Burleson Omaha

PAX: Ina, Pow Pow, Oatmeal, Chairman Mao, Pepper, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Rump Roast, Icebox, Teasip, Sally, Capsize, Isaiah, Coach K
QIC: Plus One

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: YHC provided the disclaimer and welcomed the PAX to the beat down.


SSH x 20 IC

IST x 15 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Mosey to parking lot


Bear Crawl to Light Post & Run back

Merkins x 50

LBC x 100

Squats x 150

Lunge to Light Post & Run Back

Freddie Mercury x 100

Low Flutters x 200

Low Dolly x 300

Mosey to playground

Son of  Bench

Dips x 12 IC

Irkins x 12 IC

LBC x 12 IC

Dips x 8 IC

Irkins x 8 IC

LBC x 8 IC

Dips x 4 IC

Derkins x 4 IC

LBC x 4 IC

Mosey to field

Ahoy Sailor

Burpee Dan across field (8 forward lunges to 1 burpee)

Dan Burpee across field (8 backwards lunges to 1 burpee)

Mosey to tennis court

Merkin ring of fire (total of 75 merkins or 5 per PAX)

Burpee abroad jump across courts

Duck Walk back across

Carolina Dry Docks x 12 IC

Lunge across tennis courts

Dora Quacks Like a Duck

Duck Walk across the courts and Walk Duck back

Merkins x 100

mosey to playground

Freddie Mercury x 12 IC

Lance Armstrong (or slightly modified) x 12 IC (both sides)

Homer to Marge

YHC prayed the PAX out.

The PAX were obviously disappointed that Le Tour was to be postponed, but hopefully the Omaha served as a good beat down for a Saturday.

The Mustang Q3 Benchmark

AO: The Mustang

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Icebox, Ina, Oatmeal, Plus One, Pow Pow, Rump Roast, Sally, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Teasip

QIC: Alright Alright

SSH x25

IST x15

Mosey to The Mustang

The Mustang…

Timer set for 30 minutes.

Run up ramps to top, 20 merkins, run down ramps to bottom, 20 LBCs, run up stairs to top (touch every stair), 20 merkins, run down stairs, 20 LBCs, run across parking deck to other stairs and up the stairs to the top, 20 merkins, run down the stairs, 20 LBCs, run back to start and repeato with 19 reps, then 18, etc.

Final Results:

Alright Alright – 444 reps (3 rounds of 17, and at the top of the ramps for 16)

Q1 & Q2: 444

Coach K – 444 reps (3 rounds of 17, on the third ramp for 16)

Q1 & Q2: 410

Special Sauce – 444 reps (3 rounds of 17)

Q1 & Q2: 444

Teasip – 410 reps (2 rounds of 17)

Q1: 437

Plus One – 393 reps (1.5 rounds of 17)

Icebox – 376 reps (1 round of 17)

Q1: 376

Ina – 376 reps (1 round of 17) 

Q1 & Q2: 410

Chairman Mao – 376 reps (1 round of 17)

Aaarrrggghhh – 359 reps (.5 round of 17)

Sally – 342 reps (3 rounds of 18)

Q2: 342

Pow Pow – 270 reps (1 round of 18)

Sex Panther – 270 reps (1 round of 18)

Q2: 270

Rump Roast – we think made it through the rounds of 19 which would be 234 reps

Oatmeal – Injured Calf meant that a benchmark was not set




Fitness Test Q3 2019

PAX: Oatmeal, Pow Pow, Sex Panther, Icebox, Chairman Mao, Rump Roast, Sally, Coach K, Plus One, Tater Tot, Teasip
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x10

IST x10


Burpees – 100

Calf Raises – 150 (50 regular, 50 toes pointed in, 50 toes pointed out)

Ski Abs – 100 (each time across counts as 1)

Merkins – 100

Deep Squats – 100

LBCs – 200

Carolina Dry Docks – 100

Russian Hammers – 100 (double count)

Nipplers – 100

Jump Squats – 100

Mountain Climbers – 100

Shoulder Raises – 200

Dollies – 200

Hindu Merkins – 100

Squat Jacks – 100

Groiners – 100

Burpees – 100

Burpees – 200

PAX Results:

These results are flawed because the PAX went for 50 minutes.  We believe that in the past we have gone for 55 minutes.  From now on this workout will be 55 minutes, beginning after a standard warm-o-rama of 10 SSH and 10 IST.  #Cobains to the PAX as this was completely YHC’s fault.

