It seemed like a good idea at the time

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x30
Monkey Humpers x5
IST x19 (cause someone, who shall remain nameless, was off count by 5)
Merkins x10 – slow count

Indian Run to top of parking garage
Four corners (bear crawl ramps): 5 monkey humpers, 10 hand-release merkins, 15 OHC, 20 flutter kicks

Mosey to three story staircase by library
Jacob’s Ladder: 7 Bobby Hurley’s; 1 Merkin
Crawl Bear up the stair case; Bear Crawl down

Shoulder circuit; Catch me if you can (5 monkey humpers); Shoulder circuit; Indian run back to soft top

Compass; LBCs; Pingvin Crunches

PAX: AlrightAlright, Chairman Mao, Ina, Isaiah, Teasip, Podcast
QIC: Coach K


Coach K sent a late night text requesting a substitute Q because Teasip peer pressured him into going out, but we rallied through. More to follow.

Early comment from AlrightAlright about a shortage of PAX, and I think I’ve officially fallen to the ranks of scaring people off with my oh so charming personality. Fortunately my feelings regenerate at the twice the speed of a normal man, so we powered on.

Our story really begins at AA’s suggestion of: “I’ve always wanted to crawl bear that library staircase.” Coach K was curious as well, and so I gave a brief disclaimer before all the PAX managed to ascend the 3-story staircase. It was agreed that it was the worst thing we’ve ever done prompting the “it seemed like a good idea at the time”, which seems to be a common theme in F3.

Lots of subsequent mumblechatter about the NBA draft, which honestly I didn’t keep up with until someone made a dig at UNC. Subtle reminder that UNC has the most Round 1 draft picks of all time instigating a strong debate about the scandal. AA said he was a strong supporter of Oregon State baseball despite them pitching a convicted child molester…minor details.

6 PAX made it to Bubba’s where the fun continued…Isaiah eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby Isaiah. Podcast is starting his new job next week with the Rangers, so any complaints/suggestions can now be directed at him. YHC got some digits last night with strong wingman support from Teasip, the true 2nd F champion. Talked a while about AlrightAlright vocal chords and dance moves. He admitted to splitting his pants at a wedding from going too hard, which is next level intensity. Mentioned how weird it was for AA to have such a deep singing voice while YHC has a much higher range. Wrapped up the discourse debating whether Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood was more successful after their American Idol runs.

1. July 13 – Happy Hour at Top Golf
2. F3 Dallas shirts pre-order is currently open until July 13th

Happy Birthday Icebox

AO: Glencoe Park

Ssh x20
IST x20

Burpee mile – 1/4 mile followed by 12 burpees X 4
PAX pointed out that I turned 34, not 48, but since I look 48 it made sense

Partnered up for 5 sets of 2 cliffhanger pull-ups each

Mosey to the football field:
Burpee Dan the width of the field, reverse lung back
Worked the shoulders with the following
Paddle forward X 40
Paddle forward X 40
Paddle up X 40
This guy X 40
That guy X 40
Irkind X 8

Birthday, Selena Gomez – held plank and did a merkin with every “birthday” (30)

Round of Wilt Chamberlins

WWII’s X 30
Uptown crunch X 20
Penguin crunch X 20
Birthday Bitch, Trap Beckham – fluttter kicks + rugby sit-ups with every “birthday” (58, did not make it through the whole song)

PAX: AaarrrggghhhAlrightAlrightTeasipIsaiahEruzioneF150,  Numb Tucks
QIC: Icebox

Prayers for Nashville PAX recently diagnosed with lung cancer

Apparently starting out with a burpee mile knocked the sarcasm out of the PAX, Teasip knew something was up though since Icebox wore the extra knee brace. AlrightAlright was frustrated with my old man pace and was karoking for most of the mile, Aaarrrggghhh hasn’t worked out in a week and a half but performed adequately, Numb Tucks didn’t know what was going on with the beats box, Eruzione commuted down to celebrate Icebox’s bday as well. Isaiah was excited that it was more of a Katy Trail workout. Splash was a no show since he was only going to lose 5 lbs instead of 10 during the workout

Here’s the whole set list:
Birthday Cake, Rihanna
Say Aah, Trey Songz
Birthday Sex, Jeremih
Birthday Song, 2 Chainz
Birthday, Flo Rida
This is my party, Fabolous
In da club, 50 Cent
Birthday, Selena Gomez
Birthday, Blac Youngsta
Birthday, Jay Park
Birthday Bitch, Trap Beckham


