Nice work this morning. The Q was a little out of sorts but we got plenty of sweat.

Pax: jojo, gambler, aarrgghh, aright alright, candy cane, spread, special sauce, pepper, ina, oda lalaly, ant man, splash, boomer

Thang: warm o rama, mosey, 35 loops, tennis court work, partners, 5*5 burpees, Mary.

It was fun!

Tokyo Drift

AO: Flag Pole Hill

THA THANG: 2.42mile ruck with extracurricular (alternate 20 merkins, 20 squats every 1/4 mile) in 44:50.

PAX: Ant Man, @CornHole (Willy Lowman), F150, AlrightAlright, Coach K, Oo-De-Lally
QIC: @Oatmeal

Oatmeal prayed us out.

Welcomed back AlrightAlright from his European vacation. In the home stretch PAX nearly taken out by a sad excuse for a Tokyo Drift impersonator. Note to all: Bring head lamps/flash lights in the future.

2F Friday 9/14

Iron PAX Week 4

AO: Glencoe #glencoefosho

SSH x12


Last week of the #ironpaxchallenge

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh Ant Man F150 Pepper Special Sauce
QIC: Teasip


Not much chatter this morning, as the PAX was busy completing the workout. Some curiosity about how low the winning time would be.


Bring in the Lefty

Saturday #backblast
F150 Coach K Helmet Teasip Podcast joined YHC for the substitute Q after Special Sauce called in the big lefty due to his college roommates surprising him for a wkd of bar hopping and debauchery. To his credit he did send me a workout for us to do, here it is:

As you can see he can’t spell, I don’t blame him though, he went to school in Ohio so it’s to be expected.

He also didn’t count on us being superior athletes as we completed the workout in 40 minutes, giving me 20 minutes to do every Mary exercise I know and incorporate as much of the coupon as possible.

The important thing is that Coach K and Teasip continued to pick up ground on AlrightAlright who is sure to be out of shape after a week of European eating and drinking.

See y’all this week!


Another Trip to Germany Park

AO: Germany Park

SSH x20
IST x17
Reach backs x12
Merkins x7


Mosey to the tennis court for paint the lines, followed by Del Brown (9 merkins, crab walk across the court, 9 diamond merkins, crab walk back, 9 wide grip merkins). Repeats Del Brown with 9 merkins, 9 hand release and 9 T merkins

Mosey to the warm up/exercise equipment area for partner DORA: 100 pull ups, 200 squats and 300 LBC while partner runs around tennis courts and switch.

Mosey to the track for burpee lap (burpee then broad jump, then burpee around the track until time was up).

PAX: Ant Man, Coach K, Stakeout (F3 San Antonio)
QIC: Teasip

YHC prayed us out

A small crowd this Friday for some great weather. Not sure if everyone knew the burpee lap was coming or a bunch of men just were feeling extra lazy this morning. After the “unround” number of ISTs and a lot of complaining from Coach K, YHC decided to keep the unround number going (tho DORA was sadly overlooked in that regard). A slight Omaha on the tennis court as there was a fence with a narrow opening that separated the two courts, so it took YHC a minute to get the paint the lines right and decided to just do down and back across one tennis court for Del Brown. The PAX was very unhappy about the burpee lap and tried to convince Stakeout to use his War Daddy veto on said exercise, but to no avail. YHC may Omaha that exercise to only do part of the lap or will do it earlier in the workout to ensure a full lap is done (the PAX made it about 200-250 M, which Coach K was quick to point out is the furthest point from the parking lot). Ant Man announced he has a perfect week going, and is planning on posting at F3 Houston to finish the perfect week. Stayed tuned to see if he does. Overall, another great day to workout with these guys and happy to have Stakeout in this morning.

Potential Murph Labor Day led by Sambuca(?)

Discovering a New Land

AO: Caruth Park with a detour to Smith Park
PAX: Special Sauce, Icebox, Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man, Candy Cane, Minerva (FNG)
QIC: Coach K

SSH x25
IST x20
Cotton Pickers x10
Aaarrrggghhh Special (slow and low side Lunges) x7

Mosey a bit, Bear crawl a bit to other side of Caruth Park

Run to Smith Park (due west a mile away) with elevator BLIMPS stations at each intersection. Starting with 5 burpees at every station and adding a letter

Dirty McUno
Claymakers, Irkens, Overhead Claps

Partner Up. PAX 1 starts running left around the park while PAX 2 runs right. When you meet up, do 20 reps of exercise (partner merkins, wwii sit ups, etc) then finish the lap.

Mosey back to Caruth with a little more bear crawls.

There were concerns about my Q from a couple of PAX when an FNG (now Minerva) rolled up. Apparently we can’t move past the burpee Q. But, to everyone’s surprise, I can be reasonable. Icebox commended me on a tough but fair Q for the new guy. Tried to get a little more running in today since we’ve done zero this week without overdoing it for Katy Trail Thursday.

Ventured over to Smith Park, which is a cute little gem hidden away over by Preston. Might make for a decent Friday Q.

It was great to see Candy Cane back in the gloom along with an FNG. Learned that Candy Cane is responsible for the name Claymakers (fun fact of the day). We originally named the FNG Doomslayer because of his line of work, but Icebox found inspiration in his time in Savanah landing us with Minerva from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Google it if you don’t understand.

