Clash of the Carolinas

Starting Lineups:
Wake Forest: Alright Alright, Ina, Sally, Rump Roast
Carolina: Coach K, Teasip, Ant Man, Walmart, Rocket Man

AO: Burleson (Neutral Site)
Final Score: Wake 58; Carolina 57.75

Pre-Game Warm Ups:
SSH x 31
IST x 28
(Score of the first matchup between the schools in 1910)
Squats x 23 (Michael Jordan)
OHD Claps x 21 (Tim Duncan)

Mosey to top of SMU Garage for the First Half

Four Corners (Carolina) vs 2×3 Zone (Wake) Offense
Teams do 2 burpees with 3 hand-release merkins at the bottom of each at all four corners of the garage (bear crawling the ramps). One PAX from each team is running down the garage and up the stairs then switch off. 1 point is awarded for every lap of four corners and every lap to the bottom of the garage. Repeato for 20 minutes.

Halftime Score: Wake 25; Carolina 27.75

Mosey to main quad for Second Half

UNCWF. PAX pair up within teams for UNCWF (Dora).
1) Uptown Crunch 2) Nipple Merkins 3) Carolina Drydocks 4) Wide Stance Squats 5) Forward Lunges. PAX complete 100 reps of each until moving onto the next exercise. 1 point is awarded for every lap around the fountain and every exercise completed.

Final Score: Wake 58; Carolina 57.75

Short on time, we unfortunately didn’t get the chance to honor Stuart Scott (raised in Winston-Salem; went to Carolina) with Booyah merkins.

PAX arrived on a very brisk Saturday morning unbeknownst to the competition that lie ahead between arguably the two most competitive people in F3 Dallas. The most notable thing was seeing Ant Man arrive almost 10 minutes early to the beatdown. That was shortly followed by an out-of-context “how deep did you go last night”, which was an interesting start to the morning.

During the warm-ups we each started picking teams and PAX were thrown off thinking Alright Alright and myself were simply splitting the beatdown not running a competition. Co-Qs were well-prepared except when it came to planning who’d be timing the events, so there was some derision right from the start. The Co-Qs led the count in cadence together (truly in sync as Carolinians are) making for a very tasteful and coordinated warm-up.

The Qs overestimated PAX IQ when explaining the Four Corners drill as it took about 5 minutes to get PAX on board. The situation wasn’t helped by certain PAX (who knew what was going on) sabotaging the explanation. Hindsight, they were probably intentionally delaying the inevitable because it was 20 minutes of pain (though not the worse the Qs have ever done). Mumblechatter was light except when some conflicts arose on switching off partners. Ina and Ant Man had to run a bit further before we changed the rules, but it evened out between the teams. We also learned after 20 minutes that numbers are hard as tallying the total scores was, for lack of a better word, a minor ordeal bringing out the crankappotamus. Halftime score had Carolina up by almost 3 points.

We moseyed to the quad for the second half – well, second 12 minutes because of time constraints. Wake spent three minutes planning. Carolina started yelling at them for stalling, but apparently the planning paid off. Again, little mumblechatter during the UNCWF. People’s competitive spirits revealed themselves when the last PAX had to sprint the final straightaway with a 10 second countdown. Tallying up the scores was a lot less painful this time and unfortunate for team Carolina who lost be a mere .25 points. Fortunately, they won by 38 in the real matchup, which almost made up for the moral defeat to Alright Alright.

PAX walked back to Burleson to pray it out and audibled to Chick-Fil-A. YHC couldn’t attend because he had to head off to the office, so I can’t comment on the mumblechatter.

