2019 Attendance Rankings Vol. 1

This does not include yesterday’s workout by Sally.  Pester him to get credit for that beatdown.

  1. Coach K – 12
  2. Alright Alright – 9
  3. F150, Sally, Icebox – 8
  4. Chairman Mao, Ina, Mile High, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Teasip – 6
  5. Aaarrrggghhh, Special Sauce – 5
  6. Gambler – 4
  7. Isaiah – 3
  8. Pepper – 2
  9. ANT MAN, Candy Land, Rocket Man (NC), Spread, Tuber, Walmart – 1

Mutt Rankings:

  1. Boo, Maverick – 1

Ant Man only has 99 left to reach his goal of 100.

F3 QSource – Disruption – Friday Group

PAX: Coach K, Icebox, Oatmeal, Teasip

QIC: Alright Alright

Goals for Q Source:

  • Get better at embracing conflict for the good of the team.
  • Find new opportunities to lead at work.

Important Notes:

  • Disruption can not begin until the group trusts you
  • Different people require different styles of motivation
  • Sincerity goes a long way towards getting people on board, and you can’t fake love
  • The best way to visualize “a place of advantage” is to think big
  • Disruption can be exciting for the whole group if the picture is painted properly
  • The leader should move first, and “be his own guinea pig”
  • Setting SMART goals is the best way to motivate some people
  • Time spent together in the trenches helps get the buy-in necessary
  • Sometimes institutional leadership asks us to lead people to a place that we don’t necessarily believe in
  • Disruption can begin with small moves
  • Transparency and setting proper expectations are incredibly important throughout the Disruption
  • It is important to block off time to spend with your team and time to spend on your own accomplishing the tasks that you need to accomplish
  • Ask people, especially your spouse, “How can I support you?”
  • Be ready to go to bat for your people at all times, and do not throw them under the bus
  • Observe and learn from bad leaders just as much as you observe and learn from good leaders

Next week we will discuss Language.  Oatmeal has the Q.

Loading The Ark

PAX: Chairman Mao, Coach K, F150, Icebox, Mile High, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Sally, Teasip

QIC: Alright Alright

Welcome & Disclaimer: Done


Mosey to Fountain #1

SSH x20

IST x20

Mosey to Quad

Tha Thang:

YHC, and the rest of Park Cities Baptist Church, have been reading through Genesis, so YHC was inspired by Noah to do an Ark Loader workout.  YHC can’t claim the Ark Loader idea, as YHC once participated in one with F3 The Fort led by everyone’s favorite Round Table Q, CSPAN. However, YHC had a slight tweak, we needed to load the ark 2 by 2, so we partnered up.  This also allowed us to spend more time getting to know other PAX.  The first instruction was to partner up with someone that the PAX had never partnered with before.  The other important lesson today was in leadership: leaders need to do things that they don’t want to do for the good of the group, so we would only be doing exercises that YHC doesn’t like and we wouldn’t be running at all.

Each pair would then complete an exercise together, then complete some type of animal walk out and around the fountain and back.  The walks would go in this order: bear crawl, duck walk, crab walk.

Monkey Humpers – 50 total

Overhead Claps – 100 total

Nipplers – 150 total

Knee Ups – 200 total

Erkins – 250 total

Yeah Thrusts – 300 total

Squats – 350 total

Teams: Icebox – Sally, Oatmeal – Rump Roast, F150 – Teasip, Chairman Mao – Mile High, Alright Alright – Coach K

COT: YHC talked about the need for us to spend more time getting to know each other, and embracing new guys. It can be easy to feel left out in this group with all of our inside jokes and camaraderie.  We need to make sure that new guys feel welcome and immediately part of the group.  As Q’s we need to forget about what we want to do and focus on doing what the group needs to do.  This includes nipplers. We wrapped up right as the downpour began.  We got the ark loaded just in time.


  1. Run Ranger Run begins on February 1st – sign up, create a team if necessary, help others raise money.
  2. Texas Independence Day #CSAUP on March 2nd – we will be planning this during our Ruck on Monday January 14th.
  3. Q Source Groups are meeting on Wednesday nights at 6 PM at the Chick-fil-A on Hillcrest and Fridays at 11:30 AM at the Taco Joint in Preston Center.  Your Qs this week are Mile High and Oatmeal.

Q Source Week 1 Disruption (F1)


PAX: Chairman Mao, Ina, Mile High, Rump Roast, Sally, Wal-Mart

QIC: Alright Alright

Goals for Q Source:

  • Be a better leader everywhere, but especially at home with wives and kids.
  • Take more leadership and have a bigger impact on F3 and through F3.
  • Expand how we think about F3.

