Loading The Ark

PAX: Chairman Mao, Coach K, F150, Icebox, Mile High, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Sally, Teasip

QIC: Alright Alright

Welcome & Disclaimer: Done


Mosey to Fountain #1

SSH x20

IST x20

Mosey to Quad

Tha Thang:

YHC, and the rest of Park Cities Baptist Church, have been reading through Genesis, so YHC was inspired by Noah to do an Ark Loader workout.  YHC can’t claim the Ark Loader idea, as YHC once participated in one with F3 The Fort led by everyone’s favorite Round Table Q, CSPAN. However, YHC had a slight tweak, we needed to load the ark 2 by 2, so we partnered up.  This also allowed us to spend more time getting to know other PAX.  The first instruction was to partner up with someone that the PAX had never partnered with before.  The other important lesson today was in leadership: leaders need to do things that they don’t want to do for the good of the group, so we would only be doing exercises that YHC doesn’t like and we wouldn’t be running at all.

Each pair would then complete an exercise together, then complete some type of animal walk out and around the fountain and back.  The walks would go in this order: bear crawl, duck walk, crab walk.

Monkey Humpers – 50 total

Overhead Claps – 100 total

Nipplers – 150 total

Knee Ups – 200 total

Erkins – 250 total

Yeah Thrusts – 300 total

Squats – 350 total

Teams: Icebox – Sally, Oatmeal – Rump Roast, F150 – Teasip, Chairman Mao – Mile High, Alright Alright – Coach K

COT: YHC talked about the need for us to spend more time getting to know each other, and embracing new guys. It can be easy to feel left out in this group with all of our inside jokes and camaraderie.  We need to make sure that new guys feel welcome and immediately part of the group.  As Q’s we need to forget about what we want to do and focus on doing what the group needs to do.  This includes nipplers. We wrapped up right as the downpour began.  We got the ark loaded just in time.


  1. Run Ranger Run begins on February 1st – sign up, create a team if necessary, help others raise money.
  2. Texas Independence Day #CSAUP on March 2nd – we will be planning this during our Ruck on Monday January 14th.
  3. Q Source Groups are meeting on Wednesday nights at 6 PM at the Chick-fil-A on Hillcrest and Fridays at 11:30 AM at the Taco Joint in Preston Center.  Your Qs this week are Mile High and Oatmeal.

Escalating Intervals

Backblast for 1/10 Katy Trail Thursday

PAX: Ina, Aaarrrggghhh, Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Special Sauce, The Gambler, Coach K, Candy Land, F-150, Rump Roast
QIC: Mile High

AO: Katy Trail

SSH x20

ISS x15

Windmills x10

Cotton Pickers x10, nice and slow

Rump Roast and F-150 took off on a ruck while the remaining PAX moseyed over to the Katy Trail

Having attended the first Q Source meeting the night before, YHC encouraged the PAX to disrupt their status quo. Anything done habitually or with high frequency can easily become the status quo, so YHC challenged the PAX to push themselves on the intervals, go harder on the beat down, etc.

¼ mile run

Merkins x12 IC

CDD x12 IC

½ mile run

Overhead claps x12 IC

Calf raises x12 IC

¾ mile run

30 sec. plank

Crab cakes x12 IC

¼ mile Native American run

Alternating shoulder taps x12

Rugby sit-ups x10

½ mile run

10 count

¼ mile Native American run

10 count

¼ mile run

American hammer x 12

¼ mile run burning whatever is left in the tank

Mosey back

Miles Covered: 4.2 miles

None, YHC went past 6:15 with Tha Thang.

YHC reminded the PAX of comments made at the beginning of the beat down: habitual and high frequency activities easily become the status quo. This can be especially true of the relationship with your wife. For YHC, it is a unique challenge to define what it means to create movement towards advantage (F3 definition of a leader) in his marriage, exhorting each PAX to determine what this means for their own marriages. A place to start is to review the vows made to your wife during your wedding. YHC encouraged the unmarried PAX to consider what they may vow when they marry. Expressions of emotion, such as, “I have loved you since first sight,” is not a vow. The old fashioned, “in poverty and wealth, in sickness and health, till death do us part,” is a promise made and a standard to which one must hold. Each man should share leadership within his family with his wife; however, being the NANTAN (see the Lexicon if unfamiliar) of his marriage, it is the responsibility of each man to set the vision and communicate it in such a way that inspires his wife to follow.

YHC offered prayer.