1. SecondF party at Alright Alright’s on Friday night to listen to The Ticket’s Summer Bash

Coupons don’t mean discount

AO: Glencoe Park

Side Straddle Hops IC x15
Overhead Claps IC x15
Mountain Climbers IC x15
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Mosey around the park back to playground

50 of each exercise
· Merkin
· Alternating Merkins w/ coupon
· Overhead Press w/ coupon
· Colt 45
· “This guy” – Thumbs (facing up) to shoulder blades
· “That guy” – Thumbs (facing down) to small of back
Upon competition run around bleachers and back

Ab Station:
· Hanging Knee Tuck Twist
· Hello Dollies
· Hanging Bicycles
· Flutter Kicks
· Hanging Scissors

Together ATMs
Alternating Should Touches IC x15
Tempo Merkins IC x10 (down on 1,2,3, up on 4)
Merkins OYO x10

PAX: Icebox, Oo-De-Lally, Teasip, Ultra, AlrightAlright, Isaiah, Coach K, BOOMER, Hippy
QIC: F150

YHC reminded each of us that we are leading people in our lives and how we do so reflects who we follow whether that is Jesus Christ or another religion or person. How do those that you led see your leadership?

Ultra shared a prayer request for his father-in-law’s upcoming surgery. We prayed for him in closing.

There was some mumblechatter as we began the gloom about the short rain and some lightening, if there had been more we would have ENDEX. After our Warm-o-rama it was nice to have a mosey around the park Native American style – keeping all the PAX together. When we arrived back to the playground Ultra joined us, he had been earlier but left before any PAX showed up due to lighting. Our fearless Nantan was able to contact him and get him to join us. Great job AlrightAlright.

During The-Thang there was not much mumblechatter due to the nature of doing 50 of any exercise against the clock. AlrightAlright did note that he asked what we would be doing this gloom and took YHC’s response of abs as to be mean our traditional ab workout…not hanging ab workout. Which is exactly what AlrightAlright worked out last night. Thats good he can always use more ab workouts.

Boomer was victorious over the CMU/Coupon this gloom, even brought gloves to ensure there was no way of a surprise.

We are in an exciting time for F3 Dallas as we multiple new PAX leading workouts. This week we have a Shake Weight VQ on Saturday and two VQs last week. PAX continue to EH the Sad Clowns of Dallas and lets make a change in male leadership, fitness, fellowship and faith.

1. 2ndF Happy Hour June 8th – Pepper is the Q
2. 2. 3rd F Second Saturday, June 9 Chairman Mao is your Q for this event. Talk to him for details
3. 3. 2nd F Charity Concert for First Tee of Dallas – Josh Abbott and Wade Bowen June 7th – talk to Aaarrrggghhh about tickets

Dallas 2018 Murph

AO: Germany Park

SSH x20
IST x10

1 mile
100 pull ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats
1 mile


PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man, Boomer, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Gold Digger, Isaiah, Plus One, Sambuca, Special Sauce, Teasip; FNGS: Toto, Ultra, and Dorthy
QIC: AlrightAlright

AlrightAlright prayed us out thanking God for the men and women who have served for this country.

Strong encouragement from the PAX throughout the workout.
-Significant criticism of Teasip’s original playlist.
-#Tclaps to Special Sauce for bringing the chalk, it was much needed on the pull-up bars…and for bringing two FNGs
-All PAX commented that they were glad we didn’t start any later than 0700 because of the rising temperatures.
-Coach K was the only PAX to complete the workout with a weight vest, and he did so in under an hour.
-In a strong showing of #SecondF, the PAX gathered around Coach K and finished the final lap of the second mile with him.
-Gold Digger showed his support by running an extra lap with BOOMER
-Toto and Dorothy both received their names because they are from Kansas
-Ultra received his name because he was EH’ed while he was several Michelob Ultras deep
-12 PAX gathered at Bubba’s for coffeteria and some additional #SecondF

1. Dinner at Taco Joint at Preston Center tomorrow at 1830 (6:30 PM)

Over and Under

AO: Burleson Park


Chumbawumba burpee
mosey to the soft top
Iron Hulk
Flutter Kicks – ring of fire
mosey to the tennis court
10 merkins
suicide, inside out
10 merkins
suicide outside in
10 merkins

mosey to the parking deck

DORA – 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs
Dirty McDeuce – Irkins, Merkins, Derkins, Dips (with one set of Burpee Diamond merkins mixed in)

Mosey back to start point


PAX: Teasip, AlrightAlright, Chairman Mao, Q*bert (Lake Wylie), Buhlakay, Icebox, F150, Ant Man, Isaiah, Wolf, Coach K
QIC: Pepper



1. 2ndF Happy hour Tonight
2. 2ndF Scotch Club May 17
3. VAPE dinner May 29
4. GrowRuck Memphis Sept 21-23

Close but not too close

AO: Caruth Park

Mountain Climbers
Uptown Crunch

Mosey across Hillcrest East on Greenbriar to Airline.
– Plank till all in
– Crazy Crab Dips IC x10
Mosey North on Airline to Caruth Blvd then West towards Hillcrest.
– Shoulder Tap Merkins IC x10 (slightly confusing when to shoulder tap at one point)
Mosey West on Caruth to Turtle Creek Blvd.
– Crazy Crab Dips IC x10
Mosey South on Turtle Creek Blvd to tennis courts at Caruth Park.

