This hurts my….


PAX: Coach K, Mile High, Alright Alright, Oatmeal, Rump Roast
QIC: F150

AO: Glencoe Park


Side Straddle Hops IC x19
Cotton Pickers IC x19
Imperial Storm Troopers IC x19
Annie IC x19
Copperhead Squats IC x19


Burpee ½ Mile
Every corner do 15 burpees (60)

Mosey to Picnic tables
SeeAlice OYO X 30 seconds –
    Partner 1 lays face down on picnic table with upper body hanging off edge. The move is to raise up (if you can get it up) to a flat back
    Partner 2 holds ankles.
4 rds

With Partner do a little lazy Dora
    100 Merkins (p1 does 10 merkins, p2 holds plank)
    200 LBC (p1 does 20 LBCs, p2 feet 6 inches off ground)
    300 squats (p1 does 30 squats, p2 holds bottom position of a squat)

Flutter kicks IC x30
Hello Dolly IC x25
Boxcutters IC x20
Uptown Crunch IC x15 each

Bears, Beats, Burpees

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Alright Alright, F150, Icebox, Mile High, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Coach K

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH x25
IST x20
Cotton Pickers x10
Copperhead Squats x10

10 Burpees EMOM to 110 burpees. Well…every 50 seconds

Bear crawling Jacob’s Ladder with WWII SUs and Burpees

Partner carry across tennis courts with 5 squats. Flapjack and repeato

Flutter Kicks x30
Uptown Crunch x30
Rugby Situps x10

Prayed that we might continue to be servants of and for the Lord

YHC came out and immediately warned the PAX that they would be pushed today, which should’ve been the biggest indication of the burpees and bear crawls to come. YHC and other PAX discussed how comfortable F3 Dallas has become with its workouts, and so YHC is taking the reins to increase the intensity of workouts.

The burpee EMOM is never a crowd favorite, especially when Special Sauce realized PAX were being shortchanged 5-10 seconds each round. Trying to make us better men. If you can do 110 burpees in under 10 minutes, there’s not much you can’t do. Unsurprisingly, very little mumblechatter took place during this portion of the workout.

We moseyed to the tennis courts without a breath to start the Jacob’s Ladder, which was met with some groans when the bear crawling was announced. Again, very little mumblechatter occurred during this portion of the workout, but all PAX pushed themselves and only modified as injuries mandated. Icebox’s playlist was a series of throwback’s to the War Baby’s (YHC) middle school years thereby dating every other PAX in the group. A couple of PAX commented on Nicki Minaj’s cuss to non-cuss word ratio in her duet with Big Sean (you know which song).

Just when PAX thought we were done, partner carries were announced. Somehow or another, the lightest PAX ended up with the heaviest. Teasip checked into his flight while being carried, and he managed to get Group A boarding. To our knowledge, that’s the first time this has been accomplished by any person West of the Mississippi. We suffered through a couple rounds before rounding out with Mary and a quick spiel by YHC about complacency.

1. Run Ranger Run is ongoing. Be sure to track and log your miles. All forward moving activities count (i.e. the .5 mile of bear crawls)
2. Bourbon night this Thursday

Run Ranger Run Kickoff Run

PAX: AlrightAlright, Special SauceTeasipCoach KOatmeal QIC: Icebox 

AO: Glencoe

SSH X 20 (Oatmeal and Coach K opted for modified side straddle penguins flapping their arms and not flying)
IST’s X 15
Daisy Pickers X 10

Hater of all things Queen and Tony Romo, Q of the Year, Shredding for the Cruise, and I did the following:

Burpee Mile: 12 burpees every quarter mile, NA run for the first 1/2 mile, own pace for the 2nd 1/2 mile

Rugby Sit-up Mile: 15 rugby sit-ups every quarter mile, own pace for the first 1/2 mile, reindeer runs the 2nd 1/2 mile

Merkin/Superman Mile: did 15 merkins after the first 1/4 mile, then switched to 15 Superman’s the next 3 1/4 miles. NA run the first 1/2 mile then reindeer runs the 2nd 1/2 mile

Decent amount of mumble chatter when we we running at my pace for NA and reindeer runs. I was a little disappointed that I was the slowest runner, when pushed on who I wanted to show up who was slower than me I didn’t name any names, mostly because I’m probably slower than everyone who shows up to running workouts. Teasip somehow ran all of today in a hoodie despite 55 degree weather, but it was probably to help him shred a couple more lbs before laying out on a cruise ship next week. Special Sauce rolled up in his new car prompting us to wonder if the Jeep Grand Cherokee is catching up to F150’s for official vehicle of F3 Dallas (especially when Oo-De-Lally starts showing up regularly again). Alright Alright was self conscious about running in just his Run Ranger Run shirt since he accidentally ordered a girls M instead of a men’s. Turns out each lap around Glencoe is a little more than a 1/2 mile so we got 3.5 miles in according to Special Sauce’s Apple Watch.