Coach K: 25 mountain climbers

Oatmeal: 93 Nipplers

Pow Pow: 60 Carolina Dry Docks

Icebox: 90 Jump Squats

Rump Roast: 40 Nipplers

Sex Panther: 50 Carolina Dry Docks

Sally: Completed Carolina Dry Docks

Tater Tot:

Alright Alright: Completed Jump Squats

Teasip: 30 Jump Squats

Chairman Mao:

Plus One:

Naked Man Moleskine:

We’ll roll this back out in three months, and at that point we will use a 55 minute timer.  Be preparing.

Second Choice Thursday’s – Gettin’ Better!!!

Date: 6/13/2019
Temp: 67
Weather: Glorious!!!

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:

PAX:  Chairman Mao, Sweet Baby, and Arrrgggghhhhh
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

Intro/ Warm-o-Rama
IST x20 IC
Ranger Merkins x 16 IC
SSH x20 IC
Dancing Bears x10  IC
Cotton Pickers x10 IC
Mickey Mouse Merkins x10 OYO   

–>Mosey to east side “Wheel of Merkins”  x12 IC each position 48 total
–>Mosey to the southeast corner of the parking lot north of the park for “Prayer         Squats” x20 IC

The Thang: 
*Ascending Curb Crawl
Bear crawl to the opposite side, turn & 1x Derkin
Crawl back & complete 2x Derkin to 15  OYO

*Bolt 45’s
Full stand down to 1/2 squat x15 IC
1/2 squat all the way down back to half x15 IC
Full squat x15 IC 

*Dirty hook up.  IC x10
Plank facing the wall. 
        1. right hand up
        2. Left hand up
        3. Right hand down
        4. Left hand down.

*Lt. Get-ups
Two leg lunges fwd then a prison get up across the field to finish us out

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Thank you to the PAX that continue to show up on Thursdays #2ndCT to give us an option other than running. I know a lot of you like to run and while I can’t fault that, we would love to see you work a Second Choice Thursday in from time to time. The feedback I’ve received is that there worth coming out for.  T-Claps to Sweet Baby and Chairman Mao for continuing to show up and show support. Rump prayed us out.

Google Play – Cardio Hip-Hop

 Today was about getting better… We did more reps of Ranger Merkins,  more Dancing Bears, more Mickey Mouse Merks, more reps on Wheel of Merkins, more reps in Ascending Bear Crawl, and added the Dirty Hook-up and Lt. Get-ups to the mix. Gotta say those Lt. Get-ups and Bolt 45’s ain’t no punk! It was a light run day even for a Rump work out but we got in the extra chest and arm work today. Noticed that the 5am tennis players at Burleson is the same hippie looking dude from Caruth on Wednesdays. We only needed the courts for the Dirty Hook-ups so they shared one side with us. It was a pretty uneventful workout. The extra reps on the Ascending Bear Crawl kept most of us to grunts, moans, and heavy breathing! Chairman got there and did some EC on his own and then also walked/moseyed home. For the FIRST time, I remembered to take a picture and due to technical difficulties, they were lost. 

– Q Source tomorrow @ 1130, usually Preston Center-ish
– 2nd F next TOMORROW, Friday 6/14 location seems like it’s going to be Ozona’s 
OMAHA on the Ft. Worth work out for tomorrow. Alright Alright is out-of-pocket so we’ll be meeting at Le Madeline on Mockingbird at 0430 for anyone wanting to carpool and go work out in Ft. Worth.

Rump & Co. is growing… Come and join us!

Date: 6/6/2019
Temp: 71
Weather: overcast and some sprinkles to start us off

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:

PAX: Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Gold Digger, Chairman Mao, and Pow-Pow
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park

F3 Disclaimer & Welcome: Given

SST x20 IC
Ranger Merkins x16 OYO
IST x20 IC
Dancing Bears x10 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
Mickey Mouse Merkins (WDW) x 8 OYO

– Moseyed to the east end of the park for “Wheel of Merkins” 10 count, 40 total
– Sprinted across the field to the tennis court Prayer Squats x25 IC
– Partner Shrugs x3 set each 12 reps each set

Tha Thang:

Long Lost Cousin to Burpeedan
1x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across the tennis court
2x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across the tennis court
3x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across the tennis court
4x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across the tennis court

– Sprint back to the far east end of the park

Modified, backwards, Lazy Dora
(an estranged and despised retaliative of Dora 1-2-3)
Partner UP

60 Merkins (PAX seemed tired of Merkins so we changed it up… Omaha’d these to Burpees)
P1 10x Merkins/ P2 Plank it out

100 LBC’s
P1 20x LBC’s / P2 6” Leg holds / or Flutters

200 Squats
P1 25x Squats / P2 Squat hold

We went backwards and started with squats. For time, we modified counts from 300, 200, 100 to above.

