DATE: Tuesday 5/14/19

PAX: Pow Pow, Peppa, Teasip, Coach K, Special Sauce, Gold Digger, Oatmeal, Eli, Sex Panther, Icebox, Rump Roast, Thunderlips, Small Things (FNG)
QIC: Sally

AO: Glencoe (Fo Sho) Park

SSH x 20
IST x 15
Daisy Pickers x ?10

Mosey to goal line of football field


Group running / agility work:
On your stomachs;
On 3, run to first light pole. Then on your stomachs; wait for 6
On 3, run to second light pole. Then on your stomachs; wait for 6
On 3, run to goal line. Then on your 6; wait for 6

Reverso back down the field, but this time on your 6 instead of on your stomach

Reverso back down with one sprint down the length of the field

Partner Dora 1-1
Partner up; 1 partner runs to midfield and back, the other completes exercises

150 T-Merkins
100 Prisoner Get-Ups (from on your 6 to standing without using hands)

Tunnel of Love x 2

One more run down the field using the lightpoles to get on your stomach; started the first two with an army roll to the right and to the left prior to running

Mosey to Basketball Court

+Burpee broad jumps
+Bear Crawl and Crawl Bear
+Lunge Walk and Crab Walk
+2-line suicides (mid-court and full)

Mosey to Tennis Court

+Paint the Lines; Bernie style (1/2), normal (1/2)
+Suicides x 2 (long and short)

Low flutters
Dr. W’s (8)
Rugby sit-ups (slow and in control)

Gave thanks for all that we are able to do and all of the blessings we have; asked for guidance, safety, and servant’s mentality. Asked for help for those in need.

Welcome to FNG Small Things (First concert and theme music of his childhood was Blink-182)

Day started off like normal, with Rump and Sauce screeching into the parking lot at 5:30 on the dot. Heavy beats heard from the Rump Truck. Additionally of note, Coach K got out of his truck at least a minute earlier than he normally does.

An FNG rolled up, just like Oatmeal planned – except it was a different guy than he thought. Pleasant surprise as the other FNG had texted Oatmeal 15 minutes earlier with the “not this morning” text.

On the first exercises, some heavy initial resistance to putting oneself in the muck. It gradually became apparent that it was going to happen so we might as well wet down.

Turns out the lightpoles at Glencoe on the sides of the Glencoe football field are not symmetrical.

Modified the Prisoner Get-Ups from 200 to 100 because dang those are hard.

Tunnel of Love was not a fan favorite – completely unrelated, YHC got trapped underneath a couple PAX who just couldn’t quite hold it up any longer.

Coach K crushed the burpee broad jumps; he might have taken 5 jumps to get to the end of the court

Oatmeal stepped up to lead the Bernie Paint the Lines, kudos to him. Unfortunately the task was a difficult one and it turned out to be a rough leadership stint. He eventually offered his resignation after starting normal paint the lines.

DadHacks might be in the running for best Shield Lock name in F3.

Peppa is still on his way to #56InARow

Notable absentees included: Pepper, United, Chairman Mao, Alright Alright, Maverick

1. Sex Panther VQ tomorrow!
2. Q-Source groups Wednesday dinner and Friday lunch; we’re done with Getting Right and are moving on to Living Right. Will be good stuff, see if you can make it out.

Griff Plus

DATE: Thursday 5/9/2019

Conditions: Gloomy

PAX: Sex Panther, Coach K, Alright Alright, Ina, Aaarrrggghhh, Icebox, Pow Pow, Draper, Peppa (from LA), Chairman Mao, Special Sauce, Gold Digger
QIC: Sally

AO: La Madeleine/SMU Track

SSH x 25
IST x 14
Merkins x 15
Squats x ?15

Mosey to track

2 laps / 0.5 miles OYO – run back to pick up the 6

14 deconstructed burpees


“The Griff” plus:

800m forward run
400m backward run
800m forward run
400m backward run
800m forward run
Pick up a 6 when you’re done

Mosey back to La Madeleine

Dr. W’s x ?10
Low flutters x 14

Gave thanks for other HIMs in our life to push us forward; and for doing so faster than we could possibly push ourselves. Asked for faith and guidance to serve and Live Third after our Creator and Community.

Run-heavy day as it was Thursday. Guys hit north of 3-3.5 miles depending on time to finish.

As we were about to start The Thang, the only other guy at the track sprinted by us to his finish line in dramatic fashion, leading several PAX to give him T-claps.

Guys gradually separated by pace, with a few groups of 2-3 forming for support. As guys finished and went back to pick up a 6, groups got larger, leading one PAX to note he felt like a VIP with a crew of bodyguards.

