It’s 2019, Everyone’s a Winner

DATE: Friday 5/31/19

PAX: Teasip, Coach K, Draper, Rump Roast, Sweet Baby, Stingray, F150, United, Peppa, Alright Alright, Icebox, Sambuca
QIC: Sally

AO: Caruth Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given – also noted that there would be competitions today but that the goal of the workout is to get stronger, faster, and more resilient, not to beat guys (friends) in something meaningless 🙂

SSH x20
IST x 15
Run from one end of parking lot to the other at 50%, 75%, 85%, and all-out

Mosey to tennis court

Circle up, count off 1-2

Team 1 vs Team 2 in a timed points contest
PAX had the choice of:
1 lap around the short loop (outside of the tennis court),
20 catcher squats, or
20 hand-release merkins

Completing 1 round of an exercise was worth 1 point. PAX could not do the same exercise twice in a row.

PAX were informed that “the losers had to do burpees.”


After ~10 minutes, we tallied up the scores. Team 1’s average score of 11.714 points beat Team 2’s average of 11.5 points.

Team 2 had to do 10 burpees, and Team 1 had to also do 10 burpees, but with two jumps at the top :).

5 count

Circle up; partner with the man across the circle from you.

Partner sprint relay competition

One partner planks on the endline/baseline while his partner sprints to the other endline/baseline (across both courts) and back.

Each sprint down and back was 1 point.

After ~4 minutes, AlrightAlright and United’s score of 13 sprints beat the several other teams at 12 and 11. They were allowed to select “15 of any exercise”; they chose burpees.

At this point the tennis instructor guy was ready to get going, so we moved to the curb on the far side of the tennis court.

Wheel(/?World) of Merkins

Starting with Irkins (hands on the curb, feet in the street), PAX did 10 merkins.
Then rotate 90 degrees clockwise and put your left hand on the curb, right in the street. 10 merkins.
Rotate 90 degrees clockwise again and do 10 derkins.
Rotate the final 90 degrees and do 10 merkins with your right hand on the curb, left in the street.

10 count

Wheel(/?World) of Legs

Similar to the above with merkins, but this time starting with your left foot on the curb and right in the street – a lunge position. 20 squats/lunges.
Rotate clockwise, this time feet shoulder-width apart, with left leg on the curb and right in the street – uneven squats. 20.
Rotate clockwise, put right foot back on curb, left in the street. 20 squats/lunges.
Rotate the final 90 degrees, right foot on the curb, left in the street, 20 uneven squats.

Brief Rings ‘N Things

3 groups:

First group does 10 pull-ups

Second group does 15 derkins

Third group runs around the tree (“that tree”) and back.

Move to the next station. Go through all once.

PAX’s choice:
Penguin crunch
Uptown crunch

Sally’s choice:
Dr. W’s


Gave thanks for the men around us and for all of our blessings, asked for direction and guidance, and prayed for comfort for those in affliction.

Great turnout for a Friday with 13 guys.

Competition is a great way for guys to push themselves, as long as it doesn’t turn into a negative. Guys did great today and it never (okay maybe only a couple times) got too intense.

Wheel/World of Legs required some dynamic thinking which YHC failed… by putting the right leg up on the 3rd exercise, we essentially did uneven lunges with the “left leg up” twice.. YHC recognized this fact when his left quad started shaking.

“Hip Hop Workout” on Spotify was a less vulgar playlist than YHC’s last Q. Still had some drops here and there but overall a better balance between “Go HAM” and “oh my goodness”

1. Hit up the chat about QSource today.
2. Coach K’s Amazing Race tomorrow. It is a good time and a great workout, make it out if you can!

