Burleson Omaha

PAX: Ina, Pow Pow, Oatmeal, Chairman Mao, Pepper, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, Rump Roast, Icebox, Teasip, Sally, Capsize, Isaiah, Coach K
QIC: Plus One

AO: Burleson Park
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: YHC provided the disclaimer and welcomed the PAX to the beat down.


SSH x 20 IC

IST x 15 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Mosey to parking lot


Bear Crawl to Light Post & Run back

Merkins x 50

LBC x 100

Squats x 150

Lunge to Light Post & Run Back

Freddie Mercury x 100

Low Flutters x 200

Low Dolly x 300

Mosey to playground

Son of  Bench

Dips x 12 IC

Irkins x 12 IC

LBC x 12 IC

Dips x 8 IC

Irkins x 8 IC

LBC x 8 IC

Dips x 4 IC

Derkins x 4 IC

LBC x 4 IC

Mosey to field

Ahoy Sailor

Burpee Dan across field (8 forward lunges to 1 burpee)

Dan Burpee across field (8 backwards lunges to 1 burpee)

Mosey to tennis court

Merkin ring of fire (total of 75 merkins or 5 per PAX)

Burpee abroad jump across courts

Duck Walk back across

Carolina Dry Docks x 12 IC

Lunge across tennis courts

Dora Quacks Like a Duck

Duck Walk across the courts and Walk Duck back

Merkins x 100

mosey to playground

Freddie Mercury x 12 IC

Lance Armstrong (or slightly modified) x 12 IC (both sides)

Homer to Marge

YHC prayed the PAX out.

The PAX were obviously disappointed that Le Tour was to be postponed, but hopefully the Omaha served as a good beat down for a Saturday.

Super Groundhog Bowl

PAX: Alright Alright, Antman, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Ina, Isaiah, Rump Roast, Ghost Rider (Houston), Listeria (FNG)
QIC: Teasip

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x25, IST x15, Seal Jacks x13 (adds up to 53 since this is Super Bowl 53)

Mountain Climbers x 33 (McVay age and half Belichick’s age since they have reached the top of the mountain)

9 Burpees, as this is the 9th Super Bowl for Brady & Belichick

12 Turkish Get Ups since Belichick likes to take away your best asset

Dirty Sean McVay (11 reps of 3 exercises which equals his age of 33)

Hail Marys x11, Gurley Groiners x 11, Rugby Sit ups x 11, run a lap around the tennis courts (repeato for a total of 3 rounds)

Back to the soft hop for 3 sets of 5 pull ups (5 Patriot Super Bowls) and 11 Swerkins (Rams run a lot of 11 personnel)

Mosey to the tennis courts for a Patriots suicide (PAX could cheat and not run all the way and touch the line)

Finish up with Maroon 5 Merkins (5 regular, 5 diamond, 5 wide grip, 5 T and 5 hand release)

Mosey back to the soft hop and repeato the whole workout since it is also Groundhog Day

None outside of during the workout

YHC prayed us out

YHC was thrilled to see the two Aggies (Ghost Rider & Listeria) join us in the gloom, as you can never have too many Aggies. We started with 9 as Ant man joined up at about 7:20, so there is debate about if he got full credit or not. Some intermittent mumblechatter throughout the workout, but YHC tried to keep the PAX working constantly with little rest in between exercises. Shoutout to Ina for doing his best Tony Romo and predicting the burpees coming. Some good 2nd F at Bubba’s including some notes that Alright Alright should never be on the finance committee for F3 Dallas and the discussion of when he will next bust out his dance moves at a wedding. Chairman felt the conversation was too friendly so he threw out the insane HSO that George’s was the worst meal he ever had, which was quickly denounced and called blasphemy by several PAX.

1. 2nd F Bourbon Night Thursday, Feb 7 at Casa Icebox. Bring diapers for Icecube
2. Texas Independence Day 18K March 2. Keep training in preparation

Carolinas Take Over

PAX: Isaiah, Oatmeal, Pepper, Plus One, Podcast, Teasip, Rump Roast, Special Sauce, Walmart
QIC: AlrightAlright, Coach K

AO: Burleson

SSH x20
IST x15

Alright Alright –

Dora with LBCs (200), Bicycles (400), Flutter Kicks (600). Other PAX runs across football field and back.

Mosey to tennis court for bear crawl paint the lines (2 courts). Jacob’s ladder with burpees. Another bear crawl paint the lines (2 courts).

Coach K –

Two teams race to get sandbag via tunnel of love and bring it back via overhead passes. Complete 2 races.

Dirty McUno (half a Dirty McDeuce) with one-legged Irkens, burpees, dips, and wall-sits.

Lance Armstrong x24

Prayers for Sally, et al heading to Haiti for the week

Three started the fun early with a 3 mile run prior to the beatdown. PAX are starting to prep for the CSAUP event in March; ironically, the three PAX that ran this morning were the last three that need to train for it.

YHC and Alright Alright double-teamed the Q so PAX could get plenty of cardio in light of YHC’s lingering injury. Due to a mix-up of clocks (PAX can vote whether Special Sauce’s or AA’s watch was more accurate), the disclaimer was given twice resulting in light-hearted head-bashing between the Qs to kick off the beatdown.

AA provided plenty of cardio for the PAX but was kind enough to stay close enough for the injured YHC and Oatmeal to remain with the group and feel a part of the team – a leader if there ever was one. There wasn’t a whole lot of mumblechatter throughout the Dora, but it seemed to pick up when they moseyed to the tennis courts as AA kept pushing the slackers along during paint the lines. YHC and Oatmeal could hear from a distance while setting up for my part of the Q. Halfway through the workout, Podcast decided to bail on his fellow PAX. He had a reasonable excuse, but YHC is still bitter after last week and feels compelled to call him out.

