AO: Glencoe Park

Side Straddle Hops IC x13
Baby Arm Circles IC x13 each way
Hillbillies going right IC x13
Prisoner Squat IC x13
Daisy Pickers IC x13

Mosey to field
PAX line up spread down the benches, one at a time move to light stick and do exercise, and Bernie Sanders back to PAX. PAX do AMRAP while awaiting their turn. All Exercise x13 in 4 count

Rd. 1
PAX: AYG; We’re Not Worthy Praises (Front raises w/ CMU)
Group: Mountain Climbers (Mod on knees)
Rd. 2
PAX: Lunge; Goblet Squat
Group: Worst Merkin Ever (Werkin, Merkin, Diamond Merkin) (Mod on knees)
Rd. 3
PAX: Lt. Dan; Colt 45
Group: LBFlutter Kicks
Rd. 4
Run to glow sticks and back
13 monkey humpers

Crunchy Frog IC x20
Uptown Crunch IC x13 Both sides
Hello Dolly IC x13

PAX: Eruzione, Teasip, Gold Digger, Boomer, Oo-De-Lally, AlrightAlright, Wojo, Q*Bert, Coach K, Aaarrrggghhh
QIC: F150

During YHC’s time in Scripture this morning I came across Matthew 9:35-38. This famous passage is the one of the labors and the harvest. For the harvest is plentiful and the labors are few. When Jesus saw the crowds, He had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless. For compassion is not pity men but it is to be sympathetic consciously of other distress together with the desire to alleviate it. In our jobs do we see people as a means to an end or as people we walk with daily. Are we seen as compassionate? YHC challenged the PAX to different and lead with compassion as Jesus did.

This gloom was a humid morning. YHC has been challenged with the need to make sure to respect the time given of men. For it is a F3 thing to start on time and end on time. Doing so respects mens time and other commitments to the day. We had two Willy Loman join us Wojo and Q*Bert for this morning’s beatdown. Teasip and YHC worked to find a place where the shovel flag could be placed in the ground…this stinking no rain has caused all the ground to be tough. So it was planted in the woodchip playground.

YHC enjoys the use of the coupon and brought a few for us to use this gloom. This worked out well in our beatdown until one of the coupons go the upper hand of BOOMER and it sidelined he and ultimately sent him home early. Gold Digger aided him in the care of his hand and rejoined the PAX at MARY. There was much room for mumblechatter during THA THANG and mentions of an excerise called the Alabama Prom Date?!? Multiple modifications where made as each round took a while with a coupon…and there was as normal AlrightAlright comments about Q doing the workout. YHC can handle anything thrown out and that I lead, modifications have to be made when we have good numbers show up and exercises take longer than expected. That’s a good problem, but challenge accepted and welcomed to be pushed harder.

Counting was again pointed out that YHC used cadence different than intended…some fast…some slow and some mixed. YHC will do a better job in consistence in the future but hey it was unexpected and kept all PAX on their feet.

During the Name-o-Rama F150 missed Eruzione which drew immediate reaction from the PAX and Coach K issued penalty Burpee‘s with the truth if any were to be had for anything it was for missing a PAX. To which penalty Burpee‘s were executed.

1. Guest Q on Saturday – Gus from Memphis
2. 2nd F Scotch Club May 17
3. VAPE dinner May 29
4. GrowRuck Memphis Sept 21-23

Partner Mustang

AO: Katy Trail… or was it?

SSH IC x30
IST IC x20

Mosey to The Mustang Parking Deck

Modified Mustang (Team Style)….
Run up ramps to top… 15 hand release merkins
Run down ramps to bottom… 15 rugby sit-ups
Run up stairs to top… 15 hrm
Run down stairs to bottom… 15 rsu
Run to other stairs and to the top… 15 hrm
Run down stairs to bottom… 15 rsu
Repeato with 14 reps
Begin repeato with 13 reps, but only completed one round
(PAX complete rounds of BLIMPS while waiting on the PAX)
Total Hand Release Merkins: 100
Total Rugby Sit Ups: 100

Native American Run to La Madeleine

Burpees x5 OYO … Burpees x5 OYO
Lunges x10 OYO … Burpees x5 OYO
IST x15 OYO … Burpees x5 OYO

PAX:Ant Man, BOOMER, Chairman Mao, F150, Ina, Oo-De-Lally, Don’tChaKnow
QIC: AlrightAlright

YHC immediately wondered where Pepper was while the PAX were circling up at the beginning. Pepper had HC’ed to the Q the night before. He was nowhere to be found.

The PAX got off to a really slow start on the initial mosey, YHC had to do some encouraging to speed them up.

