Sweet Sixteen on the trail

DATE: 3 – 28 – 19

PAX: Alright Alright, Oatmeal, MySpace, Eli, Sally, Chairman Mao, Special Sauce
QIC: Ina

AO: Katy Trail



SSH x 16 IC

IST x 16 IC

Squats (Single Count) x 16 IC

Windmills x 16 IC

Mosey to Trail

With a March Madness theme in mind…

Sweet Sixteen – 1600 m run (1 mile)

Elite Eight – Rugby situps x 8 IC/Run 800 m (1/2 mile)

Overtime – Overhead claps x 8 IC/Run back 800 m (1/2 mile)

Final 4 – Merkins x 4 IC/Run 100 m (1/4 mile)

Close grip merkins x 4 IC/Run 100 m (1/4 mile)

Wide grip merkins x 4 IC/Run 100 m (1/4 mile Native American)

Peter parker merkins x 4 IC/Run 100 m (1/4 mile)

LBC x 16 IC

Sky crunches x 16 IC

6 inch hold

YHC prayed us out

We covered about 3.5 miles today, so a good day!  Weather was great and the PAX seemed to enjoy their time on the trail.  Although I don’t know if Eli even broke a sweat.

1. Q source
2. Rump Roast with the VQ tomorrow!

F3 Mental Health Day

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, AlrightAlright, Ant Man, Chairman Mao, F150, Ina, Myspace, Oatmeal, Princess Turtlehead, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, splash, Spread, Stingray (FNG) Teasip, Thunderlips
QIC: Coach K
AO: Caruth Park

*Due to anonymity concerns, stories/NMM have been removed

PAX were instructed to arrive 5 minutes early this morning, and all were present right on time. F3 Nation dedicated workouts today to raising awareness about men’s mental health, specifically suicide and depression. Given that most suicides are middle-aged men…it’s something we can’t keep ignoring.

Tha Thang:
Dirty Mc-Cuss Word of Choice

Two full suicides: start short for the first one; start long for the second
Burpees x10
Hand-Release Merkins x12
Burpees x10
E2K x12
Burpees x10
Lunges x12
Burpees x10
Plank Jacks x12

Repeato 2 more times
Burpees x9

All in all – we did 129 burpees, one for every person that will kill themselves today.

As with most of YHC’s Q’s, mumblechatter was restricted by the nature of the beast. splash promised us a burpee-free Q next Wednesday. AlrightAlright broke the tension with a penis joke on the “start short finish long” suicides. Him and Special Sauce tried making a truce on the third round of suicides, which fell through pretty quickly. Spread was the only one man enough to embrace the final 9 burpees without whining. Princess Turtlehead reminded the PAX that I warned everybody it wasn’t an ideal workout for a new guy. Disclaimer was given. Some moans and groans throughout as PAX figured out the pattern, but I definitely wouldn’t rank this amongst the worst of my Qs.

We wrapped up with the naming ceremony of our FNG Craig, now Stingray. He’s from Mississippi, owned a copy of “Flaming Lips” as his first CD, and was a journalist in college. Welcome, sir.

Sally/Teasip are BALLIN

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Alright Alright, Coach K, Eli, F150, Myspace, Noodler (FNG), Pepper, Rump Roast, Sex Panther, Wal Mart
QIC: Sally/Teasip

AO: Glencoe #glengofasho

SSH x16

IST x 16

Daisy Pickers x 8

Mosey over to the football field for some Red Barchetta

Run 100 yards, 100 SSH, run back

Run 75 yards, 75 Mountain Climbers, run back

Run 50 yards, 50 merkins, run back

Run 25 yards, 25 LBC, run back

Run 10 yards, 10 Burpees, run back

Sally took over next and led a BALLIN workout. Partner up, Partner 1 backpedals 50 yards, does a Bobby Hurley then runs back while Partner 2 does exercises. Switch when Partner 1 comes back

Burpees x75

Arm Circles x 150

Lunges x 75

LBC x 150

Imperial Walkers x 75

Nipplers x 100

Mosey over to the tennis court for paint the lines, which left a little time for Mary

Box cutters x 16

Low Dolly x 16

Flutter Kicks x 16

YHC prayed us out

Not a lot of  mumblechatter. Great to have Noodler join us (great job EHing Sally). Not sure if any of the PAX noticed our tribute to Icecube being born with the Ice Cube playlist created by our resident DJ, Icebox. The PAX was curious if YHC cut his boxes toward himself, which YHC does not. Overall another great day in the gloom with our fellow F3 Brethren.