Partner up:
Resistant run across and back.
Merkin 5’s IC x10
Obliques of love IC x10
Wheelbarrow across and back 1 Merkin at each line.
Partner carry across tennis court squat at each line.
Gorilla Squats with High 5 IC x10
Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to soft top

Flutter Kicks IC x12
Rinse and Repeat
Shoulder Tap Merkins IC x10
Rugby setups IC x10
Rinse and Repeat

PAX: Sambuca, Don’tChaKnow (Greensboro), Ina, F150, Isaiah, Oompa Loompa (Charlotte), Gambler, Rocket Man, AlrightAlright, Aaarrrggghhh, Special Sauce, Spread; FNG: Boney Express
QIC: Splash

Such a great day to get out in the gloom with the men of F3 Dallas. This morning counting/deciding on how to count was a struggle early on, however Splash got the men together by the end. There was a good bit of mummblechatter about the closeness of partners in some of the beatdown, but it made for a great workout. While upon the tennis court F150 kept dropping Boney Express…nice initiation.

While doing flutter kicks our beloved Pepper was mentioned, but the PAX quickly recalled that it was not his Q so attendance questionable…it was mentioned that he was to bring an FNG with him but the PAX never saw either. Great morning to have two Willy Lomans join us – Don’tChaKnow and Rocket Man and to have RESPECT for Boney Express for joining us and being excited to get Sad Clowns from SMU to join us in the gloom.

At one point Aaarrrggghhh shared how a particular door to a home looked to be very welcoming and almost like it says “come on in.” He quickly points this house out on most moseys down Caruth Blvd.


1. Happy hour May 11
2. Scotch Club May 17
3. GrowRuck12 (Memphis, TN) Sept 21-23

Dallas Black Ops

AO: Norbuck Park

    Side Straddle Hops x20
    Seal Jacks IC x20
    Imperial Storm Troopers x20
    Windmills IC x20

Buckets of Pain (rotate orange buckets with the P2) X-man crunch while awaiting
    P1 Shoulder Press AMRAP; P2 Bernie Sanders to glow stick and back (Switch)
    P1 Tricep extension AMRAP; P2 Lunge walk to glow stick and back (Switch)
    P1 Manmaker (paint can merkin into squat deadlift end with shoulder press) AMRAP; P2 Carioca to glow stick and back

Super Hero Mix-up
    Run up incline: 11 burpees (Batman)
    Mosey over to benches Inverted Side Plank walk (Spiderman)
    Tag next PAX
    Run up incline: 11 Squats (Captain America)
    Sprint down incline to starting area (Flash)
    Next PAX starts at this point
    11 supermans (Superman)
Plank ski hops, Al Gore, LBCs, Flutter Kicks (suggested by AlrightAlright) – 1 exercise per round while waiting

repeated cycle going down 1 count per cycle: 2 cycles performed due to time

Hello Dolly x20 IC
Box Cutters x20 IC
Plank jacks x10 IC

PAX: AlrightAlright, Coach K, Pepper, Sambuca, Isaiah, Spandex
QIC: F150


AlrightAlright wanted to get acknowledged about the amount of mumblechatter that he gave so here it is.

 1. April 13 Happy Hour

Two Laps?

AO: Glencoe Park #glencoefosho
I am not a professional. You are participating at your own risk, and you are assuming the risk of injury. You are responsible for your own well-being; you could get injured (dark, uneven ground). You are 18 or older, here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here. Know your limits and do the best you can. Modify exercises as needed. Everything we say is a suggestion. Stop exercising if needed at your own discretion. By working out with us today, it is assumed that you have read the disclaimer and notice on the website and accept the risks associated with working out here today. ( 

    Side Straddle Hop x20
    Imperial Storm Trooper x20

2 laps of Baton Death March with 5 burpees
Mosey to the benches for a Dirty McDeuce (dips, gorilla squats, Rugby sit-ups) when Pepper showed up
Lt. Dan across the football field (4 backwards lunges and 5 overhead claps on the way back)

