Preblast June 9, 2019

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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Upcoming this week:

Q Source Groups 

  • Wednesday nights at 6 PM at Chick-fil-A on Hillcrest (across of SMU).
  • Friday for lunches at 11:30 AM in Preston Center, Location TBA.

Q Source Groups are a great place to learn and explore the leadership philosophy of F3. We meet to improve our leadership skills for the benefit of our families, workplaces and neighborhoods. The philosophies are based on timeless principles, they are also useful for any group that wants to improve the leadership skills of its members.


Workouts & AOs:
5:30-6:15 | Mutt Ruck Monday | Flag Pole Hill (Second Parking Area) | Q: Ant Man 

5:30-6:15 | Double Time (Run) | Flag Pole Hill (Second Parking Area) | Q: Chairman Mao

5:30-6:15 | Bootcamp Workout | Glencoe Park AO (Eastside playground) | Q: Icebox

5:45-6:30 | Bootcamp Workout | Caruth Park AO (Parking lot) | Q: Special Sauce

5:30-6:15 | Running Workout W/ Pain Stations | Katy Trail AO (La Madeline) | Q: Sally

5:30-6:15 | Thursday Alternatives | Burleson Park AO (Park on Southside) | Q: Rump Roast

5:30-6:15 | Bootcamp Workout | Check Twitter (@f3_dallas) | Q: Pepper

7:00-8:00| Bootcamp Workout | Burleson Park AO (Park on Southside) | Q: TBA

As Texas weather is never typical know we do workout outdoors and our weather policy is…
1. We don’t cancel for cold, wind, or rain. If possible, we defy the forecast (#Cantore) & POST!
2. We don’t mess with lightning. Lightning will kill you. If there’s lightning, we will cancel or ENDEX.
3. Check Twitter for updates before the workout.

Rocked Around the Clock

PAX: Coach K, Special Sauce, Draper, Ant Man, Rump Roast, Sally
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given after a reminder from Coach K

SSH x 10 IC

IST x 10 IC

Windmills x 5 IC

Making use of the 12 spokes (sidewalks) out from the fountain in front of Dallas Hall, YHC had PAX perform the following rotating around each spoke like clockwork. 

  1. 10 Pamela Andersons (burpee nippler)
  2. 20 Squats
  3. 30 V Ups
  4. 40 Merkins
  5. 50 Rugby Situps
  6. 60 Gorilla Squats
  7. 70 Mountain Climbers (x2)
  8. 80 Lunges (x1)
  9. 90 OH Presses
  10. 100 Plank Jacks
  11. 110 OH Claps
  12. 120 LBC’s

Following each set of exercises, PAX ran the length of spoke, perform a burpee (adding a burpee at each spoke for a total of 78 burpees if the circuit was completed) and running back to fountain (hub).  An exception was made following gorilla squats and OH presses, where YHC had PAX bear crawl length of the spoke and back since the spokes were relatively short.

PAX results:

  • Coach K completed 3pm (15 full stations)
  • Special Sauce & Draper – 12p (12 full stations)
  • YHC – 11am (11 full stations)
  • Sally, Rump Roast & Ant Man – 9am

YHC prayed us out

YHC started workout straightaway with a mosey to the fountain in front of Dallas Hall.  There was a bit of grumbling with the lack of warm up before the mosey and Ant Man joined us fashionably late.  Warm up warm up commenced at the fountain when YHC realized I had left my phone and speaker back at the park, which delayed the start of the workout, which in retrospect was most certainly appreciated by the PAX.  Once the workout began, there was a bit of mumble chatter; mostly choice adjectives describing YHC and the workout, not to mention the choice playlist I assembled (the number of songs with “clock” or “time” in them are not as plentiful as “Christmas” or “f@&k”). Mumble chatter died away quickly as the effects of the workout took effect.  Even YHC’s state-of-the-art speaker was no match for the fountain.

This workout thoroughly beat down the PAX and there were a few comments about this being added as a benchmark workout although YHC isn’t sure any of the PAX would welcome another iteration of the Clock.

