No Pax Left Behind V Day Run

Valentine’s Day

AlrightAlright, Sally, Special Sauce, Gambler, Thunderlips, Ina, Mile High, & Hannigan joined YHC for Katy Trail Thursday

Oatmeal, Rump Roast, & Coach K showed up at 5:15 for their vision quest and saw them at the end of the workout

For the Katy Trailers the theme of the workout was pick up your 6, ran in 1/4 and 1/2 mile increments and whenever you finished you had to run back to the PAX bringing up the 6 and finish the segment with them. jon immediately asked after I explained the concept if he had to run back if he finished 3rd, clearly handicapping the field well as he was right on AlrightAlright and Mile High’s tail all AM.

PSA for future Thursday Q’s – don’t Native American run when you’re crossing Knox, that’s my bad Thunderlips and hope you forgive me

Awesome to see Hannigan again as he came back for a Thursday workout for the first time in a while, great job!

We sprinkled in a few squats and merkins but it was really about the run and stretching the legs out and getting some miles in.

Candy Cane Returns

PAX: Ina, Alright Alright, Icebox, Oatmeal, Gambler, Special Sauce, Rump Roast, Splash, Rocket Man, Coach K, Spread, Sally, Thunderlips (FNG)

QIC: Candy Cane

AO: Caruth Park – The OG AO

Tha Thang:


Burpee Pyramid 1 to 10 back to 1

Merkins, Lunges, Planks, Suicides, more of the same

Post Super Bowl Ruck

Coach K, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, and F150 joined YHC and Maverick on Monday’s Mutt Ruck.

Took our normal route, approx 2.5 miles for the Run Ranger Run crew.

Was a sleepy PAX Monday AM, not a whole lot going on but general agreement that this was the worst Super Bowl ever. A few highlights:
– don’t try to set up Coach K with a girl named Melissa, it’s his mom’s name and just can’t get passed that
– F150’s new pup ate the cone of shame, a truly impressive feat
– There were a couple of guys in a truck getting ready to go fishing in the sewage stream, Maverick was pretty suspicious and almost barked at someone for the first time ever
– Oatmeal was getting lunch up until the last hour of his first child’s birth, not exactly role model behavior for the aspiring #dadbods out there but still impressive
– Coach K proved that man can live on Buffalo Chicken dip alone for a day, and if that’s all you eat you don’t go over your calorie count for the day and have pent up aggression to take out making PAX do a stupid amount of burpees and bear crawls on Tuesday

Saturday Splashdown

PAX: Rump Roast, Alright alright, sally, oatmeal, chairman mao, special sauce, ant man, boomer, icebox
QIC: Splash

AO: Burleson Park
Conditions: Damp, chilly

SSH, mountain climbers, seal jacks, etc

Some bear crawls, walking lunges, exploding merkins, gorilla squats
Stairs 2x – singles, doubles, and triples
Calf raises and Carolina dry docks in between
Some burpees
Crawl bear up steps
Lots of laying around not doing much from some in the pack


Bears, Beats, Burpees

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Alright Alright, F150, Icebox, Mile High, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Coach K

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH x25
IST x20
Cotton Pickers x10
Copperhead Squats x10

10 Burpees EMOM to 110 burpees. Well…every 50 seconds

Bear crawling Jacob’s Ladder with WWII SUs and Burpees

Partner carry across tennis courts with 5 squats. Flapjack and repeato

Flutter Kicks x30
Uptown Crunch x30
Rugby Situps x10

Prayed that we might continue to be servants of and for the Lord

YHC came out and immediately warned the PAX that they would be pushed today, which should’ve been the biggest indication of the burpees and bear crawls to come. YHC and other PAX discussed how comfortable F3 Dallas has become with its workouts, and so YHC is taking the reins to increase the intensity of workouts.

The burpee EMOM is never a crowd favorite, especially when Special Sauce realized PAX were being shortchanged 5-10 seconds each round. Trying to make us better men. If you can do 110 burpees in under 10 minutes, there’s not much you can’t do. Unsurprisingly, very little mumblechatter took place during this portion of the workout.