Leaders influence movement to advantage.

A leader is a person who can influence people to do things that they would not have done otherwise.

How do you articulate your vision to the people that you are leading?

  • Observe other leaders and follow the example of good ones.
  • Try a wide array of methods until you find one that works, you rarely have only one shot at casting the vision.
  • Don’t be Bobby Knight.  Learn new ways to motivate people, and be aware of what will be effective on each different group.

Because it induces a movement, leadership causes Disruption.

How do you lead people that don’t know they need to be led, and might not want to be led?  Do you even try?

  • Understand the people that you are trying to lead and the best way to motivate them.
  • Know where they are on the “Change Curve.”
  • Understand the “Adoption Curve” and which people you need to influence first.
  • Moving a group of people should be done “brick by brick.”
  • Show vulnerability.
  • Know when to Disrupt.

A great Leader’s legacy is built on love.

People will follow a Leader when he is in the room. People will continue to follow a good Leader when he has left the room.  But only a great Leader is able to influence movement to advantage even after he has died.  That is a legacy Leader, and he is a rare breed who leaves a legacy that is built upon love.

  • Herb Kelleher was a great example of this.

How do you love your people and get stuff done at the same time?

  • Make the time you spend with them more intentional, and they will value it more.
  • Speak with your leadership to create more time and opportunities to show your people that you care.

The great Leader’s focus is always upon his followers rather than himself. It is their best interests, not his, that motivates his actions. It is their advantage, not his, to which he initiates movement. This is only possible if, first and foremost, he loves them more than he loves himself.

The great Leader knows that if his love is not great, then neither will be his leadership.

#Benchmark Fitness Test 2019

PAX: Chairman Mao, Coach K, F150, Ina, Isaiah, Pebbles (F3 Tallahassee), Pepper, Rump Roast, Sally, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x10

IST x10


Burpees – 100

Calf Raises – 150 (50 regular, 50 toes pointed in, 50 toes pointed out)

Ski Abs – 100

Merkins – 100

Deep Squats – 100

LBCs – 200

Carolina Dry Docks – 100

Russian Hammers – 100

Nipplers – 100

Jump Squats – 100

Mountain Climbers – 100

Shoulder Raises – 200

Dollies – 200

Hindu Merkins – 100

Squat Jacks – 100

Groiners – 100

Burpees – 100

Burpees – 200

PAX Results:

Alright Alright – Shoulder Raises 150

Chairman Mao – Dollies 100

Coach K – Mountain Climbers 55

F150 – Nipplers 50

Ina – Nipplers 71

Isaiah – Nipplers 100

Pebbles – Nipplers 70

Pepper – Nipplers 32

Rump Roast – Nipplers 30

Sally – Nipplers 45

Special Sauce – Dollies 71

Teasip – Mountain Climbers 100

YHC prayed us out, thanking God for a new year and the ability to set benchmarks and improve each year.


Great to have Pebbles join us from Tallahassee.  He drove all the way in from Mansfield to post.

The #mumblechatter was plentiful this morning.  It more than made up for the lack thereof on Thursday and Friday.  Where should we begin?

The music… our resident DJ, Icebox, was absent, so Teasip, being the High Impact Man that he is, offered to bring his speaker and a playlist.  YHC was quite pleased with the country music playlist that our DJ selected as it provides the perfect pace at which to do 100 burpees, and the rest of the exercises quite honestly.  Unfortunately, the other PAX have less sophisticated taste and quickly requested some music that has unintelligible lyrics.  The PAX were satisfied for a few songs, but quickly turned on their DJ when things got a little too old school and less workout friendly.  Teasip was not surprised at how fickle the audience was.

The burpees… many PAX expressed concerns prior to the #beatdown.  They were appalled that we would be ending the workout with an additional 300 burpees.  YHC quickly informed them that no one would make it that far.  YHC was correct.  The first 100 burpees were truly a #crowdpleaser though.

The merkins… immediately cries rained down about Teasip having led the Murph yesterday and YHC having led the Mustang the day before.  It made #benchmark week a very difficult week.  But isn’t that what we want?

The nipplers… if you don’t know what this is you really missed out, and YHC is sure the PAX will be willing to explain it to you when you ask.  These kicked everyone’s butt.  The majority of that was probably due to the number of merkins that had been completed this week, but it was also a fairly unfamiliar exercise.  It is quite clear that we all need to improve in this area, so let’s do some more of those this year.