Very light misting throughout the morning made for a nice way to keep cool.

Sincere apologies to all for the degree of profanity in the music – YHC should have known the Spotify playlist called “Get Turnt” would be filthy.

Welcome to Peppa, who is in town from Louisiana for work. He’ll be in town with us for 56 days so has promised to make 55 more workouts.

1. 3rd F service event at Bonton Farms Saturday 5/18. If you are in town, make a real effort now to plan how you can make it out.
2. 2nd F Happy Hour this Friday at Ozona after work
3. QSource lunch Friday 1130 Preston Center
4. Still need a Q for tomorrow!

The Ticket Campound Meets F3

DATE: 5/7/19

PAX: Pow Pow, Draper, Oatmeal, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Icebox, Teasip, Rump Roast, Aaarrrggghhh, Coach K
QIC: Alright Alright, Pepper

AO: Glencoe Park


F3 Power Hour, instead of a shot of beer every minute on the minute, do a burpee every minute on the minute for the duration of the workout.

Exercises done as a team to reach either 1310 reps or 967 reps. Each PAX does his own (up to 110 or 81) then helps others reach their number.

Carolina Dry Docks to 1310

Alabama Prom Dates to 1310

Merkins to 967

Plank Jacks to 1310

Overhead Claps to 1310

Uptown Crunch to 967

Nipplers to 967

Dips to 967

Working together as a team is how F3 is supposed to work in every area of our lives. Never forget this.

Draper received his name because he is in advertising, so we immediately went to Mad Men.

From Gen X to Millennial

Date: 5/3/2019

Count-off & Name-O-Rama:
PAX: Alright Alright, Sambuca, Teasip, Coach K, Ice Box, Sally
QIC: Rump Roast
AO: Caruth Park
F3 Disclaimer & Welcome: Given
Cotton Pickers x 12
Ranger Merkins X 13
Windmills x 12
Mickey Mouse Merkins (WDW) x 5 OYO
Mosey back past the soft top, over the bridge, to the lil bronze statue. 
Tha Thang:
Run DMC’s
Run around tennis court – 20x Diamond Grip Merkins
Run around tennis court- 20 Merkins
Run around tennis court- 20 Carolina Dry Docks
Long Lost Cousin to Burpeedan
1x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across tennis courts
2x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across tennis courts
3x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across tennis courts
4x Burpee + 4 step/count Bear Crawl across tennis courts

Howling Monkeys
Ring of fire style – Circle Up, 10x MH
Went around the circle 2x
Millennial – (a nod to my still fairly new job at TripActions, a Silicon Valley based start up)
Goal is 2,000 as a team/ full pax does 100 reps each. teamwork, stay together but, 1st one to 100 everyone runs.
1)  SSH x 100
2) calf raises  x 100 (Omaha’d 50 reg and 50 toes out)
3) Merkins x 100
4) LBC’s  x 100 (I’m calling this Mary since we finished on it, Ha!)
And just for grins ALL the stuff we didn’t have time for… 
5) mountain climbers  x 100  
6) flutters  x 100
7) shoulder press  x 100
8) squats  x 100
9) IST’s  x 100
10) burpees all together  x 100
Circle of Trust (CoT):
Welcome back Sambuca, it was my first time meeting you. Loved the sweat shirt and the dedication to keeping it on in 70 something degree weather! I look forward to working out with you and helping you get better. Rump prayed us out. 
I was ridiculed, told I would be reported to F3 HQ, and might be called out on the podcast tomorrow for not featuring SSH’s and IST’s in the warm up. Oh well! The Merkins apparently reminded everyone of yesterday and let them knew I meant business. I have to admit, after the mosey and then going directly into the Run DMC’s I was cussing myself by the second lap around the tennis court. When we got to the Bearpee’s and Teasip asked “Is this how you feel when we run?” I knew I was doing something right. During the Millennial I liked that we all stuck together, and me being the 6 got picked up on every down and back. I also have to make fun of myself, Alright Alright pointed out that I wanted the tennis court lights off and the irony of me not being able to read my cheat sheet because it was too dark and too small! I’ll just have to work on the it until I can remember the Millennial by heart… Remember practice makes perfect! Good work out men.
Q Source today @ 1130, usually Preston Center-ish

Over the Bridge & through the Park

PAX: Coach K, Sex Panther, AlrightAlright, Icebox, Eli, Rump Roast, Teasip
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Glencoe Park (fo’ sho’)

SSH x 12 IC

Hillbillies x 12 IC

Windmills x 12 IC

Mosey clockwise to SE corner of park: Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to SW corner: Groiners x10 IC

Mosey to NW corner: Alabama Prom Dates x 15 IC

Mosey to bridge where PAX paired off.  P1 bear crawled up bridge while P2 ran to lights near top of bridge, back down to base and return to partner.  Flap jack.  Repeato up incline to lights, U-turn and back down.