Friday Beatdown – Leg Day at Glencoe


PAX: Icebox PowPow Draper Eli
QIC: Pepper

AO: Glencoe Park

SSHs x 15
Hillbilly x10
Slow Squats x 10
Windmill x 10
Daisy Pickers x 10

Mosey to Tennis Court

Wheel of Animal Walk
Down and back, Exercise at middle, far and middle sides
Frog Hop, Mickey Mouse Merkins x 15
Bear Crawl Merkin, Monkey Humpers x 30
Duck Walk, Nipplers x 30
Crawl Bear Merkin, Monkey Humpers x 30

Line of Fire between each set
6 inches, flutter kicks to 60

Ring of Fire
chilcutts, dancing chilcutt to 30

Iron Hulk
1 to 4 ratio of Merkins to Shoulder Press
Odd numbers only to factor of 9

Ring of Fire
6 inches, Rugby Situp to 30

Mosey to Soccer Field

Reverse Lt. Dan across the field
4:1 reverse lunges to squats
Burpee Dan (4:1 lunge to burpee) back
5 4x4s at middle, far and middle (burpee, merkin & mtn climber)

Mosey to back to start

Sweat Angels x12
Freddy Mercuries x20
WW2 Situps x 10 OYO


Lighter crowd today with some PAX headed to the Fort this morning. Early discussion focused on the NBA Finals, Raptors winning their first ‘ship, Klay Thompson’s injury. Icebox commented that it may not bode well for our beatdown this AM; YHC made sure to include the disclaimer. Icebox filled the group in on the new house and the moving process; Eli quietly dropped he placed 5th and ran a 5.30/mi pace at the Katy Trail 5k yesterday. Draper (i think) made a comment how 30 monkey humpers and bear crawls was not a good mix; all PAX agreed.

Happy Hour tonight at Ozonas, 1700.

Second Choice Thursday’s – Gettin’ Better!!!

Date: 6/13/2019
Temp: 67
Weather: Glorious!!!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:

PAX:  Chairman Mao, Sweet Baby, and Arrrgggghhhhh
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama
IST x20 IC
Ranger Merkins x 16 IC
SSH x20 IC
Dancing Bears x10  IC
Cotton Pickers x10 IC
Mickey Mouse Merkins x10 OYO   

–>Mosey to east side “Wheel of Merkins”  x12 IC each position 48 total
–>Mosey to the southeast corner of the parking lot north of the park for “Prayer         Squats” x20 IC

The Thang: 
*Ascending Curb Crawl
Bear crawl to the opposite side, turn & 1x Derkin
Crawl back & complete 2x Derkin to 15  OYO

*Bolt 45’s
Full stand down to 1/2 squat x15 IC
1/2 squat all the way down back to half x15 IC
Full squat x15 IC 

*Dirty hook up.  IC x10
Plank facing the wall. 
        1. right hand up
        2. Left hand up
        3. Right hand down
        4. Left hand down.

*Lt. Get-ups
Two leg lunges fwd then a prison get up across the field to finish us out

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Thank you to the PAX that continue to show up on Thursdays #2ndCT to give us an option other than running. I know a lot of you like to run and while I can’t fault that, we would love to see you work a Second Choice Thursday in from time to time. The feedback I’ve received is that there worth coming out for.  T-Claps to Sweet Baby and Chairman Mao for continuing to show up and show support. Rump prayed us out.

Google Play – Cardio Hip-Hop

 Today was about getting better… We did more reps of Ranger Merkins,  more Dancing Bears, more Mickey Mouse Merks, more reps on Wheel of Merkins, more reps in Ascending Bear Crawl, and added the Dirty Hook-up and Lt. Get-ups to the mix. Gotta say those Lt. Get-ups and Bolt 45’s ain’t no punk! It was a light run day even for a Rump work out but we got in the extra chest and arm work today. Noticed that the 5am tennis players at Burleson is the same hippie looking dude from Caruth on Wednesdays. We only needed the courts for the Dirty Hook-ups so they shared one side with us. It was a pretty uneventful workout. The extra reps on the Ascending Bear Crawl kept most of us to grunts, moans, and heavy breathing! Chairman got there and did some EC on his own and then also walked/moseyed home. For the FIRST time, I remembered to take a picture and due to technical difficulties, they were lost. 

– Q Source tomorrow @ 1130, usually Preston Center-ish
– 2nd F next TOMORROW, Friday 6/14 location seems like it’s going to be Ozona’s 
OMAHA on the Ft. Worth work out for tomorrow. Alright Alright is out-of-pocket so we’ll be meeting at Le Madeline on Mockingbird at 0430 for anyone wanting to carpool and go work out in Ft. Worth.