Alright Alright, Ina, and YHC were the first to congregate and speculated about the current temp. Official starting temp was 41 degrees, but all agreed it felt warmer. Overall, the mumblechatter was at a minimum. Howdy’s and Good morning’s were exchanged with passers by on the trail and there was the occasional trash talk between PAX during the intervals. Coach K and YHC had a chat on the next to last interval of Coach K’s love for running. Having already signed up to Q next Thursday’s beat down, Coach K assured YHC that it would enjoyable for all involved, likely involving less running.

Those at the back of the pack on the mosey back exchanged pleasantries with a runner going in the opposite direction. It is probable that she did not appreciate a group of beat down men running on the right side of the road. Hopefully her day improved from there.

1. Run Ranger Run – Gambler said he was going to claim one of the two remaining spots, leaving one more spot
2. 2nd F Happy Hour at Ozona on Friday

3. Friday Q Source at 11:30, Taco Joint in Preston Center

Caruth 1/09


PAX: Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Coach K, F150, Gambler, Icebox, Ina, Oatmeal, Rocket Man, Rump Roast, Special Sauce and Spread

QIC: Aaarrrggghhh

AO: Caruth Park


Done said it


SSH, IS, Windmill, Side Lunges, Slow Squats, Slow Merkins, Freddy Mercury uphill/downhill


Mosey to soft top for a Caruth 3x3x3:  3 grown a** man pull ups, lunge across the bridge, 3 burpees and repeat 3 times

Dirty McDeuce: 12 reps of dips, pull up under bench thing single count, alternating step-ups, dirkins single count, run around the soft top park and repeat 3 times. Mosey to tennis courts

4 CORNERS (kind of): 10 hand release merkins, lunge to next corner, first exercise plus 20 gorilla squats, bear crawl to next corner, first two exercises plus 30 flutter kicks, reverse lunge to next corner, first three exercises plus 40 arms raises.

Lined up for one round of burpee dans (four lunges followed by a burpee) across both courts and back


Mosey to soft top: American Hammer x 12, rugby sit-ups x 12, reverse crunches x 12, about 8 seconds of six inches


We need to continue on working on improving ourselves and doing things right. This can be doing pull-ups like a grown a** man, counting slow on exercises, being better husbands, being a better father or working on whatever goals you might have.


Yeah yeah yeah, still continuing bench mark week. Wasn’t planning on doing a repeat of Teasip’s Q at Glencoe, but thought the Caruth guys needed a reminder of a standard workout. This is why we always need guys to sign up to Q to keep things different, this is one of many reasons I enjoy coming to F3 beat downs.


Without a formal vote, we can assume F3 Happy Hour will be at Ozona’s this Friday (1/11) at whatever time you can get there. Sign up for Run Ranger Run, two spots available. Get a $20 raffle ticket from Sally for his upcoming mission. Put March 2nd down of our ruck event.

Mutt Ruck and Dribble Ball

PAX: F150, Icebox, Ina
QIC: Coach K

AO: Flag Pole Hill

We walked places. Did some squats. Pace was 16:28 if I heard correctly, but PAX are welcome to correct me.

Kicked off with a couple of Parkey jokes. Glad he finally won the Eagles a game. Lots of college basketball talk this morning as YHC didn’t have his public accounting PIC. Discussed the new NFL rule where colleges can restrict access to their coaches (Kingsbury the first to get slapped with this). Mentioned light up sneakers making a comeback. Maverick out and about despite low T from his operation.

#Benchmark Fitness Test 2019

PAX: Chairman Mao, Coach K, F150, Ina, Isaiah, Pebbles (F3 Tallahassee), Pepper, Rump Roast, Sally, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x10

IST x10


Burpees – 100

Calf Raises – 150 (50 regular, 50 toes pointed in, 50 toes pointed out)

Ski Abs – 100

Merkins – 100

Deep Squats – 100

LBCs – 200

Carolina Dry Docks – 100

Russian Hammers – 100

Nipplers – 100

Jump Squats – 100

Mountain Climbers – 100

Shoulder Raises – 200

Dollies – 200

Hindu Merkins – 100

Squat Jacks – 100

Groiners – 100

Burpees – 100

Burpees – 200

PAX Results:

Alright Alright – Shoulder Raises 150

Chairman Mao – Dollies 100

Coach K – Mountain Climbers 55

F150 – Nipplers 50

Ina – Nipplers 71

Isaiah – Nipplers 100

Pebbles – Nipplers 70

Pepper – Nipplers 32

Rump Roast – Nipplers 30

Sally – Nipplers 45

Special Sauce – Dollies 71

Teasip – Mountain Climbers 100

YHC prayed us out, thanking God for a new year and the ability to set benchmarks and improve each year.