The coffeteria… Sally attempted to protests Bubba’s by suggesting Chick-fil-A multiple times, and then said that Chick-fil-A is better than Bubba’s.  We heard later that F150 agreed with him.  All YHC knows is that these guys should be grateful there isn’t an Inquisition going on right now because that is utter heresy.  PAX from around the nation have agreed that Bubba’s is the greatest #coffeteria AO in F3 Nation.

The social media… we had conversations this morning about how other exercise groups have grown through social media, specifically through influencers.  In case anyone was wondering, the 2018 Q of the Year, Special Sauce, has the most Instagram followers of any of our PAX with 614.  Apparently, some guy named Podcast has the most Twitter followers.  Not sure who he is though.

1. Run Ranger Run
2. Q Source starts this week

3. CSAUP on March 2nd

The Mustang 2019 Benchmark

PAX: Ant Man, Coach K, Gambler, Icebox, Ina, Mile High, Oatmeal, Sally, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: The Mustang
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given (includes the Flu)

SSH x11

IST x10

Mosey to The Mustang

The Mustang…

Timer set for 30 minutes.

Run up ramps to top, 20 merkins, run down ramps to bottom, 20 LBCs, run up stairs to top (touch every stair), 20 merkins, run down stairs, 20 LBCs, run across parking deck to other stairs and up the stairs to the top, 20 merkins, run down the stairs, 20 LBCs, run back to start and repeato with 19 reps, then 18, etc.

Final Numbers:

Alright Alright: Completed round of 17 for 444 reps

Ant Man: Completed round of 18 for 342 reps

*Coach K: Completed two full sets of 17 for 410 reps (need confirmation)

Gambler: Completed round of 17 for 444 reps

Icebox: Completed one full set of 17 for 376 reps

Ina: Completed two full sets of 17 for 410 reps

Mile High: Completed round of 18 for 342 reps

*Oatmeal: Completed two full sets of 17 for 410 reps (need confirmation)

Sally: Completed round of 18 for 342 reps

Special Sauce: Completed round of 17 for 444 reps

Teasip: Just shy of completing the round of 17 for 437 reps

YHC told the PAX prior to the start gun that completing a set of 16 would put them in world record territory.  No one was able to accomplish that today, but based on today’s results YHC expects that record to fall in 2019.

The worst part of the workout might have been the mosey back to La Madeleine in the middle of a monsoon.

Plenty of LBCs during the workout

A brief prayer as we were all ready to get out of the cold and the rain.

YHC didn’t hear much #mumblechatter, but it is possible that some of the small pods of PAX were conversing, unlikely, but possible.

1. #QSource groups will begin meeting next week. Wednesday 1/9 @ 6:00 PM at Chick-fil-A on Hillcrest.  Friday 1/11 @ 11:30 AM at Preston Center, restaurant has not yet been determined.
2. Sign up for #RunRangerRun on our F3 Dallas Alpha team.

3. Begin preparing for #CSAUP on 3/2/19 (Texas Independence Day).  Planning meetings will begin soon.  Reach out to YHC if you are interested in assisting with planning.

2018 Final Attendance Rankings

Here are the final attendance numbers for 2018.  Remember, workouts in other regions do not count, and neither do workouts without backblasts posted to the website.

  1. Alright Alright – 216
  2. Coach K – 164
  3. F-150, Teasip – 133
  4. Icebox – 107
  5. Aaarrrggghhh – 103
  6. Ina – 102
  7. Special Sauce – 91
  8. Ant Man – 87
  9. Oatmeal – 77
  10. Chairman Mao – 75
  11. Pepper – 71
  12. Oo-de-Lally – 59
  13. Splash – 41
  14. Boomer – 38
  15. Gambler – 35
  16. Plus One – 34
  17. Eruzione – 33
  18. Sally – 30
  19. Spread – 29
  20. Rump Roast – 27
  21. Gold Digger – 23
  22. Isaiah – 22
  23. Walmart – 19
  24. Sambuca – 16
  25. Podcast, Neutered, Mile High – 17
  26. Belk Bowl, Helmet – 12
  27. Jojo, Sleeveless, Ultra – 10
  28. Candy Cane, Princess Turtlehead, Rocket Man (FloMo) – 9
  29. Goldie, Hannigan – 8
  30. Hippy – 7
  31. Shake Weight, Boney Express – 6
  32. Fortran – 5
  33. Rocket Man (CLT), Hotty Toddy, Wolf – 4
  34. Candy Land – 3

All By Myself

YHC arrived in the gloom to find 3 ruckers, but no doubletimers. So YHC took off accompanied by Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Maino and of course… Akon.