There was not a whole lot of room for #mumblechatter during The Mustang as all of the PAX were sucking wind the whole time.

Ina almost got us lost on the Native American Run. Not quite sure how.

The look on F-150’s face when YHC called for back to back rounds of burpees was priceless.

AlrightAlright prayed us out. Praying that God would help us to be leaders for Him in everything that we do.

1. Happy hour May 11
2. Scotch Club May 17
3. VAPE May 29
4. GrowRuck12 (Memphis, TN) Sept 21-23

Yes we just ran 3.9 miles on Saturday

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x 10
Walk Backs x 10
Inside/Out Merkins 2×5

Native American run to Dallas Hall (we took the long way, by way of Hillcrest)

Cherkins (Clapping Merkins) x 50
Imperial Storm Walker (Squat followed ISTs) x 100
Nothing starts with N, so we’re doing Mountain Climbers x 150
Crunches x 200
Overhead Claps x 250

Partner 1 runs around flagpole and back while partner 2 knocks out the reps. Rinse and repeat until all complete

Tag Team Kentucky Derby
Side Shuffle around fountain, switch direction of shuffle half way. Tag partner in to complete lap 2 of the race. T-claps to Boomer for powering through a tweaked groin.

Mosey to Park area with the stone benches.
Irkins x 5
Dips x 5
Claymakers x 5 each leg
Box Jump Squats x 5

Rinse and repeat 3x

Mosey to Parking Deck

Alright Alright vs the World

2 deck bear crawl race. Alright Alright started at the bottom, rest of the Pax started halfway up ramp 1. 11 burpees were on the line. For each person Alright Alright passed, 1 burpee was taken away and given to the rest of the Pax. Final count was 6 Burpees for AA and 5 for the rest of us.

Mosey to the Soft top for Mary

Rosalita 2×10
Alternating Leg Toe Touches: 2×5 each leg

PAX: Chairman Mao, Oo-De-Lally, Podcast, Rabbit (Memphis), F150, Antman, AlrightAlright, Boomer, Sleeveless, Coach K
QIC: Special Sauce

There was no lack of competition this gloom as we prepared for the Kentucky Derby and celebrated Cinco de Mayo. All counting was done in Spanish.

Shout out to Rabbit for joining us from Memphis.

1. Happy hour May 11
2. Scotch Club May 17
3. GrowRuck12 (Memphis, TN) Sept 21-23

Burleson DJ ICEBOX

AO: Burleson Park


Timmy Trumpet, Freaks – high knees + burpees with “freaks” (22)
Zedd/Maren Morris – laps around tennis court, run to middle of courts for merkin with “middle” (20)
Eminem, My Name Is – t claps + squats with “name is” (50) (Q note- cut song off after 4’min)
Salt N Pepa, Shoop – Freddy Mercury’s + LBC’s with “shoop” (85)
Rich Homie Quan, Flex – plank + merkin with “ooh” (45)
Ludacris, How Low – penguin crunch + hip thruster with “low” (83)
Bubba Sparxx, Ms New Booty -Superman + t merkin with “booty” (39)
Nas/Diddy, Hate Me Now – SSH + box jump or step up with “now” (50)
Fat Joe, Lean Back – back plank + dip with “lean back” (40)
Ken Clayton, She’s Got The Look – partner one do 5 pull-ups, partner two alternate leg lunges

Big Sean, Go Legend – flutter kicks + WWII’s with “legend” (58)

PAX: Boomer, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Oo-De-Lally
QIC: Icebox



1. Poll on BAND about standing weekly lunch
2. Happy hour May 11
3. Scotch Club May 17
4. GrowRuck12 (Memphis, TN) Sept 21-23

A playlist featuring Timmy Trumpet, Zedd, Eminem, and

Route 66 with F150

AO: Glencoe Park

Side Straddle Hops x20
Squats IC x20
Cotton Pickers x20
Plank Shoulder Taps IC x20
Arm Circles IC x15 both ways
Cheerleader IC x10

At each glow stick along the route add one rep to each exercise – 11 stations – 6 exercises = 66
Exercise 1 = Monkey Squats
Exercise 2 = Squats
Exercise 3 = Burpees
Exercise 4 = Merkins
Exercise 5 = Mountain Climbers
Exercise 6 = Carolina Dry-docks (did not get to due to time)

Hold Al Gore until all in after each round

Hello Dolly IC x20
Flutter Kicks IC x21
Box Cutters IC x18

PAX: AlrightAlright, Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man, BOOMER, Hippy, Teasip, Pepper, Oo-De-Lally (FNG)
QIC: F150

F150 shared what his Discipler shared with him that we are all like a bucket, when it is filled with water and carried through a crowd is spills over onto people. The same is true with us when we are filled with Christ and we interact with others, our life ought to spill out into others lives. Am I splashing on the life of others around me?