Before we started out I gave instructions to Coach K and Oatmeal for their ruck but they ignored me and went on their own vision quest.

    Run Ranger Run has started! Log your miles and raise some money
  2. CSAUP on 3/2, start training more!
  3. 2nd F Bourbon Tasting 2/7 at Icebox place, bring Pampers.

Have a great weekend y’all!


PAX: Alright AlrightTeasipCoach KSpecial SauceRump RoastAaarrrggghhhIcebox
QIC: Pepper

AO: Glencoe Park

Sshs X 15
ISTs x 10
Hillbillies x 10
windmills x 10

EGyptian walk to baseball fields
Pair off, DORA
100 x t-merkins
200 x dips
300 x sweat Angels
(Modified the sweat Angels to 150 and then 150 Dolly)

Short Indian run to basketball court

Wilt chamberlain
25 x t-merkins
25 x Bobby hurleys
25 x hand released merkins
25 x monkey jumpers

Mosey to bleachers
1 set of dirty mcdeuce
12 x irkins
12 x claymakees
12 x dirkins
12 x claymakers

Mosey to tennis court for 6MoM

Ring of Fire Flutters – 80 count
20 x Freddy Mercury
Homer to Marge

Prayers for F-150 and Oatmeal to get healed up and back out with the PAX.




New Year, Same…Well

PAX: F150, Icebox, Oatmeal, Sally
QIC: Coach K

AO: Glencoe
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, with sass

Attendance Rankings:
Tied for 1st: F150, Icebox, Oatmeal, Sally, YHC
Tied for Last: AlrightAlright, et. al.

SSH x20
IST x19 (this was the end of any theme)
Cotton Pickers and OHC x10

800m run buy-in
As a group, complete 375 reps each of
1. Burpees
2. Box Jumps
3. Derkins
4. Squats with 30lb sandbag
800m run buy-out

Dirty McDeuce with Irkens, Claymakers, OHC, OHP

Heels to Heaven x20

Prayed that we don’t decide who or what we need to be this year, but rather let God decide and follow in His path and directions.

PAX were welcomed by the cheerful and vibrant Coach K they know and love. Amid the cries of “New Year, New Me!” on social media from white girls desperate for attention, YHC assured the group that his motto was “New Year, Same Asshole”. Icebox suggested making a goal to be meaner, which is on hold until my next Q.

Some modest mumblechatter during the warm up as YHC threw some jabs at at NYE theme as well as a very blunt and sarcastic disclaimer. PAX were quick to point out being first in the attendance rankings…more so who was not in first. Teasip and Ant Man received call outs per their comments on Band. Whether they were in town is unknown, but the group was out for blood this morning.

No mumblechatter during the beatdown until a strange old man wandered over with his dog and commended us on working out. We gave him a spiel mid Claymakers as a couple PAX held the position through the conversation. It made the military in me so proud. The guy expects to see us out on Tuesdays going forward, but his current mental state is up for debate calling us “cats” amid his departure.

We rounded out the beatdown with the COT where Oatmeal decided to start the count counterclockwise. He was subsequently chided by YHC for triggering his OCD and we started the count over. This was to no one’s surprise as apparently nothing YHC does surprises anyone anymore. YHC made a comment about good health for current and future F3 babies followed up with “if you haven’t had a baby yet you’re behind”, which left Sally and YHC in an awkward predicament.

Talks continued by the truck, where Oatmeal and F150 talked about the joys of owning homes. Nothing says grumpy old men quite like 5 PAX collectively complaining about property taxes, unpaved roads, and home maintenance.

All that to say, we started off 2019 right and missed those who couldn’t join us. Hope to be out with y’all for another year.

1. Run, Ranger, Run signups – talk to Oatmeal
2. Q source will be held Wednesday nights and Fridays at lunch

A Merry Boy Band Christmas


PAX: Mile High, Candy Land (FNG), Alright Alright, Special Sauce, Aargghh, Icebox, Coach K, Sally, Chairman Mao

QIC: Plus One

Welcome Candy Land!