Lap Ladder

DATE: 5/30/2019

PAX: Gold Digger, PowPow, Alright Alright, Gambler, Draper, Special Sauce, Eli, Pepper, Coach K, Don’t Cha Know, Teasip, Sally
QIC: Ina

AO: La Madeleine


SSH x 20 IC

IST x 15 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

Mosey to the track for the lap ladder

400 m run – Merkins x 5 IC

800 m run – Merkins x 6 IC

1200 m run – Merkins x 7 IC

1200 m run – Merkins x 8 IC

800 m run – Merkins x 9 IC

400 m run – Merkins x 10 IC

Total of 4800 m = 3 miles

Mosey back to La Madeleine

Sky Crunches x 15 IC

Rugby x 10 IC

LBC x 15 IC

YHC prayed us out.

Not much mumble chatter as we were pretty spread out during the running portion of the workout.  We got over 3.5 miles in so a solid morning of work.

1. QSource Friday

Second Choice Thursday’s with Rump and Co.

Date: 5/30/2019

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Sweet Baby and Chairman Mao
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park
F3 Disclaimer & Welcome: Given

IST x20 IC
SSH x20 IC
Toy Soldiers x10 IC
Groiners x10 IC
Side Lunges x10 IC
Lunges x10 IC

The Long Way Around (mosey perimeter of the park) with You pick em’  — legs or arms at the corners…
@Chairmain went with arms = 14 Ranger Merkins OYO
@Sweet Baby went with legs = 25 squats OYO
YHC went with arms = 14 Hand Release Merkins OYO

Tha Thang:
Drill Instructors!!!
On the Q’s command; rapid transition thru any combination of –
“On Your Feet” – Choppin’ feet
“On Your Six” – Holding legs 6″ off the ground
“On Your Face” – Holding High Plank
“Down” – Holding down Merkin position
“Up” – Back to High Plank

Moseyed from Soft-Top back to the east end of the park roughly half-way around for the “Wheel of Merkins” x5 IC

From Wheel of Merkins, we went into “Leg Day”… Starting at the east end of the park, we did each exercise followed by a down and back to the big tree.

Bonnie Blairs x20 OYO
Gorilla Squats x20 OYO
Bobby Hurley’s x20 OYO
Squats x20 OYO
Lunges x20 OYO

Mosey to the tennis courts. At this point, the Q is winging it… I decided to do my own version of Lazy Dora going backward. Since there were only 3 of us and limited time left we went with lower reps and no partners. 

Each set followed by Bear crawl across both courts and back –
100x Squats
75x LBC’s
25x Merkins

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Once again, thank you for the guys that came out for another #2ndCT. I would like to see more guys join us and take the Q or give me any ideas to improve it. I tried to equal out the legs vs. arms beat down this week and will continue to try and come up with new ideas. YHC prayed us out.

There wasn’t a ton of mumblechatter today, and I’m not sure if it was the intensity of the work out this morning or more the lack of “umph” on all 3 of our parts. Once we got going, it was a solid work out. Thanks to @Chairman Mao helping me make the call to make the run in between the leg-day exercises longer. I was trying to wimp out!

Q Source on Friday/ tomorrow around 1130am, location TDB

Memorial Day Murph

For the fourth straight year, we gathered on Memorial Day to remember those that have lost their lives for this country by doing the Murph.

PAX: Coach K, Teasip, Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man, Chairman Mao, Splash, Sally, Gold Digger, Draper, Cinco

QIC: Alright Alright

The Murph

1 mile

20 rounds of 5 pull-ups/chin-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats

1 mile

With temps in the high 70s and humidity at the same level most of us struggled through this one. Chairman smoked it though. Coach K wore a weight vest again, and beat his time from last year by about 10 minutes. Impressive stuff.

Another Brooks Koepka Major…

On Sunday May 19th, Brooks Koepka won his 2nd consecutive PGA Championship, and his 4th major in his last 8 tries. As many of you know, every time he wins a major YHC leads a celebratory workout.  In the past these “celebrations” have been focused on getting the PAX’s arms to look like Brooks’. This workout was a little different. We celebrated each of his PGA Championship victories by trying to work through each round.