1. Run Ranger Run – log your miles
2. Texas Independence Day 18K

Saturday Splashdown

PAX: Rump Roast, Alright alright, sally, oatmeal, chairman mao, special sauce, ant man, boomer, icebox
QIC: Splash

AO: Burleson Park
Conditions: Damp, chilly

SSH, mountain climbers, seal jacks, etc

Some bear crawls, walking lunges, exploding merkins, gorilla squats
Stairs 2x – singles, doubles, and triples
Calf raises and Carolina dry docks in between
Some burpees
Crawl bear up steps
Lots of laying around not doing much from some in the pack


Super Groundhog Bowl

PAX: Alright Alright, Antman, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Ina, Isaiah, Rump Roast, Ghost Rider (Houston), Listeria (FNG)
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x25, IST x15, Seal Jacks x13 (adds up to 53 since this is Super Bowl 53)

Mountain Climbers x 33 (McVay age and half Belichick’s age since they have reached the top of the mountain)

9 Burpees, as this is the 9th Super Bowl for Brady & Belichick

12 Turkish Get Ups since Belichick likes to take away your best asset

Dirty Sean McVay (11 reps of 3 exercises which equals his age of 33)

Hail Marys x11, Gurley Groiners x 11, Rugby Sit ups x 11, run a lap around the tennis courts (repeato for a total of 3 rounds)

Back to the soft hop for 3 sets of 5 pull ups (5 Patriot Super Bowls) and 11 Swerkins (Rams run a lot of 11 personnel)

Mosey to the tennis courts for a Patriots suicide (PAX could cheat and not run all the way and touch the line)

Finish up with Maroon 5 Merkins (5 regular, 5 diamond, 5 wide grip, 5 T and 5 hand release)

Mosey back to the soft hop and repeato the whole workout since it is also Groundhog Day

None outside of during the workout

YHC prayed us out

YHC was thrilled to see the two Aggies (Ghost Rider & Listeria) join us in the gloom, as you can never have too many Aggies. We started with 9 as Ant man joined up at about 7:20, so there is debate about if he got full credit or not. Some intermittent mumblechatter throughout the workout, but YHC tried to keep the PAX working constantly with little rest in between exercises. Shoutout to Ina for doing his best Tony Romo and predicting the burpees coming. Some good 2nd F at Bubba’s including some notes that Alright Alright should never be on the finance committee for F3 Dallas and the discussion of when he will next bust out his dance moves at a wedding. Chairman felt the conversation was too friendly so he threw out the insane HSO that George’s was the worst meal he ever had, which was quickly denounced and called blasphemy by several PAX.

1. 2nd F Bourbon Night Thursday, Feb 7 at Casa Icebox. Bring diapers for Icecube
2. Texas Independence Day 18K March 2. Keep training in preparation

Chairman’s Inferno

QIC: Chairman Mao

Dad bod challenge 2/10 for Ant Man

13 Pax braved the cold winds of judecca to meet El Diablo this morning. 9 different pax led some portion of today’s workout circling through the rings of Dante’s Inferno. Pre-workout discussion was Podcast pulling ahead of Ant Man in the standings only for him to magically appear as we were warming up.

Rump Roast got us warmed up with some exercises that Pax couldn’t decide if it was the warmup or his ring of terror. He offered some confusing counting, which Alright couldn’t handle but YHC always approves of bad counting.

It seemed appropriate for Alright to handle the Lust stage near the Tri Delt house, his former HQ. He developed his own Tunnel of Lust which resulted in a few pax being crushed while bear crawling. We then worked on some pickle pounders.

Ina channeled his Inner candy man to lead us through candy inspired workouts. A Pax chose a candy then a workout followed. Personal favorite was the kit Kat. 8 burpees take a break 8 burpees.

Sally then took the helm and got to use his nolan ryan exercise that he brought up in Q Source on Wednesday. Pax were somewhat angry about the cold.

Teasip of Prestige Worldwide / Succees Group International, had us get greedy for some coins. With two groups crawling, lunging, and running to pick up the most coins with the losing team doing burpees. No data was provided to prove these coins were not taken from Investors.