We moseyed to the tennis courts without a breath to start the Jacob’s Ladder, which was met with some groans when the bear crawling was announced. Again, very little mumblechatter occurred during this portion of the workout, but all PAX pushed themselves and only modified as injuries mandated. Icebox’s playlist was a series of throwback’s to the War Baby’s (YHC) middle school years thereby dating every other PAX in the group. A couple of PAX commented on Nicki Minaj’s cuss to non-cuss word ratio in her duet with Big Sean (you know which song).

Just when PAX thought we were done, partner carries were announced. Somehow or another, the lightest PAX ended up with the heaviest. Teasip checked into his flight while being carried, and he managed to get Group A boarding. To our knowledge, that’s the first time this has been accomplished by any person West of the Mississippi. We suffered through a couple rounds before rounding out with Mary and a quick spiel by YHC about complacency.

1. Run Ranger Run is ongoing. Be sure to track and log your miles. All forward moving activities count (i.e. the .5 mile of bear crawls)
2. Bourbon night this Thursday

Run Ranger Run Kickoff Run

PAX: AlrightAlright, Special SauceTeasipCoach KOatmeal QIC: Icebox 

AO: Glencoe

SSH X 20 (Oatmeal and Coach K opted for modified side straddle penguins flapping their arms and not flying)
IST’s X 15
Daisy Pickers X 10

Hater of all things Queen and Tony Romo, Q of the Year, Shredding for the Cruise, and I did the following:

Burpee Mile: 12 burpees every quarter mile, NA run for the first 1/2 mile, own pace for the 2nd 1/2 mile

Rugby Sit-up Mile: 15 rugby sit-ups every quarter mile, own pace for the first 1/2 mile, reindeer runs the 2nd 1/2 mile

Merkin/Superman Mile: did 15 merkins after the first 1/4 mile, then switched to 15 Superman’s the next 3 1/4 miles. NA run the first 1/2 mile then reindeer runs the 2nd 1/2 mile

Decent amount of mumble chatter when we we running at my pace for NA and reindeer runs. I was a little disappointed that I was the slowest runner, when pushed on who I wanted to show up who was slower than me I didn’t name any names, mostly because I’m probably slower than everyone who shows up to running workouts. Teasip somehow ran all of today in a hoodie despite 55 degree weather, but it was probably to help him shred a couple more lbs before laying out on a cruise ship next week. Special Sauce rolled up in his new car prompting us to wonder if the Jeep Grand Cherokee is catching up to F150’s for official vehicle of F3 Dallas (especially when Oo-De-Lally starts showing up regularly again). Alright Alright was self conscious about running in just his Run Ranger Run shirt since he accidentally ordered a girls M instead of a men’s. Turns out each lap around Glencoe is a little more than a 1/2 mile so we got 3.5 miles in according to Special Sauce’s Apple Watch.

Before we started out I gave instructions to Coach K and Oatmeal for their ruck but they ignored me and went on their own vision quest.

    Run Ranger Run has started! Log your miles and raise some money
  2. CSAUP on 3/2, start training more!
  3. 2nd F Bourbon Tasting 2/7 at Icebox place, bring Pampers.

Have a great weekend y’all!

Rugby Practice with Chairman Mao

Pax: AlrightAlright Special Sauce Mile High Icebox Teasip Gambler Aaarrrggghhh Ina Landing Strip (Nola) Rump Roast Oatmeal

12 Pax gathered for running or Rucking this morning.

YHC managed to conduct an in-cadence warmup without any grumbling a personal accomplishment

Oatmeal and Rump Roast then split off and got in some good rucking this morning.

The rest of us did a workout inspired by YHC’s first ever rugby workout.

100 walk 200 m jog 100 sprint 5 burpees
200 walk 400 jog 200 sprint 10 squats, 5 burpees
200 walk 800 jog 200 sprint 15 rugby sit ups, 10 squats, 5 burpees
400 jog 200 sprint

Mary concludes the throw back

Mumble chatter
@AlrightAlright apologized to Landing Strip for us not talking enough during the workout, despite him finding ample time to complain we didn’t follow Upward rules when we continued running while he tied his shoes. We also learned he needs new shoes.