Split Times:

Overall Pace: 7:08

Reindeer Games 12/22

Ina Special Sauce Sally Coach K Teasip Rump Roast joined YHC for reindeer Games

Disclaimer!! (Came in handy, see below)


Reindeer run (a Native American run where you run next to a partner the whole time) to the track

Reindeer game #1: jump rope waterfall, all the PAX jumped rope until failure, once done start doing burpees until all are done

Native American runs around the track:
As promised I built in some modifying for Rump Roast (he wasn’t buying it after the Reindeer Run) so he hung out in the corner of the track while two of us stuck with him and did an exercise while the remaining 4 did a lap. We did this until every runner completed a mile. The alternating exercises included arm circles, shoulder presses, overhead claps, LBC’s, and some other ab stuff.

Reindeer Game #2- jump rope waterfall again

Moseyed to a fountain that was turned off for Reindeer Game #3: Merkin Tag, like freeze tag but instead of freezing you had to do merkins after you were tagged. This was pretty tough when only one person was it so we Omaha’d and had two PAX be it at a time.

Moseyed back to Burleson for Reindeer Game #4: Burpee Basketball- Ina, Rump Roast, Teasip, and Special Sauce v YHC, Coach K, and Sally. When the other team scored a basket you had to do 10 burpees for the first one and 5 for the second

Reindeer Game #5: football, kept the same teams but Rump Roast was all time QB. Whenever a pass was completed the defense did 5 merkins, when it was incomplete the offense did 5 merkins

The PAX were confused when I didn’t bust out the beats box and even more confused when we started out with a running exercise. Ina pointed out that ever since I got my new kicks I’ve become a different person with all the running (he’s not wrong, the Brooks Ghost shoes kick ass).

We had a little difficulty figuring out reindeer runs, maybe with more people it’d be easier.

Jump rope waterfalls were pretty fun, wish AlrightAlright could have been there so he’d have to do burpees for 5 minutes.

Note to Q’s who want to play merkin tag in the future- play on grass, Sally and Coach K fell and banged up their hands pretty bad. Sorry about that Fellas, I’ll do better next time

Basketball was fun but boy do we suck, final score was the Rump Roasters 2, UVA Sally’s 1…I’ll keep bringing the round ball out, maybe in a few weeks we’ll get double digit scoring.

Rump Roast had a QB rating of -17, only scores were pick 6’s…I blame it on that he did merkins after every play regardless of outcome and it clearly effected his throwing arm

YHC prayed us out and gave Teasip a case of beer so he keeps posting my backblasts on the website

Rudolph Run at Reverchon

PAX: Icebox Ina Plus One Rump Roast IPA (F3 Houston)
QIC: Special Sauce

AO: Reverchon Park
Given. Still not a professional

Inch worms

Mosey over to Thompson lookout on Katy trail for a hill and stairs beatdown

2 laps (down stairs, up hill)
Irkins, dirkins, dips x 20 single count

2 laps (down hill, up stairs)
Claymakers x 10 each leg
Step ups x 10 each leg
Squats x 20

1 lap (down hill, up stairs)
40 yard bear crawl
1 lap (down stairs, up hill)
40 yard bear crawl

20 bench core planks
15 slow Clount LBC w/ feet on bench

1 lap (down hill, up stairs)
40 yard lunge
1 lap (down stairs, up hill)
40 yard lunge

Repeat of Irkins, Merkins, dips, claymakers, step ups, squats, bench planks, lbc and added in rugby sit-ups. Pax chose the order.

1 more lap (down stairs up hill or down hill up stars, each pax got to pick which way they went)

Mosey back to soft top for Mary

Season of giving, each pax lead 1 Mary exercise

Plus one – Uptown crunch
Ina – Freddie Mercury, alternating speed (these were hard)
Sauce – Big Flutter
Icebox – penguin crunch
Rump – LBC
IPA – scissor Plank

Safe travels for the F3 brotherhood and their families

PAX Was pleased with the new AO and I could see it becoming one of the spots in our rotation. Proximity to Katy trail, hills, basketball and tennis courts and playground soft top. PAX agreed that running down the stairs and up the hill was the lessor of two evils. We had to cut off IPA on the count of his Mary exercise, pax worried that he was delaying the inevitable of returning to his in-laws. Rump deciding to go OYO on the LBCs during Mary gave everyone a good laugh – 2019 VQ for rump is in the works! Happy Holidays to all of F3 Dallas, looking forward to bigger and better things in 2019.