Freddie Mercury, alternating speed (these were hard)
Sauce – Big Flutter
Icebox – penguin crunch
Rump – LBC
IPA – scissor Plank

Safe travels for the F3 brotherhood and their families

PAX Was pleased with the new AO and I could see it becoming one of the spots in our rotation. Proximity to Katy trail, hills, basketball and tennis courts and playground soft top. PAX agreed that running down the stairs and up the hill was the lessor of two evils. We had to cut off IPA on the count of his Mary exercise, pax worried that he was delaying the inevitable of returning to his in-laws. Rump deciding to go OYO on the LBCs during Mary gave everyone a good laugh – 2019 VQ for rump is in the works! Happy Holidays to all of F3 Dallas, looking forward to bigger and better things in 2019.

The Uninformed Electorate

PAX: Icebox, Ina, Oatmeal, Sally
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Katy Trail


Upon arrival YHC polled the PAX on which structure we should spend our efforts on today.  The Mustang Parking Deck or The Mockingbird Bridge. Ina correctly suspected that a trip to the Parking Deck would lead to #TheMustang and loudly voted for The Bridge.  The remaining PAX, all uninformed and clueless as to what was in store, followed suit and voted for The Bridge.

SSH x15

IST x15

Mosey to the North end of The Bridge.

Commence BLIMPS.

Run across and perform one exercise (increase reps by 5 on each exercise), run back across and perform the next exercise.  Repeato until BLIMPS are complete.  Then begin SPMILB, and repeato until complete.

The PAX completed the BLIMPS and SPMILB in 25 minutes which left time for a Native American run across the bridge and back prior to our long mosey back to La Madeleine.

Totals for the Beatdown:

4 Miles, 10 Burpees, 20 Lunges, 30 ISTs, 40 Merkins, 50 Plank Jacks, 60 Squats

No special comments today.

This beatdown was not conducive to much #mumblechatter as the group got pretty spread out.  However, there was constant encouragement throughout the #beatdown as the PAX ran past each other on The Bridge.  It is that kind of encouragement that pushes all to be better.

1. Run Ranger Run. Sign up and/or talk to Oatmeal for more info.
2. Vote for when you can meet for #QSource in 2019.

3. Block off March 2nd on your calendars for a Texas Independence Day CSAUP.  Let AA know if you would like to be part of the leadership of this event.

Speed Ladder and some cardio

PAX: Icebox, Antman, Sally, Plus One
QIC: Ina

AO: Burleson Park


SSH x 20 IC

IST x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

Monkey Humpers x 5 IC

Mosey to the garage

Speed Ladder with sprint : 1 foot each square down and back (PAX do Overhead press while waiting)

2 feet each square down and back (PAX do Overhead clap while waiting)

2 feet in 2 feet out down and back (PAX do Angel in Outfield while waiting)

1 hand each square with merkin at each rung down and back(PAX do air squats while waiting)

2 hands in 2 hands out with 5 hand release merkins after sprint down and back (PAX lunge while waiting)

Jump Ropes: 2 feet x 50 OYO – Left foot x 25/Right foot x 25 OYO – High Knees x 50 OYO – Repeat

Cone Jumps: 2 feet side to side over cone x 20 OYO – Left foot side to side over cone x 10 OYO – Right foot side to side over cone x 10 OYO – 2 feet front to back over cone x 20 OYO

Exercises: Burpees x 5 – Bear crawl up ramp, run up 2nd ramp cross over back down

Burpees x 5 add LBC x 20 – Run up 2 ramps cross over back down

Burpees x 5, LBC x 20 add Overhead press x 20 – Bear crawl up ramp, run up 2nd ramp cross over back down

Burpees x 5, LBC x 20, Overhead press x 20 add diamond merkins x 10 – Run up 2 ramps cross over back down

Burpees x 5, LBC x 20, Overhead press x 20, Diamond merkins x 10 add star jumps x 20 – Bear crawl up ramp, run up 2nd ramp cross over back down

Burpees x 5, LBC x 20, Overhead press x 20, Diamond merkins x 10, Star jumps x 20 add shoulder press x 10 – Run up 2 ramps cross over back down

Mosey back to park

1 minute of plank

YHC prayed us out

Not much chatter as we were tired from Christmas Day activities.  Most PAX shared eating habits had not been that great for the past few days, ready to get back to F3 workouts.  Overall a great morning for a workout.

1. Katy trail tomorrow