AO: Glencoe Park


YHC welcomed the PAX and provided the disclaimer.


Side Straddle Hop x 15 IC

Imperial Storm Trooper x 15 IC

Don Quixote x 10 IC


Mosey to Tennis Courts

3 Teams – 3 Courts – 4 Songs

Song 1: Bear Crawl Paint the Lines

Song 2: Suicide

Song 3: Moving Push Up

Song 4: Lunges

Mini Santa’s Ladder (6 – 4 Burpees; 3 – 1 Merkins)

3 Teams – 3 Courts – 3 Songs

Song 1: Iron Hulk

Song 2: Lunges

Song 3: Crab Walk Paint the Lines


Homer to Marge

Outlaws (6 left; 6 Right)

Homer to Marge

Outlaws (6 left; 6 Right)

Homer to Marge

Outlaws (6 left; 6 Right)


The PAX circled up and YHC took it out in a word of prayer.


The PAX seem to enjoy Boy Band Christmas music more than YHC would have thought. Clapping was added by certain PAX to the lunges as *N’Sync Merry Christmas blared out. They even requested continued music through Mary…YHC Obliged.


1) What Christmas Means to Me – 98 Degrees

2) Finally it’s Christmas – Hanson

3) Unwrap You – New Kids on the Block

4) This Gift – 98 Degrees

Ladder: Grandma got Runover by a Reindeer – Elmo & Patsy

5) Season of Love – 98 Degrees

6) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – *N’Sync

7) Run Rudolph Run – Hanson

Mary: Little Saint Nick – Beach Boys

Christmas Wish – 98 Degrees

Q of the YEAR Rd 1 Beatdown 1

PAX: Teasip, AlrightAlright, F150, Oatmeal, Chairman Mao, Belk Bowl
QIC: Icebox & Special Sauce

AO: Glencoe Park


Tim McGraw ft Nelly, Over and Over – SSH + burp-ups with “over and over” (21)

TI, Bring em Out- flutter kicks + LBC’s with “bring em out” (68)

Crazy Town, Butterfly- back plank + dip with “come” (48)

Big Sean, Moves – star skaters + Bobby Hurley with “moves” (41)

Empire Cast, Boom Boom Boom Boom- Penguin crunch + yeah thrusts with “Boom” (100)

Schoolboy Q, Man of the Year- plank jacks + merkins with “man” (44)

Special Sauce:
Mosey over to the tennis courts for “20 minutes of mayhem.” The goal here was to be continually moving for the entire 20 minutes.  There would be no dedicated recovery time or “10 counts”, only active recovery. 
The Thang (with an 80’s rock playlist serenading in the background)
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers (Knee to Elbow)
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers (Knee to Elbow)
Each Pax Started at one of the corners of the tennis service boxes for bearcrawls and Merkins (rotating clockwise)
Merkins x 5, bc to next corner, Wide Merkins x 5, bc to next corner, Close grip Merkins x 5, bc to next corner, Carolina dry dock x 5, bc back to starting corner
IC Freddie Mercury x10
Rinse and Repeat
Back to the doubles lines for Gorilla Hops (Mix of a squat / broadjump….had to be there).  Width of both tennis courts was 1 rep.
Gorilla Hop x 1
Plank 10 Seconds
Gorilla Hop x 1
IC 10 Leg lifts
Lunges x 1
Plank 10 Seconds
Gorilla Hop x 1
Jacobs Ladder – Forward Run & Backpedal Width of both Courts with Burpees and Squats (1/4, 2/3, 3/2, 4/1)
Line up on center line of tennis court for Side Shuffle Shuttle Run (Doubles / Doubles / Single / Single) x 4
Line back up at a corner of the service area for 2 more rounds of bear crawls and merkins. 



Great showing today, despite the cold temps.  If really didn’t feel that cold once we got moving.  Icebox set the bar high with another solid playlist workout, and the PAX had a tough time with the final vote.  Perhaps an upgrade to his speaker will allow him to bring him the title of QOTY next year (I’ll drop a Christmas hint to his M).  Great to see @ back out on a Tuesday, he just couldn’t miss out on a PNC showdown.  Queen made another appearance on a playlist today, AlrightAlright still is not a fan and likes to make it be known.  Great job by everyone today, lets have a strong showing again tomorrow for AA vs Spread.
YHC Prayed us out

DJ icebox playlist:

1. Rd 1 Beatdown 2 in the Gloom with AlrightAlright and Spread at Caruth Park 0545.

29 for 30 Beatdown

PAX: Sally, Icebox, Teasip, Rump Roast, Ant Man, Oatmeal
QIC: F150

AO: Glencoe Park

Within our workout this gloom.