PAX: Double D (from The Fort), Coach K, Ina, Draper, Pepper, Rump Roast, Oatmeal, Sally, Ant Man, Pow Pow, FNG Tater Tot (formerly known as Andrew Webb)

QIC: Alright Alright


PAX rotate doing maximum pull-ups while other PAX do the following exercises…

SSH x29

IST x29

Overhead Claps x29

Monkey Humpers – not 29

Merkins – not 29

Mosey to Quad also known on this day as Bethpage Black

Partner up for Dora

272 reps for each exercise (the number of strokes Brooks had in this victory); other partner runs to flag pole and back

Plank Jacks

Gorilla Squats

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Mosey to Parking Deck to relive Brooks’ 2018 PGA Championship victory at Bellerive.

This victory took Brooks 264 strokes, so we did that many reps of each exercise, or tried to.  No one was able to complete these.  The other partner ran up two ramps and back down.

Pickle Pounders


Alabama Prom Dates

(These exercises were selected because Tiger was Brooks’ toughest competition in the 2018 PGA Championship)

This workout was particularly tough because it was a large number of reps of exercises that we don’t do very often.  Let’s keep mixing these in.

Welcome to Tater Tot, and #tclaps to Pow Pow for another EH.  Dude is killing it.

The Rump

Date: 5/23/2019

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Sweet Baby and FNG “Goose”
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park
F3 Disclaimer & Welcome: Given… Sorta

Cotton Pickers x12 IC
Crab Cakes x12 IC
Ranger Merkins x12 IC
IST x20 IC
SSH x20 IC

Moseyed down Durham St to Rosedale. A niiiiiccceee quite street for little work.

Tha Thang:
Ascending Curb Crawl
Bear crawl from 1 side of the street and turn and complete 1x Derkin, then back across and 2x Derkins to 13.

Moseyed on down to Dublin St. and made our way back to the Tennis courts for some “Bodies Hit the Floor”
While playing “Bodies” by Drowning Pool
Start/hold plank when “Bodies Hit the Floor” – Donkey Kick against the back wall (26 total)
When song counts “1,2,3,4” do Merkins (21 total)

Run DMC’s
Omaha’d here and went inside the fence around the tennis courts rather than outside
I had Some Best of – Run DMC on the playlist for this one.
20x Diamond Merks
20x Merks
20X Carolina Dry Docks

Mosey to the soft top for some circuit work
were only 3 of us so we did each station OYO
5x Pull Ups
10x Squats
5x lunges (each leg)

The Rump:
10x Ranger Merkins
10x Up straddle hops
10x Merkins
10x Prisoner Get Ups
With a run across the field and back in-between each exercise like during benchmark day.

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Thanks to the guys that came out and posted with me for the second installment of #SecondChoiceThursday. I would like to see more guys join us and take the Q or give me any ideas to improve it. I know I’m beatdown! Way to get better men; Rump prayed us out.

Moleskin: I pulled up at about 0527 and thought that I might just be posting by myself! FNG John showed up and Sweet Baby made it in right at 0529:57! Started out and did our warm up and wasn’t until our run and start of Ascending Curb Crawl I gave the F3 Disclaimer and mentioned AA would be disappointed in me! Between the running and Rump having some tunes going the whole time there wasn’t a lot of mumblechatter.

Q Source on Friday around 1130am, location TDB


DATE: Saturday, May 18, 2019

PAX: Oatmeal; Coach K; Icebox; Draper
QIC: Sally & Sex Panther

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Neither Sally, nor Sex Panther, nor F3 is liable for any injuries sustained during Dora! Dora! Dora!