Aaarrrggghhh doesnt think I can remember things from the workout, so get ready for some random ass details:

Icebox and Candy Cane talked about Fly Wheel just before the workout (traitors). Aaarrrggghhh complained about the bridge as soon as I mentioned bear crawling. Icebox, Candy Cane, and Ant Man almost got blasted by the sprinkler once they crossed it.

We saw this nice little mansion with an underground parking area just for them. Special Sauce noted that that’s commonplace up in Pittsburgh.

They’re redoing a lot of the roads back there in HP making for an uncomfortable run. Though there always seemed to be one two foot wide section of smooth pavement near the middle.

On our way west, we noticed a lovely van sitting in the middle of the road. Expecting a kidnapping attempt, Special Sauce and I planned a rouse, but it was unneeded. Who would try to kidnap either of us is beyond me.

I made a joke about doing the Tunnel of Love in the mud on the way back, but that was quickly shot down. Save it for another day…probably use it with my “pass the buck” Q coming up which the PAX can warn you about.

YHC prayed us out and prayed for those who couldn’t make it today be it travel or laziness. Prayed for our man splash and wishing him a happy marriage for him and soon to be Mrs. Splash.

Iron PAX Week 3

AO: Glencoe Park
PAX: F150, splash, Icebox, Aaarrrggghhh, Pepper, Ant Man, Special Sauce, Face (Louisville)
QIC: Teasip and Coach K

Another day, another Iron PAX competition.

SSH x15
IST x15
Cotton Pickers x12

See preblast. It was a workout that existed

1. Special Sauce – 520
2. Teasip – 492
3. Pepper – 482
4. Icebox – 433
5. Face – 414
6. Aaarrrggghhh – 387
7. F150 – 384
8. Ant Man – 365

Teasip got us going with ye ole faithful warm up before moseying to the tennis courts for the third week of the Iron PAX competition.

YHC decided to sit this one out to keep time and make sure everyone knew what was going on. Despite being met with resistance on this and being assured that the PAX knew what was going on, YHC answered questions for several minutes of the workout. Splash called YHC out for being particular cranky this morning, which, to be fair, was accurate.

After an interesting initial song choice, Icebox came through with the solid country workout playlist.

Not too much mumblechatter except for some comments about the toughness of 50 straight hand release merkins. Special Sauce wished good luck to the rest of us doing the workout the rest of the week and mentioned some live streams on band for integrity/accuracy purposes.

Unfortunately there was little time for anyone to catch up with our fellow PAX from Louisville, though we were grateful to have him join us.

Hot Tub Homework

AO: Flag Pole Hill

2.48 mile ruck in 47 minutes.

PAX: AlrightAlright Ina BOOMER Oo-De-Lally
QIC: Ant Man

Prayers for a good and safe week for everyone.

Late backblast but I remember something about Hot Tub Time Machine being the most underrated movie of all time. Your homework for this week is to watch it and report back.

Cant remember, tune in tomorrow to Aaarrrggghhh‘s backblast for some great insight into future events.


Skyscraper: Mao Edition

Directed By: Chairman Mao

Supporting Cast: Team Fortnite (Pepper and Ant Man ), AlrightAlright , Ina , Coach K , Helmet

Musical Support: DJ Icebox

Special Guest: Starfish

9 pax joined forces to survive the Skyscraper: Mao Edition

Side Straddle Hops
Don Quixotes

Hold on Dear Life
The Rock spends most of the movie holding stuff up or hanging on for dear life; so, this was meant to mimic that.
1 minute Monkey Bar Hold
1 minute Forward Plank
1 minute Wilt Chamberlin

Fight the Bad Guys
1 Minute Prisoner Squats
1 Minute Pull the Rope
1 Minute Iron Hulk
1 Minute Mystery
1 Minute Rest

YHC gathered the Pax’s least favorite and favorite exercises to determine the mystery exercise. By the magic of Google Random Number generator, the Pax were award 1 minute of Monkey Humpers which was met with some complaints. After Round 2, AlrightAlright felt we spent too much time fighting bad guys and in jail, which is obviously impossible. You can ever never spend too much time fighting.

Get to Blimp
The PAX needed to make it to rescue BLIMP to get home.
Bear Crawl Ramp
5 Burpees
Crawl Bear Ramp
10 Lunges each leg
Crab Walk Ramp
15 ISTs each leg
Bear Crawl Ramp
20 Merkins
Crawl Bear Ramp
25 Plank Jacks
Crab Walk Ramp
30 Squats
Run to the Top

Lose Ya Leg
The Pax made it to the top but their Blimp blew up when the reached it. The force of the impact blew off their fake leg; so, they were forced to travel back down on one leg
1 Single Leg RDL, Hop Across Same Leg, 1 Single RDL opposite Leg, then go down a level.
RDLs were increased with each level until the PAX successfully escaped the Skyscraper.

At this point, new arrival Helmet did not seem to be suffering as much as the other PAX. YHC felt the best way to fix this was a long Mary Performance.

40 пингвин crunches – Helmet was able to embrace the suffering. Eruzione is this correct Russian?
21 LBCs
15 Scissors

Heard at F3
“That’s not where you play disc golf ”
“We should form an F3 Speedball, and prove to those guys they are out of shape”.
“As long as I’m at more workouts than Pepper it’s been a good week”

YHC appreciates all PAX for joining him at the first F3 Dallas Movie morning and looks forward to future collaborations with DJ Icebox .

Below you will find the trailer, Special Sauce / Movie theme song, artist discussion of theme song, along with the soundtrack. Hope you enjoyed your #burlesonbeatdown and F150 can finally now not bug YHC about writing a #backblast