Belching down the football field (start laying down to avoid enemy fire, 5 merkins, run a 1/3 is the way and dive down to avoid enemy fire, 5 diamond merkins, run 1/3 of the way, dive down to avoid enemy fire, 5 wide grip merkins, run rest of the way to the goal line, dive down to avoid enemy fire, 5 Chuck Norris merkins). Repeato back down with T merkins, Finger tip merkins, Hand Release merkins and regular merkins (5 each)

Step ups x12 each leg
Due to popular demand of the PAX, we did a couple round of Tunnel of Love which brought a loud deafening cheer from the PAX

Homer to Marge

    PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, AlrightAlright, Boomer, Coach K, F150, Hippy, Isaiah, Pepper
    QIC: Teasip

Teasip prayed out

The morning began with a bit of a chill and the return of Hippy, who’s absence was acknowledged and he received Kotters. There was no slow start to the morning beatdown as the PAX started with a brisk Baton Death March, while Coach K did his alternative due to injury. The PAX did have some grumbling about the second brisk lap but it gave AlrightAlright an opportunity to show that he had much more in to spirit against our Q in the last bit. Pepper appeared out of the darkness as the PAX worked through Dirty McDeuce. He would have like to played it as if he was there, but there was much mumblechatter about his attendance at the Rangers game the night before and not believing he would post. Throughout the morning there was a good bit of chatter which made for a great morning.

1. Lunch Thursday Preston Center – Location TBD
2. Next happy hour is April 13
3. April 13 Blackops at Norbuck Park in Lake Highlands.

Aggies Are Superior to the Tar Heels 

AO: Glencoe Park (#glencofosho)

SSH x16
IST x16
Squats x16
Merkins x16

Four Corners:
4 Burpees with 4 Hand Release Merkins
8 Monkey Humpers
12 WWII Sit Ups
16 Squats
Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear Suicide
Rinse and Repeat

With a partner, complete 48 pull ups. Waiting partner holds Al Gore.

Four Corners again, but double reps. Bear crawl suicide. Two rounds.

In threes, complete 96 pull ups.

Freddy Mercury x16
Penguin Crunch x16
LBCs x16
Flutters x16

PAX – F150, AlrightAlright, Aaarrrggghhh, Teasip, Isaiah
QIC: Coach K

Coach K prayed us out.


Next happy hour is on Thomas Jefferson’s birthday (April 13). TJ will be a young 275 years old that day..

Closing AlrightAlright Olympiad

THE SCENE: 46 and cold
AO: Burleson Park
SSH x25
IST x20
Merkins x15
Monkey Humpers x10

Split into three teams

Speed Skating Relay
Native American Run to the top (a pass must occur on each ramp)
Team 3 wins

Crab Walk down 1 ramp
Lunges x10
Crab Walk down 1 ramp
Uptown Crunch x10 each side
Bear Crawl down 1 ramp
Gas Pump x10
Crab Walk down 1 ramp
E-can’t remember

Biathlon Relay
Partner Up – two odd number teams led to an additional team known as the Olympic Athletes from Russia
Partner 1: T-merkins
Partner 2: lap around parking deck
First team to 100 T-merkins gets 3 points, 2 points for second and 1 point for third. Points are added to laps completed to determine overall winner… Olympic Athletes from Russia take home the gold in this one.

Native American Bear Crawl Race up two ramps. Team 3 wins again.

Snowboard Big Air
Run up each ramp – 180 at the top of each ramp, add 180 at each ramp
This left the PAX quite dizzy.

Reverse lunge up one ramp

Skeleton BLIMPS
Bear crawl down one ramp
Burpees x5
Lunges x10
IST x15
Merkins x20
Plank Jacks x25
Squats x30

Mosey to bottom of parking deck

Round Robin
Gold Digger: Freddie Mercury
Splash: Rugby Sit-ups
BOOMER: Rosalita
Lindy: X-Men Sit-ups
Bubbles: Merkins

14 PAX – Gold Digger, Coach K, Chairman Mao, Ant Man, BOOMER, Sleeveless, Isaiah, Splash, Eruzione, Bubbles (FNG), Harvey (FNG), Lindy, Dubuisson
Q: AlrightAlright

YHC prayed us out thanking God for the motivation to work out and for the bond of this brotherhood.

#kotters to Lindy and Dubuisson
FNG naming: Aaron was named Bubbles because his last name is Gumm. Bubble gum. Get it?

Randy Touchstone was named Harvey. Last name Touchstone made us think of Touchstone Pictures which took us to movie production… you can figure it out from there.