Mosey up bridge to stairs, down stairs and YHC had PAX line up along guardrail for Derkins x 10 IC & Clay Makers x 10 IC each leg

Mosey back upstairs to begin an NA run to other side of bridge and back up to first support column.  YHC then had PAX sprint to stairs and then pair off again where P1 crawl beared down while P2 ran down, back up to stairs and to P1 where they flap jacked.

Once PAX made it down incline, we returned to NE corner of Glencoe Park where YHC made everyone’s morning with 15 burpees OYO where there was much gnashing of teeth or at least choice words for YHC.

Finished out with a mosey back to park pavilion where we finished the workout with 10 V-ups IC and 10 LBC’s IC.

YHC prayed us out

Fair about of mumble chatter but PAX were spread out during bridge workout.  A lot of cursing and moaning from Rump Roast with each new exercise that was announced!  I know he loved all of the running, but he gets better every workout!  I know there were other colorful comments throughout, but alas, my memory once again betrays me.

1. Q Source on Wednesday night at Chick-Fil-A on Hillcrest and Friday somewhere in Preston Center.

Another Ruck and Run Monday

DATE: 4/22/19

PAX: Pow Pow with Josie, Ultra – Ruck

AlrightAlright, Oatmeal, Sally, Gold Digger, Chairman Mao, Sex Panter – Run
QIC: Icebox with Maverick – Ruck

Ina – Run

AO: Flagpole Hill


Straight to work

Ruck 2.5 miles

Run 5 miles


YHC prayed us out

On the ruck the topic of conversation was turkey fryers.  On the run, we got spaced out. There was a headwind that was tough to run through but we all made it.  AlrightAlright, Oatmeal, Sally finished with solid times and continue to get faster.  YHC, Chairman Mao, Sex Panther, and Gold Digger (even with a few pit stops) got some good work in.  A great turnout to start the week.

1. Attend QSource on Wednesday or Friday

Jacob’s Ladder to Hell

DATE: 4/20/19

PAX: Coach Knight (FNG), Coach K, Icebox, Podcast, Sally, Gold Digger, Chairman Mao, Ina, Teasip, Sex Panther, Plus One, Pepper, Rump Roast, Pow Pow, Mile High
QIC: Alriht Alright

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x25

IST x15

Carolina Dry Docks x10

Monkey Humpers x5

Fast Mosey to Parking Garage – Plank Jacks while waiting for the six

Jacob’s Ladder: run to the top of the garage, 7:1 nipplers, run to the bottom, 1:7 Bonnie Blairs

Pick up the six, flutter kicks, plank jacks, mountain climbers and plankorama

Irkins x10

Derkins x5

Mosey to Park

Team BLIMPS: Partner 1 runs, partner 2 does exercise, flapjack and repeato (50 Burpees, 100 Lunges, 150 Imperial Storm Troopers, 200 Merkins, 250 Plank Jacks, 300 Squats) – no team made it past merkins, Sally/Coach Knight and Podcast/Icebox were closest.

Burpees x10

Plenty if you ran to the front of the group

YHC prayed a thankful Easter prayer.

Coach K brought his dad, also Brian, to the beatdown today.  We naturally named him Coach Knight because Bobby Knight was Mike Krzyzewski’s mentor.

We said farewell to Mile High yesterday and wish him the best as he and his family move to Aberdeen, Mississippi this week. Mile High has always been thinking about the best way to grow F3 Dallas and to impact the PAX and the community. He is truly a #HIM and he will be greatly missed.

Not much mumblechatter today as the PAX got pretty spread out during the Jacob’s Ladder, but the PAX were constantly encouraging each other as they ran past each other in the garage.  They were also supportive in picking up the six. To keep PAX of all fitness levels #accelerating we need workouts like this, but if the group spreads out the guys at the front have to pick up the six. Everyone gets stronger in that situation.

A massive group went to breakfast at the greatest #coffeteria AO in F3 Nation, Bubba’s.  We sat outside in the sun and enjoyed some great #SecondF.  We discussed workouts, golf, The Ticket, California vs. Texas, Sally’s job search, Pepper’s job search, and countless other topics.