The DJ’s Birthday Beatdown


Sweet Baby Aaarrrggghhh AlrightAlright Rump Roast PowPow Sally Draper Oatmeal Gold Digger Teasip Goose (Willie Loman from Columbus) joined YHC for my bday beatdown

Here’s the thang

Warmup: SSH, IST, windmills

Burpee mile: at own pace, run 1/4 mile, 12 burpees, repeat 3 times. Once finished picked up the six and did 10 more burpees for kicks

Arms by Mrs Icebox:
20 lil baby arm circles forward
20 lil baby arm circles backward
20 lil baby arm pulses thumbs up
10 lil baby arm pulses thumbs down (stopped at 10 because most of the PAX couldn’t keep their arms up anymore, YHC included)


Five reps of the following 7 times
Rugby sit ups

Money to tennis courts for a couple of rounds of paint the lines and some Mary

Thanks to everyone who came out to help me start my bday off on the right foot. Pumped to be in better shape at 35 than I was at 25 (not saying a whole lot about my 25 YO self…)


Q Sources Wednesday night and Friday lunch
Happy hour in splash’s front yard Friday


Date: 6/11/19

AO: Liberty Park in Plano, TX

Conditions: Cool breeze in the air

PAX: Eruzione, Hopper, QIC: The (Scranton) Stranger

Quick Mosey
10 Good mornings
10 Baby Arm Circles
10 Opposite Baby Arm Circles
10 Overhead Presses
20 Walking Toe Touches
50 SSH

The Thang
Workstation 1) Mile run, after every lap around the track complete 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 LBC’s

Workstation 2) Football field – Alternating side squat to the 10, lunge to the 20, bear crawl to the 30, crab walk to the 40 then sprint to the endzone
– Rinse and repeat
Workstation 3) Start with a plank circuit in the enzone then bear crawl to the 10, crawl bear to the 20, crab walk to the 30, opposite hand/opposite foot hop to the 40, reverse hand and foot to the 50, sprint to the endzone.

– Quick 20 merkins/50 mountain climbers
– Rinse and repeat Workstation 3 – except lunge the final 50 yards.

1 Cool down lap around the track followed by some Good mornings

Circle of Trust, Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama:
The day began in confusion of where to meet (my bad) but on the final lap of Workstation 1 Eruzione and myself were pleasantly surprised to be joined by none other than Hopper (who has been on a 1-year sabbatical). Glad to have you back in the mix Hopper!

Prayer requests: General prayer for overall safety and well being for everyone’s children. Also, lifted up the F3 babies (Baby Boomer, and Thunderlips’ newborn).

Honored to serve,

Back to the Trail

DATE: 6/6/19

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Coach K, Draper, Eli, Ina, Sally, Trickle
QIC: Teasip

AO: Katy Trail (back to #katytrailthursdays)


SSH x17

IST x15

Squats x 12

Head to the trail for quarter mile intervals. YHC decided to take a leaf out of Ina’s book and do 10 burpees at the start and every half mile. However, that was quickly tweaked after the PAX missed the quarter mile marker for the second quarter mile and ended up doing a half mile. Once we got a mile down the trail, we did a half mile of running down another quarter mile and back to the mile marker before we headed back down the trail. Per Coach K’s request, we did a Bataan Death March with 3 burpees the last half mile, then did 10 Burpees OYO at the start before moseying back to La Madeline for Mary.

Below are the exercises for the intervals:

Merkins x 12, Dry Docks x12

Step Ups x20, Dips x 12

Burpees x10

After half mile run: Burpees x 10

Penguin crunch x12

Burpees x10

Bataan Death March with 3 Burpees

Burpees x10

Uptown crunch x12

YHC prayed us out

Not a lot of mumblechatter. YHC and the rest of the PAX were getting concerned that the second quarter mile was longer than normal and we realized that we somehow missed the marker and ended up doing a half mile. YHC blames that on the fact that we haven’t been to the Trail in awhile. The usual groaning about burpees and the Bataan Death March which was a testament to the fact that YHC is a Q of the people as Coach K requested that exercise. Good to have Trickle back out.

1. Happy Hour Friday, Location TBD

Moss Haven

PAX: Peppa, United, Plus One, Alright Alright, Draper, Sex Panther, Coach K, Sally, Rump Roast, Stingray, Mr. Belding
QIC: F150

AO: Moss Have Elementary School

Imperial Storm Troopers IC x19
Annie IC x20
Copperhead Squats IC x21
Arm Circles IC x22 (both ways)
SSH IC x23 (go silent on 10 and see if we end together)

Variation of Charles Bronson

Three points were used, the initial curb area, then two blocks 50 yards out, and point was the curb beyond the bocks.  PAX performed exercises at starting point, sprinted to blocks, bear crawled to curb , and then mosied back to starting point. 