30 exercises with a partner 30 reps
1. Side Straddle Hops IC x30
3. Merkins
4. Squat Jumps

5. Flutter Kicks (4 count)
6. Shoulder Press w/ Coupon
7. Monkey Humpers

8. Elf on a shelf w/ Coupon
9. Skull Crushers w/ Coupon
10. Lunges (4 count)

11. Hello Dolly
12. Mountain Climber
13. Al Gore (30 Sec)

14. American Hammers
15. Diamond Merkins
16. Prisoner Squats

17. Imperial Storm Troopers IC x30

18. Penguin Crunches (4 count)
19. Triceps Extension w/ Coupon
20. Step Ups

21. High/Low Planks (30 Sec each)
22. Abyss Merkins
23. Box Jumps

24. Big Boy Sit-ups
25. Carolina Dry Docks
26. One legged squat (15 each leg)

27. Superman
28. Wall Sits (People’s Chair – 30 sec)

29. Rugby Situps

Plenty within the exercises above.

YHC share with the PAX about the great success of the Flower Mound AO and Rocket Man’s leadership. We will be clown caring to FB the first three Saturday’s of December for those PAX interested in going. YHC challenged the men to be looking around at men in their neighborhood, work place, or circle of influence to see who needs to be encouraged during these months as the darkness of the day is longer and depression seems to come about more.

YHC did not plan for 7 PAX to arrive ready to workout, this is higher than most Friday workouts, seeing that it was cold (49 degrees, felt like 38 accord to TWC). There was much to say about starting with SSH and not having any ISTs so YHC waited until the ½ way point when the mumblechatter was highly asking for such to add to this workout. What started off pretty simple added more difficulty as the PAX added Coupons to a couple of workouts. We made it through 28 of the original 30 workouts planned, we left off Burpees and Frog Jumps as they were the final workouts and we were out of time. Great workout for the PAX this gloom.


Alright’s Favorite Things

PAX: AlrightAlright, Belk Bowl, Helmet, Special Sauce, Aaarrrggghhh, Teasip, Rump Roast, Ant Man
QIC: DJ Icebox

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH X 20
IST X 15
Daisy Pickers X 10

OutKast- hey ya, SSH + burpees with “hey ya” (22)
DJ Khaled Ft Rhianna, Wild Thoughts- back plank + dip with “wild” (53)
Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody – P1 jump rope, P2 10 pull-ups, switch
Beanie Sigel, Feel it in the air – Freddy Mercury’s + rugby sit-ups with “air” (32)
Queen, fat bottomed girls- P1 jump rope, P2 20 LBC’s, switch
Panic! At the disco, High Hope- plank + merkin with “high” (31)
JT, Sexyback- flutter kicks + yeah thrusts with “sexy” and “go head be gone with it” (72)
Selena Gomez, Wolves- Superman’s +T merkin with “you” (30)
Jawga Boyz, All the Girls Wanna Ride- Chairman Specials
Queen, Another One Bites the Dust- P1 jumps rope, P2 5 pull-ups, switch
Queen, We Will Rock You – SSH + burpee with “we will”

Included above

Didn’t do as good of a job as I wanted to of getting my message out so I’ll try it here: Q’ing is fun! If you’re new at it don’t hesitate to reach out to others for ideas, I text Alright Alright all the time about things I’m thinking about and there are others who are happy to help. The important thing is that you try and we’ll support you through it. That is until you get the hang of it and then we’re going to be a bunch of smart asses to you.

As promised to Rump Roast there was no running. To get our cardio we used a heavy dose of jump rope, to make it even better for Alright Alright we listed to various Queen songs while we did it. AA had some words for the Q but he made me crawl bear upstairs a couple times so he had it coming. Not a ton of mumblechatter since we were sucking wind and listening to a sweet playlist. Special Sauce had some words about the Beanie Siegel song and how I don’t get any slow jams at home anymore but I mostly ignored him.

Tried to console Teasip on the A&M loss but we couldn’t tell which team was which because they and Miss St wore the same jerseys for the game.

1. Nominate for Q of the year!
2: vote for volunteerism or college football watching