1. Q Source this week on Shorties this week. Wednesday at 6 at Hillcrest CFA or Friday at 11:30 at Preston Center Taco Joint

Schnitzel Scramble

DATE: 3/25/19

PAX: Schnitzel (Hilton Head), Alright Alright, Special Sauce
QIC: Sally

F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Pretty sure we welcomed, not sure we disclaimed. Hopefully nobody injured themselves.

We ran ~5 miles in ~43 minutes.

Done with the Ruckers, led by Ant Man.

After first stumbling upon the Camp Gladiator workout (and being confused by the females), Schnitzel was pretty happy to find the PAX just up the road.

Had a good time showing Schnitzel around the only hill in Dallas. Took a bit of a different route to accommodate some extra hill running and make sure Schnitzel got in as much elevation change as possible before heading back to Hilton Head tomorrow.

Thanks to Schnitzel for being a great PAX member and joining us for 4 workouts over the last week. Stay well and keep accelerating.

1. May have an FNG or two tomorrow, if you’re on the fence about posting, would be a good show.
2. Also just realized we need a Q for tomorrow.

Another Mutt Ruck

AO: Flagpole Hill
PAX: Ant Man (Eli), Walmart, Sex Panther, F150, Coach K

We rucked 2.44 miles in 43 minutes today.

Announcements: Q sources on Wednesday and Friday this week.

Prayers for Icebox and his wife and baby Icebox as they get closer to the expected delivery date.

Preblast March 25, 2019

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is f3dallas-300x300.jpg 

Upcoming this week:

Q Source groups are a great place to learn and explore the leadership philosophy of F3. We meet to improve our leadership skills for the benefit of our families, workplaces and neighborhoods. The philosophies are based on timeless principles, they are also useful for any group that wants to improve the leadership skills of its members.

  • Wednesday nights at 6 PM at Chick-fil-A on Hillcrest (across of SMU).
  • Friday for lunches at 11:30 AM at Taco Joint in Preston Center.


5:30-6:15 | Mutt Ruck Monday | Flag Pole Hill (Second Parking Area) | Q: Ant Man 

5:30-6:15 | Double Time (Run) | Flag Pole Hill (Second Parking Area) | Q: TBD

5:30-6:15 | Bootcamp Workout | Glencoe Park AO (Eastside playground) | Q: TBD

5:45-6:30 | Bootcamp Workout | Caruth Park AO (Parking lot) | Q: Coach K

5:30-6:15 | Running Workout W/ Pain Stations | Katy Trail AO (La Madeline) | Q: TBA

5:30-6:15 | Bootcamp Workout | Check Twitter | Q: Teasip

7:00-8:00| Bootcamp Workout | Burleson Park AO (Park on Southside) | Q: TBD

As the weather grows colder know we do workout outdoors and what our policy is…
1. We don’t cancel for cold, wind, or rain. If possible, we defy the forecast (#Cantore) & POST!
2. We don’t mess with lightning. Lightning will kill you. If there’s lightning, we will cancel or ENDEX.
3. Check Twitter for updates before the workout.

Creed 2

Tuesday’s #backblast

Trickle, Teasip, Alright Alright, Sex Panther, Sally, Special Sauce, Oatmeal, Ma Bell (Carpex) Rump Roast, Willie Loman from Louisiana joined Chairman Mao and YHC for a Creed 2 beat down

Warmup: SSH, IST’s

2 rounds of jump rope waterfall, one of these days we should see if Sauce and Sally could go 45 min straight

1st Creed/Drago fight, total carnage

Bear crawl the width of the football field and back, 30 burpees, 40 jump squats, 30 burpees, then bear crawl down and back again


Creed needed to strengthen his core for the 2nd fight so we did a bunch of Mary, first led by YHC then by Chairman

2nd Creed/Drago fight, the comeback

Mini solo Dora

Run width of football field and back, 25 merkins, run down and back 25 LBC’s, run down and back 25 squats

Finished with some lil baby arm circles wearing out the shoulders from all those fights

Not a lot of mumblechatter that I could hear, it was a pretty grueling beatdown for a large part of the workout

Chairman and I look forward to more movie themed co-Q’s in 2019!