There was much mumblechatter this morning whether it was focused on F150s 4 count abilities…or really the lack of the ability during our warmups. What was up with that Cheerleader warmup?!? During Route 66 some of the PAX embodied one of our focuses which is to not leave anyone behind. In between each of the rounds our PAX tried to guess the next exercise or they may have been suggesting some for future workouts. There was one moment in between round where all the PAX seemed to be starring at Aaarrrggghhh who was starring at AlrightAlright…it was clear to 1/2 the PAX that Aaarrrggghhh was asked for a 10 count and 1/2 thought AlrightAlright. Tunnel of love was requested but F150 thought it best to not subject Oo-De-Lally to such.



Two Laps?

AO: Glencoe Park #glencoefosho
I am not a professional. You are participating at your own risk, and you are assuming the risk of injury. You are responsible for your own well-being; you could get injured (dark, uneven ground). You are 18 or older, here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here. Know your limits and do the best you can. Modify exercises as needed. Everything we say is a suggestion. Stop exercising if needed at your own discretion. By working out with us today, it is assumed that you have read the disclaimer and notice on the website and accept the risks associated with working out here today. ( 

    Side Straddle Hop x20
    Imperial Storm Trooper x20

2 laps of Baton Death March with 5 burpees
Mosey to the benches for a Dirty McDeuce (dips, gorilla squats, Rugby sit-ups) when Pepper showed up
Lt. Dan across the football field (4 backwards lunges and 5 overhead claps on the way back)

Belching down the football field (start laying down to avoid enemy fire, 5 merkins, run a 1/3 is the way and dive down to avoid enemy fire, 5 diamond merkins, run 1/3 of the way, dive down to avoid enemy fire, 5 wide grip merkins, run rest of the way to the goal line, dive down to avoid enemy fire, 5 Chuck Norris merkins). Repeato back down with T merkins, Finger tip merkins, Hand Release merkins and regular merkins (5 each)

Step ups x12 each leg
Due to popular demand of the PAX, we did a couple round of Tunnel of Love which brought a loud deafening cheer from the PAX

Homer to Marge

    PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, AlrightAlright, Boomer, Coach K, F150, Hippy, Isaiah, Pepper
    QIC: Teasip

Teasip prayed out

The morning began with a bit of a chill and the return of Hippy, who’s absence was acknowledged and he received Kotters. There was no slow start to the morning beatdown as the PAX started with a brisk Baton Death March, while Coach K did his alternative due to injury. The PAX did have some grumbling about the second brisk lap but it gave AlrightAlright an opportunity to show that he had much more in to spirit against our Q in the last bit. Pepper appeared out of the darkness as the PAX worked through Dirty McDeuce. He would have like to played it as if he was there, but there was much mumblechatter about his attendance at the Rangers game the night before and not believing he would post. Throughout the morning there was a good bit of chatter which made for a great morning.

1. Lunch Thursday Preston Center – Location TBD
2. Next happy hour is April 13
3. April 13 Blackops at Norbuck Park in Lake Highlands.

Merkins for Days

AO: Burleson Park
I am not a professional. You are participating at your own risk, and you are assuming the risk of injury. You are responsible for your own well-being; you could get injured (dark, uneven ground). You are 18 or older, here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here. Know your limits and do the best you can. Modify exercises as needed. Everything we say is a suggestion. Stop exercising if needed at your own discretion. By working out with us today, it is assumed that you have read the disclaimer and notice on the website and accept the risks associated with working out here today. ( Does anyone have any questions or objections?

Seal Claps IC x20
Annies IC x20
Windmills IC x20
Reverse Plank Dip Worms OYO x10 (reverse plank with 4 dips, flip over inch worm out and back in = 1)

Merkin Ladder to 20
20 merkins at 3rd landing and remainder a lower landing totaling 20 (20:0, 19:1, 18:2, so forth)

Lunge walk up the ramp for some Mary

Round Robin
Splash – Plank Ski Hops
Coach K – Penguin Crunches
Icebox – Windshield wipers
Boomer – Rosalita
F150 – Boat/Canoe
Splash – X-Men

PAX: Coach K, Splash, Icebox, Boomer
QIC: F150


It was a brisk 38º morning and so it was off the parking garage for a Ohama workout with F150. The PAX  gave him much grief about the number of merkins that he ypically has in a workout so he felt the need to have the PAX do a merkin ladder just to not disappoint. There was grumbling at one point about how Splash hates this exercise…which encourages me even the more. After the wonderful cardio and physical workout there was some comparison of the amount of calories that Boomer burned, which was impressive. We ended our time with a picture quickly as the wind was blowing and Splash offered to take the picture so he would not be associated with the workout too much due to its nature. Great time in the gloom.