Great to have Pebbles join us from Tallahassee.  He drove all the way in from Mansfield to post.

The #mumblechatter was plentiful this morning.  It more than made up for the lack thereof on Thursday and Friday.  Where should we begin?

The music… our resident DJ, Icebox, was absent, so Teasip, being the High Impact Man that he is, offered to bring his speaker and a playlist.  YHC was quite pleased with the country music playlist that our DJ selected as it provides the perfect pace at which to do 100 burpees, and the rest of the exercises quite honestly.  Unfortunately, the other PAX have less sophisticated taste and quickly requested some music that has unintelligible lyrics.  The PAX were satisfied for a few songs, but quickly turned on their DJ when things got a little too old school and less workout friendly.  Teasip was not surprised at how fickle the audience was.

The burpees… many PAX expressed concerns prior to the #beatdown.  They were appalled that we would be ending the workout with an additional 300 burpees.  YHC quickly informed them that no one would make it that far.  YHC was correct.  The first 100 burpees were truly a #crowdpleaser though.

The merkins… immediately cries rained down about Teasip having led the Murph yesterday and YHC having led the Mustang the day before.  It made #benchmark week a very difficult week.  But isn’t that what we want?

The nipplers… if you don’t know what this is you really missed out, and YHC is sure the PAX will be willing to explain it to you when you ask.  These kicked everyone’s butt.  The majority of that was probably due to the number of merkins that had been completed this week, but it was also a fairly unfamiliar exercise.  It is quite clear that we all need to improve in this area, so let’s do some more of those this year.

The coffeteria… Sally attempted to protests Bubba’s by suggesting Chick-fil-A multiple times, and then said that Chick-fil-A is better than Bubba’s.  We heard later that F150 agreed with him.  All YHC knows is that these guys should be grateful there isn’t an Inquisition going on right now because that is utter heresy.  PAX from around the nation have agreed that Bubba’s is the greatest #coffeteria AO in F3 Nation.

The social media… we had conversations this morning about how other exercise groups have grown through social media, specifically through influencers.  In case anyone was wondering, the 2018 Q of the Year, Special Sauce, has the most Instagram followers of any of our PAX with 614.  Apparently, some guy named Podcast has the most Twitter followers.  Not sure who he is though.

1. Run Ranger Run
2. Q Source starts this week

3. CSAUP on March 2nd

#Benchmark Week: The Murph

PAX: Alright Alright, Aaarrrggghhh, Coach K, F150, Icebox, Isaiah, Oatmeal, Sally
QIC: Teasip

AO: Germany Park

SSH x7

IST x 12

The Murph

Run 1 mile

100 Pull Ups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Squats done in sets of 5, 10, 15

Run another mile. We timed it so we can see improvement throughout the year.

Alright Alright: 32:40

Coach K: 33:20? (not sure if right)

Teasip: 34:50


Icebox: 35:33

Sally: 36:09



F150: 39:40

LBC x 15

Penguin Crunch x 15

Freddie Mercury x 15

YHC prayed us out

Not a lot of mumblechatter this morning, outside of some serenading by Alright Alright. Some complaints of soreness after the Mustang the previous day. #Tclaps to Oatmeal for doing extra sets as he lost count and F150 for intentionally doing extra reps. #Tclaps to Aaarrrggghhh for telling the whole PAX his secret of keeping count of his rounds (acorns or sticks). Icebox continues to lead the #dadbodsfor100 as there was no sign of the other future dads (Boomer, Antman, Oo-De-Lally) though Isaiah proved that you can be a current dad and still join us in the Gloom. Great continuation of #benchmarkweek

1. 2nd F Happy Hour next Friday, location TBD
2. Register for Run Ranger Run in February, talk to Oatmeal if you have questions

3. CSAUP March 2 (Texas Independence Day). Talk to Alright Alright about helping to plan it

DJ Icebox Greatest Hits Vol 1


Aaarrrggghhh AlrightAlright Walmart F150 Coach K Ina Teasip Gambler joined YHC for DJ Icebox’s Greatest Hits Volumes 1

Here’s the set list:

Rocky Montage – warmup

Badger badger badger, Mr Weebl – monkey humper + plank position with “mushroom” or “snake” (35)

Billy Idol, Mony Mony (67 Mony’s) – hold back plank + dip

Daniel Bedingfield, Gotta Get Thru This – suicides

MC Hammer, Can’t Touch This – high knees + burpees (when he says can’t touch this, 28 Times)

Kevin Gates, I don’t get tired – mountain climbers + merkin (when he says tired, 42 times)

Unk, Walk it Out- flutter kicks + LBC’s with “walk” (110)

Til I Collapse, Eminem/Nate Dogg – sprints

Usher, Yeah! Freddy Mercury’s + hip thruster with “yeah” 72

Big Sean, Go Legend – Freddy Mercury’s + WWII’s with “legend” (58)

You Can Do It, Ice Cube – Superman + t merkin with “do it” (52)

Impressive showing for January 2nd and 33 degrees and raining, but the PAX know that I Q like Newman from Seinfeld and avoid inclement weather at all costs so we quickly moseyed to the parking garage and got to it. Not a whole lot of mumble chatter today but as always Ina in long sleeves raises eyebrows and Walmart did his best splash impersonation by working out with his hood up the whole time.

Teasip cleared the parking deck at the end of the workout by having something die inside him so didn’t get a chance to pray it out.

Happy New Year to everyone, the weather sucks right now but let’s start out the year strong and encourage our friends to join us in the gloom instead of joining Planet Fitness, we might workout early but you don’t have to fight anyone for a treadmill or weight machine. Remember, there are two types of people, those who wipe down gym equipment after they’re done with it and the worst people in the universe.


Run Ranger Run, See Oatmeal’s posts for more details

CSAUP, volunteer to help organize it so AlrightAlright doesn’t get to do whatever he wants

#dadbodsfor100 Oo-De-Lally Isaiah BOOMER Ant Man let’s see if we can get the new dads in the top 10 in attendance for 2019!


New Year, Same…Well

PAX: F150, Icebox, Oatmeal, Sally
QIC: Coach K

AO: Glencoe
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given, with sass

Attendance Rankings:
Tied for 1st: F150, Icebox, Oatmeal, Sally, YHC
Tied for Last: AlrightAlright, et. al.

SSH x20
IST x19 (this was the end of any theme)
Cotton Pickers and OHC x10

800m run buy-in
As a group, complete 375 reps each of
1. Burpees
2. Box Jumps
3. Derkins
4. Squats with 30lb sandbag
800m run buy-out

Dirty McDeuce with Irkens, Claymakers, OHC, OHP

Heels to Heaven x20

Prayed that we don’t decide who or what we need to be this year, but rather let God decide and follow in His path and directions.

PAX were welcomed by the cheerful and vibrant Coach K they know and love. Amid the cries of “New Year, New Me!” on social media from white girls desperate for attention, YHC assured the group that his motto was “New Year, Same Asshole”. Icebox suggested making a goal to be meaner, which is on hold until my next Q.

Some modest mumblechatter during the warm up as YHC threw some jabs at at NYE theme as well as a very blunt and sarcastic disclaimer. PAX were quick to point out being first in the attendance rankings…more so who was not in first. Teasip and Ant Man received call outs per their comments on Band. Whether they were in town is unknown, but the group was out for blood this morning.

No mumblechatter during the beatdown until a strange old man wandered over with his dog and commended us on working out. We gave him a spiel mid Claymakers as a couple PAX held the position through the conversation. It made the military in me so proud. The guy expects to see us out on Tuesdays going forward, but his current mental state is up for debate calling us “cats” amid his departure.

We rounded out the beatdown with the COT where Oatmeal decided to start the count counterclockwise. He was subsequently chided by YHC for triggering his OCD and we started the count over. This was to no one’s surprise as apparently nothing YHC does surprises anyone anymore. YHC made a comment about good health for current and future F3 babies followed up with “if you haven’t had a baby yet you’re behind”, which left Sally and YHC in an awkward predicament.

Talks continued by the truck, where Oatmeal and F150 talked about the joys of owning homes. Nothing says grumpy old men quite like 5 PAX collectively complaining about property taxes, unpaved roads, and home maintenance.

All that to say, we started off 2019 right and missed those who couldn’t join us. Hope to be out with y’all for another year.

1. Run, Ranger, Run signups – talk to Oatmeal
2. Q source will be held Wednesday nights and Fridays at lunch