Saturday Sweet Thirteen

DATE: Saturday 3/23

PAX: Jugs, Princess Turtlehead, Schnitzel (Willy Loman from Hilton Head), Ant Man, Special Sauce, Oatmeal, Plus One, Teasip, Splash, Sex Panther, Ma Bell
QIC: Icebox, Sally

AO: Burleson Park

Unfortunately YHC (Sally) forgot the coupons so missed the first 5 minutes.
Guessing the warm-o-rama started with SSH then IST. YHC showed up in time for the jog around the big Burleson loop.

PAX picked numbers to determine bracket seeding. Match-up partners then performed the first exercise: shoulder raises with weight vest weights, to failure.

After the winners of each match-up were determined, all PAX did a big loop.

Winners moved on in the bracket, and losers matched up with other losers. We continued in this fashion for 4 more rounds, completing the following exercises:

Coupon hold arms-length
Jump ropes
Coupon raises
Coupon squats

Ultimately the Sweet Thirteen ended in a battle between Oatmeal and Special Sauce. Special Sauce was declared champion.

All PAX then completed a partner DORA:

  1. Merkins x 100
  2. LBCs x 200
  3. Coupon squats x 200 (modified)

PAX finally gathered on the basketball court for knockout – with a penalty of 5 merkins for a miss before a HIM could shoot his next shot. Those whom were knocked out did burpees until the game was over.

Plus One was ultimately named champion.

Box cutters

Done. Developed trust and faith.

Hit the coffeeteria afterward.
Good mumblechatter, including a call-out of Pepper, whom YHC saw at the grocery store the night before and said “I’m definitely coming in the morning.” Additionally, Ant Man called him and offered to give him a ride, but his call was unanswered.

We rib you because we miss you, Pep.

Apologies for the delayed backblast, gentlemen. If I am remembering something incorrectly let me know.

1. YHC (Sally) will be hosting a tequila tasting / whisky tasting / poker / basketball watching night this Saturday the 6th. All are welcome.

Michael Jordan’s Return

PAX: Ina, Special Sauce, Teasip, Sex Panther, Schnitzel
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: The Bridge


SSH x45

IST x23

Mosey to the Bridge

Run Across – Merkins x12

Run Across – Merkins x11

Run Across – Irkins x12

Run Across – Irkins x11

Run Across – Carolina Dry Docks x12

Run Across – Carolina Dry Docks x11

Run Across – Hello Dolly x12

Run Across – Hello Dolly x11

Run Across – Alabama Prom Dates x23

Run Across – Escalator Merkins x23

Run Across – Lunges x23

Mosey Home

This was a fun tribute to Michael Jordan’s comeback.  It worked out well that my return to running occurred 24 years to the week of MJ’s return to the NBA.

1. Tomorrow is F3 #MentalBattle day. Show up at Caruth Park at 0540 for a great beatdown.

My name is Sally O’Malley and I’m 50!

PAX: Princess Turtlehead, Splash, Special Sauce, Ina, Oatmeal, Chairman Mao, Gold Digger, Thunderlips, Sex Panther, Ma Bell, MySpace, Alright Alright
QIC: Spread

AO: The original…Caruth

F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Not a professional, but been doing this a lot longer than you.

SSH x 17 (Q b day St Patty), 20 burp, 10 storm, 20 burp, 10 fat ballerinas, 10 burp

Mosey to Coffee Park

Slow and low for all: 20 globe abs, 10 irkins, 10 dips, 10 gorillas, 10 dirkins, 10 step up left, 10 step up right, 10 dirkins, mosey

burps x 10 at each intersection for another 50, mosey to tennis court

burps x 7 (tricentennial – 7/4/2076), ski abs x 10, in-n-out x 10, bear crawl bear court x1, mosey to field, 50 yard sprint

circle – offset pushup x20, diamonds x 10, dolphins x10, slow and low x10

SSH x 17 to wrap

No protractor to keep pax off guard.

Low O2 – many in pax struggling at this stage.

Pax was expecting the “typical Spread” rings – I did not accommodate.  Expecting “typical Spread” protractor – NO again.  Getting old and shifty at 50.  Thanks to all for posting – was a privilege to lead the group to commemorate my big milestone.  Looking forward to 57 more.

Check band