SSH x20
IST x20
Daisy Pickers x15

Dora Animal Races (length of the basketball court):
20 Bear Crawls
10 Crab Walks
20 Duck Walks
Partners ran the short loop around the tennis court;
Mosey to Parking Deck;
Dora Parking Deck Grind:
75 Burpees
100 Groiners
125 LBC
Partners ran up, around and down one level;
Mosey to Dallas Hall (“cool” building with courtyard/fountain);
Revelation Dora:
100 T-Merkins
150 OH Claps
200 Squats
Partners ran around the fountain;
Mosey back to Burleson Park

5 OYO Burpees

SP prayed us out.

Intimate group for a Saturday; Coach K was quick to point out that even with the small showing, F3 Dallas set a weekly attendance record; YHC, fresh off his VQ, was so focused on counting correctly he got started without a disclaimer; Co-Q Sally pulled the reigns and got PAX back on track; PAX had to avoid SMU graduation traffic; the grad class yielded a target rich environment for single and ready to mingle Sally (no chip’n’dale though); Sally posted a perfect 6-for-6 this week; Oatmeal, Sally, Draper and YHC posted at Bubba’s for a post-workout face stuffing.

Negative ghostrider, the pattern is full

#doubletime 5-20-2019

DATE: 5-20-2019

PAX: Peppa, Gold Digger, Alright Alright, Sally, Sex Panther
QIC: Thunderlips

AO: Flag Pole Hill



5 mi run



YHC Prayed us out

Muggy humid morning – no wind.  Gold Digger and yhc cleaned up the rear of the pack.  There was lots of storm debris and Sally decided to hurdle all of it.   Peacocks were out in full force.  Goforth Rd. was in the middle of getting a new asphalt top coat, so it should be in great shape for future #doubletime (or roller blading if that’s your thing).  You don’t have to worry about stepping in potholes anymore.

Gold Digger and YHC Splits:

1 mi – 7’08”

2 mi – 8’42”

3 mi – 8’58”

4 mi – 9’28”

5 mi – 10’00”

Friday Q-Source – details TBD

Mondays are for Mutt Rucking

DATE: May 20

PAX: Sweet Baby, Ant Man, Ina, Rump Roast,  Oo-de-Lally
QIC: F150

AO: Flagpole Hill

2.57 miles
15:20 pace

25 hand tap merkins
25 squats

20 Imperial Storm Troopers
20 curb merkins

Preblast May 19, 2019

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is f3dallas-300x300.jpg 

Upcoming this week:

Q Source Groups 

  • Wednesday nights at 6 PM at Chick-fil-A on Hillcrest (across of SMU).
  • Friday for lunches at 11:30 AM at Taco Joint in Preston Center.

Q Source Groups are a great place to learn and explore the leadership philosophy of F3. We meet to improve our leadership skills for the benefit of our families, workplaces and neighborhoods. The philosophies are based on timeless principles, they are also useful for any group that wants to improve the leadership skills of its members.


Workouts & AOs:
5:30-6:15 | Mutt Ruck Monday | Flag Pole Hill (Second Parking Area) | Q: F150 

5:30-6:15 | Double Time (Run) | Flag Pole Hill (Second Parking Area) | Q: Thunderlips

5:30-6:15 | Bootcamp Workout | Glencoe Park AO (Eastside playground) | Q: TBD

5:45-6:30 | Bootcamp Workout | Caruth Park AO (Parking lot) | Q: TBD

5:30-6:15 | Running Workout W/ Pain Stations | Katy Trail AO (La Madeline) | Q: TBD

5:30-6:15 | Alternatives W/ Rump | La Madeline (La Madeline) | Q: TBD

5:30-6:15 | Bootcamp Workout | Check Twitter | Q: TBD

7:00-8:00| Bootcamp Workout | Burleson Park AO (Park on Southside) | Q: TBD

As Texas weather is never typical know we do workout outdoors and our weather policy is…
1. We don’t cancel for cold, wind, or rain. If possible, we defy the forecast (#Cantore) & POST!
2. We don’t mess with lightning. Lightning will kill you. If there’s lightning, we will cancel or ENDEX.
3. Check Twitter for updates before the workout.