April 13 Happy Hour
April 13 Blackops at Norbuck Park in Lake Highlands

Opening Week of Baseball

AO: Caruth Park

All IC x27
Side Straddle Hops
Imperial Walkers
Cherry Pickers

Mosey to benches
Partner up
Part 1
    P1 DIDs x20 (Dips, Irkens, Dirkens)
    P2 Low, Low Squat Hold AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
    Rinse and Repeat
Part 2
    P1 Box Jumps up the bleachers
    P2 AMRAP Squats
    Rinse and Repeat
    Rinse and Repeat
Part 3
    P1 Round the bases and tag P2 awaiting in RF
    P2 Pole running right field to left field
  Rd 2 Back to Home plate
    Bear crawl to 1st (SSH for 6 count)
    LT Dans to 2nd (Beetle Bailieys for 6 count)
    Crawl Bear to 3rd (Low low squat hold at bottom for 3 count x7)
    One legged dog to Home plate (Plank rotation for 6 count)
Part 4
    Indian Black Snake Run back to flag

Travolta Merkins
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Nolan Ryans
Knerkin (knuckle merkin)
Squat Jumps

PAX: Coach K, BOOMER, Gold Digger, AlrightAlright, Icebox, Teasip
QIC: F150

F150 shared about a reading plan through the Bible of each day of the week ( ) and he challenged the PAX to join in one of the many churches that will be celebrating Easter this weekend. Goldie shared that PCPC will be having noon services all week this week ( ).

Coach K worked out on his own and joined the rest of the PAX as we wrapped up MARY.

1. Next happy hour is April 13
2. BLACK OPS AO will be on April 13 location to be announce on Saturday March 31.

Gold Digger Run Workout & Coach K Beatdown

AO: KatyTrailThursday


Running with Pain Stations workout (Gold Digger)
1/4 mile intervals x4
First Stop: 50 merkins and 50 LBCs
Second Stop: 50 squats and 50 scissor kicks
Third Stop: 50 shoulder press and 50 Freddy Mercury
Fourth Stop: 50 Lounges and 50 LBCs

1/2 Indian Run x2
First Stop: 50 CDDs and 50 an exercise of your choosing
Last Stop: 50 complaints about running

Bootcamp (Coach K)
Up ‘n’ Over Squat Ladder:
Bear crawl up staircase
1 squat
Run down
Up to 10 Squats and back down to 1

Randorama (20 reps each, 2 rounds)
Squats, Irkens, Overhead Press, Lunges, Derkins, Dips

Burpee Suicide Ladder across museum lawn, suicide with increasing number of burpees at each marker

Raccoon Crawls around museum garden beds (Freddies, LBCs, Rope Climbs, Reach Throughs, Penguin Crunch, WWII Sit Ups)  – Coach K

PAX –  AlrightAlright, Boomer, Teasip, Pepper, Ant Man, Chairman Moa
QIC: Gold Digger

PAX –  F150
QIC: Coach K




I thought F150 hated running

AO: Mockingbird Station (#thenest)

Windmill x15 IC
Squats Slow x15 IC
The Goofball x15 IC
Buttkickers x15 IC
Standing Calf Raises x15 IC

½ Spartan x 10 (sprint to the bridge, 10 merkins slow mosey back to start. Rinse repeat)

Mosey to parking garage
The Beast 6 ex, 6 rep, 6 stops
1. Side Straddle hop (sprint to next level)
2. Hello Dolly (sprint to next level)
3. Inchworm (for 6 times, sprint to next level)

Mosey back down the parking garage

Box Cutters x10 IC (5 then reverse 5)

PAX –  Antman, , Coach K, Boomer, AlrightAlright, Pepper
QIC: F150

When we Doubt, get Discouraged, have Delayed gratification, times get Difficult, or we get Depressed and can’t take life anymore, We can lock shields together knowing that we have each other’s back and to remember that God is our SHIELD and he is faithfully strong and we can call, trust and lean on him in these times of struggle, Psalm 28:7 “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.”

WE ran out of time for the ELD of SHIELD
4. Empty Wheel Barrow dip (sprint to next level)
5. LBC (sprint to next level)
6. Duck walk (for 6 parking spots, sprint to next level)

Closing Ceremony – tonight at 1700 at Ozona