@sSpecial Sauce was disappointed there was no tackling.

YHC discovered he’s still slow from time off last fall. A PSA to everyone to not take too much time off for multiple reasons.

Run Ranger kicks off tomorrow so good luck to those participating.

Bourbon night is next Thursday hopefully we can find a copy of Hoosiers before then.

2nd F that Friday Iocation TBD

Teasip offered some kind words to pray us out.

Finally YHC is not sure why band hates him and doesn’t format properly

DJ Icebox will be spinning records tomorrow at his workout; so, be there for the fresh beats and the beat down.

Kicking It at Caruth

BB courtesy of Hi-Liter – DR from F3 Carpex. Thanks for the Q, sir. Look forward to having you back.


  • 19 HIM at Caruth Park in Dallas, TX did some work CarPex-style. 1 for the Hi-Liter Heatup EC. Welcome FNG, Plinko!

The Warmup (Hi-Liter)

  • Pledge of Allegiance at the flag.
  • Run out of the park and around to the tennis court entrance, circle up at the ball diamond for: 5 Good Mornings, 10 Windmills, 15 SFAC, 15 OH Claps, 15 Seal Claps, 15 RSFAC

The Thangs

  • Jack Webb (1 to 4) Merkins and Hallelujahs.
  • Find a partner.
  • Dora 2-3-4: 200 Merkins, 300 Squats, 400 LBCs; Partner 1 does exercises while Partner 2 sprints across the field to the tree line and back.
  • Mosey to the tennis courts.
  • Wall of Fire: everyone in People’s Chair while one man at a time comes off the wall for 3 Burpos.
  • Back with your partner.
  • Australian Suicides: Partner 1 does AMRAP Australian Mt. Climbers while Partner does a three station Suicide run across the double tennis court. Flap jack. 2x.
  • Mosey back to the field.
  • AYG to the tree line.
  • 30 Boxcutters IC
  • 20 Side Plank Star Crunches.



  • So honored to lead today, Dallas. Thanks for making room for YHC.
  • Awesome 3rdF pre-beatdown. Keep it up!

Blackjack at Glencoe Casino

PAX: Belk Bowl, Aaarrrggghhh, Kumquat (Huntersville), Teasip, Hi-Liter (Carpex), Coach K, Icebox, Rump Roast, Special Sauce, F150, King of Beers (Asheville), Natty Daddy (Asheville)
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH x21

IST x21

Squats x21


  1. Super 21 (#1 – #10)
  2. Mosey to Goal Line
  3. Super 21 (#11 – #13)
  4. 21 Lunges – Alternating Legs (IC)
  5. Super 21 (#14 – #15)
  6. 21 yd. Backward Run (down and back)
  7. Super 21 (#16)
  8. 21 Squat Jumps (OYO)
  9. Super 21 (#17)
  10. 21 Prisoner Get-Ups (OYO)
  11. Super 21 (#18)
  12. 21 High Knees (OYO – sets)
  13. Super 21 (#19)
  14. 21 Parker Peters (IC)
  15. Mosey to Tennis Courts
  16. Super 21 (#20)
  17. 21 LBCs (In Cadence)
  18. Super 21 (#21)
  19. Bear Crawl Suicides x2 + 1 cross court (21 lines)


YHC prayed us out asking God to help us be leaders in everything that we do.

Great to have 4 Willy Lomans from North Carolina with us.

The Bear Crawls were definitely a #crowdpleaser.

Not too much #mumblechatter, probably because everyone was counting the whole time.

Teasip, King of Beers, Natty Daddy and YHC ran 1 mile before the workout.

#Tclaps to Winklevoss from F3 Winston-Salem for coming up with this workout.

1. Texas Independence Day 18K is March 2nd. Start Training.
2. Run Ranger Run starts 2/1/19.

3. Bourbon Night is 2/7/19.