3-22 Arm Beatdown




PAX: Schnitzle, Alright Alright, Sex Panther, Ice Box, Rump Roast, My Space, Ant Man,

QIC: Thunderlips

AO: Caruth Park




Arm Circles x 1 Min OYO

SSH x 30 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Seal Jacks x 20 IC

Wide Grip Merkins x 10 IC

Mosey to playground soft top


64 Burpees 20x(3)+4 on last set

32 dips & 32 merkins

MoSey  to field

16 jump squats

8 flying merkins

Final Four

Bear Crawl to stations

1. 20 merkins

2. 10 burpees

3. 20 jump squats

4. 20 lunges ea side

3 Gassers length of soccer field


Flutters 10 IC x 3

Dolly 10 IC x 3

Rosalita 10 IC x 3

LBS’s x 10 IC x 7 IC x 5 IC x 3 IC


Circle up to pray.


There was some march madness mumble chatter.

QIC disclosed he hates running long distances so rarely will he ever Q a running intense session.

QIC was admonished for concluding 1 min early.

Drawing a blank on anything else that was discussed…


1. Next week F3 focusing on Mental Health and Depression…

2. Saturday Morning – 3-23 Q @ 0700 Burleson Park – QIC – IceBox

3-15 – Thunderlips VQ



PAX: Special Sauce, Chairman Mao, Sally, Alright Alright, Sex Panther, Coach K, Teasip, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, My Space, Icebox.

QIC: Thunderlips

AO: Caruth Park





Hot start – Mosey to Tennis Courts

Shoulder Warm Up:

Arm Circles x 1 Min OYO

SSH x 30 IC

Burpees x 25 OYO

Seal Jacks x 30 IC

Close Grip Merkins x 10 IC

Ray Lewis’s x 25 IC

Wide Grip Merkins x 10 IC

Dirkins x 10 with Partner


Bottom Feeders:

Wheelbarrow with Partner 20 yards then complete 20 Dirkins OYO – swap with partner and return to starting point.

Broken Wheelbarrow (one leg free) with Partner 20 yards then pair completes 30 Merkins OYO (Swap positions and Partner repeat going back)

Empty Wheelbarrow (facing up) with Partner 20 Merkins OYO (on knees)

Lunges across tennis court and reverse lunges back

Mosey to Playground

Circuit for 8 minutes which included 5 Pullups, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats

Finished with Dips on Benches x 25 IC.


Hold Em Ups x 20 IC (2 sets)

Dolly x 20 IC

Rosalita x 20 IC

LBS’s x 15 IC

Flutter Kicks x 15 IC

Knee Ups/Rugby Situps x 15 IC

Freddie Mercury’s x 15 IC


Circle up to pray.


Lots of mumble chatter but VQ was too busy thinking about stuff to recall all of it – here are the cliff notes…

MumbleChatter – Pax suggested “Prime Time” would be great FNG name for a super cocky FNG.

QIC kept stopping exercises on rep increments other than intervals of 5 which invited mumblechatter.

PAX learned not to make eye contact with partner during “empty wheelbarrowing”.

PAX complained of all the Merkins this week.

PAX mentioned that MARY on the soft top was more enjoyable than MARY on pavement or turf.

QIC Brought favorite beer (Love Street Kolsch from Karbach) to celebrate VQ

Chairman Mao showed his knowledge of Deep State mind control programs by spouting off facts about Project MKUltra.


1. Q-Source today at 1230 @ Hopdoddy

2. Saturday Morning – 3-16 Q @ 0700 Burleson Park – QIC – Plus One

Running with the Wind

PAX: Coach K, Sex Panther, AlrightAlright, Mr Belding (Willy Loman from Toledo), Chairman Mao, Icebox, Ina, The Gambler, Stingray, F150, Eli, Aaarrrggghhh
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: La Madeleine/Katy Trail

SSH x 20 IC

IST x 15 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Mosey to Katy Trail

¼ mile

40 overhead claps IC

½ mile

16 step ups both legs IC

¼ mile

20 plank jacks IC

¼ mile

10 merkins IC; turn for home

½ mile NA run

20 V ups IC

¼ mile

20 calf raises IC (just to wake up those sore calves from Saturday!)

½ mile

Mosey back to La Mad parking lot to complete 10 burpees OYO.

10 count by Mr Belding to complete the workout.

YHC prayed us out

On a windy morning, Chairman Mao made a late appearance, skipped the usual Warm-O-Rama for the People’s version to ready himself to challenge AlrightAlright.  This lasted about 200yds into the first qtr mile at which point he ran out of gears.  Muted mumble chatter as the running had most of us gassed although Eli once again shows us what it looks like to glide over the pavement!  YHC had some counting issues when doing step ups, but was able to regain control and finish strong.  Half miles were a crowd favorite as was the calf raise redux.

1. Q Source on Wednesday night was enlightening as always.  Look for the encore presentation on Friday, 1130 at Preston Center.