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Thanks to the guys that came out and posted. Even with THREE work out choices (the convergence across town, the normal AO, and 2nd CT) this was the largest turn out for a #2ndCT so far! I believe all would agree it was a helluva beatdown with just enough running, legs. and upper body. Way to get better men; thank you for coming out to join us. The Rump prayed us out.

Rump rolled in at 0529 and a half which was weird seeing how I left home early??? When I saw the size of the crowd I almost wondered if I had shown up to the wrong AO on accident! Especially when I saw @Special Sauce (Thanks for coming out to so show support). So, I pretty much had to get right to it.

We circled up, I made the disclaimer and we got started with SSH’s to not disrupt the chi but then upped the Ranger Merkins from our normal 14 to 16 to get everyone’s attention! The Mickey Mouse Merk’s / Walt Disney World had some mumbling from Sauce and Gold Digger about not getting the WDW connection (I didn’t explain) till after the workout. The Dancing Bears I knew would bring jokes but I’m keeping those. During the sprints across the field, I got some pushback on the “running” which I replied that I never said there would be no running. The BearPee’s killed most mumble chatter, that is a legit routine… Should we go to 5 or 6 next time?!?!

Q Source tomorrow @ 1130, usually Preston Center-ish
2nd F next Friday 6/14 location TBD
Remember tomorrows work out will be at Lake Highlands | Moss Haven Elementary school @ 0530

Second Choice Thursday’s with Rump and Co.

Date: 5/30/2019

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Sweet Baby and Chairman Mao
QIC: Rump Roast

AO: Burleson Park
F3 Disclaimer & Welcome: Given

IST x20 IC
SSH x20 IC
Toy Soldiers x10 IC
Groiners x10 IC
Side Lunges x10 IC
Lunges x10 IC

The Long Way Around (mosey perimeter of the park) with You pick em’  — legs or arms at the corners…
@Chairmain went with arms = 14 Ranger Merkins OYO
@Sweet Baby went with legs = 25 squats OYO
YHC went with arms = 14 Hand Release Merkins OYO

Tha Thang:
Drill Instructors!!!
On the Q’s command; rapid transition thru any combination of –
“On Your Feet” – Choppin’ feet
“On Your Six” – Holding legs 6″ off the ground
“On Your Face” – Holding High Plank
“Down” – Holding down Merkin position
“Up” – Back to High Plank

Moseyed from Soft-Top back to the east end of the park roughly half-way around for the “Wheel of Merkins” x5 IC

From Wheel of Merkins, we went into “Leg Day”… Starting at the east end of the park, we did each exercise followed by a down and back to the big tree.

Bonnie Blairs x20 OYO
Gorilla Squats x20 OYO
Bobby Hurley’s x20 OYO
Squats x20 OYO
Lunges x20 OYO

Mosey to the tennis courts. At this point, the Q is winging it… I decided to do my own version of Lazy Dora going backward. Since there were only 3 of us and limited time left we went with lower reps and no partners. 

Each set followed by Bear crawl across both courts and back –
100x Squats
75x LBC’s
25x Merkins

Circle of Trust (CoT):
Once again, thank you for the guys that came out for another #2ndCT. I would like to see more guys join us and take the Q or give me any ideas to improve it. I tried to equal out the legs vs. arms beat down this week and will continue to try and come up with new ideas. YHC prayed us out.

There wasn’t a ton of mumblechatter today, and I’m not sure if it was the intensity of the work out this morning or more the lack of “umph” on all 3 of our parts. Once we got going, it was a solid work out. Thanks to @Chairman Mao helping me make the call to make the run in between the leg-day exercises longer. I was trying to wimp out!

Q Source on Friday/ tomorrow around 1130am, location TDB

Memorial Day Murph

For the fourth straight year, we gathered on Memorial Day to remember those that have lost their lives for this country by doing the Murph.