50 reps:
Overhead Claps
Seal Jacks

Hand Release Merkin
Nolan Ryans

Flutter kicks Ring x2
Pickle Pounders x20
Nevercross Dolly IC x15
Boxcutters IC x10

Convergence of Regions at UT-Dallas

Last week we received a request from Gandalf of F3 Valley Forge to have a convergence workout at UT-Dallas because he would be in town and staying on campus for a conference. YHC took this great opportunity to meet men from other regions and to catch up with our friends from the Great White North, also known as any part of the Metroplex North of 635.

AO: UT-Dallas

PAX: Boomer (Plano), Eruzione (Plano), Scranton Strangler (Plano), Gandalf (Valley Forge), Spinal Tap (Carterico)

QIC: Alright Alright


Side Straddle Hops x20

Imperial Storm Troopers x15

Merkins x10

Monkey Humpers x5

Tha Thang:

Bear Crawl Ladder – Bear Crawl to each line of parking lot and back to start point with increasing merkins at each line (1:7)

Long Mosey to Stairs

Dirty McDeuce

Derkins x12

Claymakers (right leg) x12

Irkins x12

Claymakers (left leg) x12

Native American run around pond

Repeato x2 (total of 3 sets and 3 laps)

Short Mosey

Six Minutes of Mary

Flutter Kicks


Low Dolly

Rugby Sit-Ups

Little Baby Crunches

Long Mosey back to start

Naked Man Moleskin

It’s always great to workout with men from across F3 Nation. #Tclaps to Gandalf for suggesting this.  PAX, when you get a chance to visit another region do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Rump & Co. is growing… Come and join us!

Date: 6/6/2019
Temp: 71
Weather: overcast and some sprinkles to start us off

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:

PAX: Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Gold Digger, Chairman Mao, and Pow-Pow
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

F3 Disclaimer & Welcome: Given

SST x20 IC
Ranger Merkins x16 OYO
IST x20 IC
Dancing Bears x10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Mickey Mouse Merkins (WDW) x 8 OYO

– Moseyed to the east end of the park for “Wheel of Merkins” 10 count, 40 total
– Sprinted across the field to the tennis court Prayer Squats x25 IC
– Partner Shrugs x3 set each 12 reps each set

Tha Thang:

Long Lost Cousin to Burpeedan
1x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across the tennis court
2x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across the tennis court
3x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across the tennis court
4x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across the tennis court

– Sprint back to the far east end of the park

Modified, backwards, Lazy Dora
(an estranged and despised retaliative of Dora 1-2-3)
Partner UP

60 Merkins (PAX seemed tired of Merkins so we changed it up… Omaha’d these to Burpees)
P1 10x Merkins/ P2 Plank it out

100 LBC’s
P1 20x LBC’s / P2 6” Leg holds / or Flutters

200 Squats
P1 25x Squats / P2 Squat hold

We went backwards and started with squats. For time, we modified counts from 300, 200, 100 to above.

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Thanks to the guys that came out and posted. Even with THREE work out choices (the convergence across town, the normal AO, and 2nd CT) this was the largest turn out for a #2ndCT so far! I believe all would agree it was a helluva beatdown with just enough running, legs. and upper body. Way to get better men; thank you for coming out to join us. The Rump prayed us out.

Rump rolled in at 0529 and a half which was weird seeing how I left home early??? When I saw the size of the crowd I almost wondered if I had shown up to the wrong AO on accident! Especially when I saw @Special Sauce (Thanks for coming out to so show support). So, I pretty much had to get right to it.

We circled up, I made the disclaimer and we got started with SSH’s to not disrupt the chi but then upped the Ranger Merkins from our normal 14 to 16 to get everyone’s attention! The Mickey Mouse Merk’s / Walt Disney World had some mumbling from Sauce and Gold Digger about not getting the WDW connection (I didn’t explain) till after the workout. The Dancing Bears I knew would bring jokes but I’m keeping those. During the sprints across the field, I got some pushback on the “running” which I replied that I never said there would be no running. The BearPee’s killed most mumble chatter, that is a legit routine… Should we go to 5 or 6 next time?!?!

Q Source tomorrow @ 1130, usually Preston Center-ish
2nd F next Friday 6/14 location TBD
Remember tomorrows work out will be at Lake Highlands | Moss Haven Elementary school @ 0530