YHC then took over, having originally planned for this portion to be in front of SMU’s church. Unfortunately we never left the playground; so, we ended up on the tennis courts. Burning at the stake was a common punishment for heretics back in the days when Moonshine was a teenager. It seemed appropriate to try and light the pax’s quads on fire with a modified wall sit. We then had Alright and the rest of us offer repentance to the one true band Queen in from of squats, lunges, and Freddy mercuries.

Coach K then brought us to the baseball field for some no handed sumo wrestling. Matches were hotly contested leading to our Avengers Civil War moment of Podcast vs. Coach K. Unfortunately Coach K suffered Gods wrath for our voyage into Hell and joined Oatmeal in the wounded Ankle club. YHC and the rest of the Pax are hoping for a swift recovery for them both.

Plus One , a student of Bernie Maddof, promised us great returns on our investment in his workout. We were able to live through the pain of all the money mr madoff took during the workout. YHC wonders how can he be a madoff if he didn’t make off with all the money 🤔

El Diable de Sauce was helping assist to the wounded Coach K; so, Boomer “we’re backkkk” took us out with some Ab work and general punishment.

Finally YHC prayed us out and reminded everyone to EH and be grateful for everything they have in their lives.

Post-Workout Highlights

@Special Sauce earned the Millennial of the Week award for needing to go home to watch the dog; so, his wife could go to Yoga. YHC isn’t sure if he was planning on avocado toast for lunch as well.

On the subject of Dogs, Teasip suggested that dogs be left in their crate; so, they could think about what is the meaning of being a dog.

Finally BOOMER offered an HSS that House of Cards is based on the Clintons.

No report on what was discussed at the little kids table of Plus One and Ant Man

Until next time
– Da Chairman #backblast

The Mustang 2019 Benchmark

PAX: Ant Man, Coach K, Gambler, Icebox, Ina, Mile High, Oatmeal, Sally, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: The Mustang
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given (includes the Flu)

SSH x11

IST x10

Mosey to The Mustang

The Mustang…

Timer set for 30 minutes.

Run up ramps to top, 20 merkins, run down ramps to bottom, 20 LBCs, run up stairs to top (touch every stair), 20 merkins, run down stairs, 20 LBCs, run across parking deck to other stairs and up the stairs to the top, 20 merkins, run down the stairs, 20 LBCs, run back to start and repeato with 19 reps, then 18, etc.

Final Numbers:

Alright Alright: Completed round of 17 for 444 reps

Ant Man: Completed round of 18 for 342 reps

*Coach K: Completed two full sets of 17 for 410 reps (need confirmation)

Gambler: Completed round of 17 for 444 reps

Icebox: Completed one full set of 17 for 376 reps

Ina: Completed two full sets of 17 for 410 reps

Mile High: Completed round of 18 for 342 reps

*Oatmeal: Completed two full sets of 17 for 410 reps (need confirmation)

Sally: Completed round of 18 for 342 reps

Special Sauce: Completed round of 17 for 444 reps

Teasip: Just shy of completing the round of 17 for 437 reps

YHC told the PAX prior to the start gun that completing a set of 16 would put them in world record territory.  No one was able to accomplish that today, but based on today’s results YHC expects that record to fall in 2019.

The worst part of the workout might have been the mosey back to La Madeleine in the middle of a monsoon.

Plenty of LBCs during the workout

A brief prayer as we were all ready to get out of the cold and the rain.

YHC didn’t hear much #mumblechatter, but it is possible that some of the small pods of PAX were conversing, unlikely, but possible.

1. #QSource groups will begin meeting next week. Wednesday 1/9 @ 6:00 PM at Chick-fil-A on Hillcrest.  Friday 1/11 @ 11:30 AM at Preston Center, restaurant has not yet been determined.
2. Sign up for #RunRangerRun on our F3 Dallas Alpha team.

3. Begin preparing for #CSAUP on 3/2/19 (Texas Independence Day).  Planning meetings will begin soon.  Reach out to YHC if you are interested in assisting with planning.