PAX: Coach K, Teasip, Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man, Chairman Mao, Splash, Sally, Gold Digger, Draper, Cinco

QIC: Alright Alright

The Murph

1 mile

20 rounds of 5 pull-ups/chin-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats

1 mile

With temps in the high 70s and humidity at the same level most of us struggled through this one. Chairman smoked it though. Coach K wore a weight vest again, and beat his time from last year by about 10 minutes. Impressive stuff.

Doubletime Hills

PAX: Coach K, Sex Panther, Chairman Mao, Ina, Gold Digger, Sally, Peppa, United
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Flag Pole Hill

PAX began #doubletime as usual with normal loop through wetlands and back to Goforth, past Gold Digger’s peacock farm gathering at the base of everyone’s favorite hill after picking up the six.  From here, YHC commenced a hill-tastic suicide drill.  PAX were instructed to run at “race pace” uphill, turn around and return to the bottom of the hill at each inlet of Goforth Cir, at Bargiames, where YHC had PAX turn right and run to Deer Trail and back down to hill to starting point.  The last length of the suicide was to the top of the hill at White Rock Trail, turning right and running back down hill.  Noting time when all PAX made it back down hill, YHC had PAX run to White Rock Trail once again before heading back to the park.  Being the HIM’s that we are, PAX and YHC arrived early to the rally point so to quietly pass the time, YHC had PAX run three hill repeats until ruckers rallied and time was called.

Still managed to get in 5 miles!!

YHC prayed us out.

PAX seemed to love YHC’s announcement of hill workout.  There was a little weeping and gnashing of teeth, but mumblechatter faded as the Hill worked its magic.  Common complaint to slowing down runners during #doubletime are the hills, so YHC thought it a good strength builder to face our demons.  Hill repeats at end of workout were a crowd favorite!

Griff Plus

DATE: Thursday 5/9/2019

Conditions: Gloomy

PAX: Sex Panther, Coach K, Alright Alright, Ina, Aaarrrggghhh, Icebox, Pow Pow, Draper, Peppa (from LA), Chairman Mao, Special Sauce, Gold Digger
QIC: Sally

AO: La Madeleine/SMU Track

SSH x 25
IST x 14
Merkins x 15
Squats x ?15

Mosey to track

2 laps / 0.5 miles OYO – run back to pick up the 6

14 deconstructed burpees


“The Griff” plus:

800m forward run
400m backward run
800m forward run
400m backward run
800m forward run
Pick up a 6 when you’re done

Mosey back to La Madeleine

Dr. W’s x ?10
Low flutters x 14

Gave thanks for other HIMs in our life to push us forward; and for doing so faster than we could possibly push ourselves. Asked for faith and guidance to serve and Live Third after our Creator and Community.

Run-heavy day as it was Thursday. Guys hit north of 3-3.5 miles depending on time to finish.

As we were about to start The Thang, the only other guy at the track sprinted by us to his finish line in dramatic fashion, leading several PAX to give him T-claps.

Guys gradually separated by pace, with a few groups of 2-3 forming for support. As guys finished and went back to pick up a 6, groups got larger, leading one PAX to note he felt like a VIP with a crew of bodyguards.

Very light misting throughout the morning made for a nice way to keep cool.

Sincere apologies to all for the degree of profanity in the music – YHC should have known the Spotify playlist called “Get Turnt” would be filthy.

Welcome to Peppa, who is in town from Louisiana for work. He’ll be in town with us for 56 days so has promised to make 55 more workouts.

1. 3rd F service event at Bonton Farms Saturday 5/18. If you are in town, make a real effort now to plan how you can make it out.
2. 2nd F Happy Hour this Friday at Ozona after work
3. QSource lunch Friday 1130 Preston Center
4. Still need a Q for tomorrow!

Another Ruck and Run Monday

DATE: 4/22/19

PAX: Pow Pow with Josie, Ultra – Ruck

AlrightAlright, Oatmeal, Sally, Gold Digger, Chairman Mao, Sex Panter – Run
QIC: Icebox with Maverick – Ruck

Ina – Run

AO: Flagpole Hill


Straight to work

Ruck 2.5 miles

Run 5 miles


YHC prayed us out

On the ruck the topic of conversation was turkey fryers.  On the run, we got spaced out. There was a headwind that was tough to run through but we all made it.  AlrightAlright, Oatmeal, Sally finished with solid times and continue to get faster.  YHC, Chairman Mao, Sex Panther, and Gold Digger (even with a few pit stops) got some good work in.  A great turnout to start the week.

1. Attend QSource on Wednesday or Friday