1 minute prior to time, AA relinquished control. YHC knows it pained him to his core and appreciates the sacrifice, though the competitions that followed more than made up for it. All PAX were on board for the team competition, but only the Qs were genuinely excited for the Tunnel of Love portion. Nothing sparks mumblechatter quite like mentioning something PAX hate, and then listening to their sweet moans and groans. Round one ended with YHC’s team taking the victory, but AA’s team took round two. Granted, their sandbag ripped, so results are under audit.

To wrap things up, YHC led an homage to the tripod brothers (Oatmeal and YHC both with injured ankles) with a series of one-legged exercises. PAX didn’t see the big deal until forced to do one-legged burpees. We wrapped up with the ultimate lopsided exercise…Lance Armstrong.

YHC didn’t make it to Bubba’s but AA is free to add in anything missed during his portion of the workout or Coffeeteria. YHC is grateful for his help today and over the years, and PAX shouldn’t be surprised if we team up for another co-Q. Duke-Carolina game perhaps?

1. Texas Independence Day 18K #TID18K is set for March 2nd

Greek Day

PAX: Chairman Mao, AlrightAlright, Coach K, Special Sauce, Podcast, Rump Roast, Plus One, Splash, Isaiah
Assistant QIC: Icebox
QIC: Sally

AO: Burleson Park

SSH IC x 20
IST IC x 20

Start with ALPHA -modified Dora on the tennis court – one partner runs suicides while the other completes reps
lternating shoulder taps x 50
Leg lifts x 100
Plank jacks x 150
High knees x 100
Air squats x 50

Mosey to track

Attempted sprint work:
Partner up, sprint in opposite directions on the track until meet each other; mosey in opposite direction until meet again; repeato x 3.

Bleachers, every other staircase

Mosey back to finish with OMEGA modified Dora
Overhead claps x 50
Merkins x 100
Elf on a shelf x 150
Gorilla squats x 100
Arm circles x 50

“Bring Sally Up” with Homer to Marge – play the song “Flower” by Moby, Marge every time hear “Bring Sally up,” Homer every time hear “Bring Sally down”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A2V9Bu80J4

Prayed for guidance and faith in the things we are each supposed to be doing. Asked for help submitting ourselves and making ourselves second after God, third after our community

The decently-anticipated Greek Day Saturday started off with complete absence of activity in the Greek houses, apart from one plastic table set up in front of the AΦ house. This was a harbinger – PAX saw no activity and heard no chants throughout the rest of the workout. Perhaps the call had not yet gone out to all the angels..

During ALPHA, it was quickly realized that DORA with suicides at each line would take too long for the runner to help out his fellow PAX; lines were modified to the Big 4 (middle of court 1, midline between the courts, middle of court 2, and endline).

During the long mosey, PAX began to get spread out. Tclaps to everyone for watching the 6, supporting where necessary, doing burpees/merkins/planks to keep us all together.

Arriving at the track for sprint work, YHC realized he had not thought of his exercise correctly; the original idea would’ve had all PAX sprinting for 10+ minutes; this was deemed less-than-ideal and modified to the description above, although the transition induced much confusion and required much help from other PAX to figure out.

Other quick-hits:
Bleachers are very slippery when wet.
The Exicon contains very few “E” exercises.
“Flower” lasts a long time and just repeats over and over and over; many jokes made about the song actually having started over without PAX realizing it.

Through the workout confusion, YHC solidified some leadership lessons: 1. Always prepare, or prepare to fail. 2. If something is not working, change it. 3. Support/outside input is crucial, no matter whom is the leader.
He is grateful to all those who helped.

DJ Icebox is far in the lead for assistant Q of the year. YHC requested him to bring tunes; he not only executed this perfectly, he also stepped in as Sua Sponte leader during PAX separation and on the other side of the tennis court.

YHC believes all 12 of us made it to the coffeeteria afterward. Our side of the table discussed football (including Cowboys hope and Bears remorse) and travelling, other side started with discussion of PAX social media followers, which PAX believe is led by Special Sauce with 600+.

During The Gathering, YHC overheard AlrightAlright “looks like a warm hat, new guy” to unidentified PAX; welcomed him as FNG during disclaimer, was enlightened this PAX was Podcast. Kotters.

#Tclaps to Rump Roast for running what he said was maybe the most he has run since high school. Stuck it out strung during all the running.

1. RRR February

Doubletime 2019

PAX: AlrightAlright, Chairman Mao, Isaiah, Mile High
QIC: Pepper

AO: Flag Pole Hill

None, straight to running

5 miles over two loops

AlrightAlright – 7.15
Mile High 7.22

First mile pace of 7.08 with most PAX grouped together. YHCs mutt was non compliant, so I DNF full 5, and got only 3.5 miles in. Chairman and Isaiah did not track their pace but were not too far behind.

#Benchmark Fitness Test 2019

PAX: Chairman Mao, Coach K, F150, Ina, Isaiah, Pebbles (F3 Tallahassee), Pepper, Rump Roast, Sally, Special Sauce, Teasip
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x10

IST x10


Burpees – 100

Calf Raises – 150 (50 regular, 50 toes pointed in, 50 toes pointed out)

Ski Abs – 100

Merkins – 100

Deep Squats – 100

LBCs – 200

Carolina Dry Docks – 100

Russian Hammers – 100

Nipplers – 100

Jump Squats – 100

Mountain Climbers – 100

Shoulder Raises – 200

Dollies – 200

Hindu Merkins – 100

Squat Jacks – 100

Groiners – 100

Burpees – 100

Burpees – 200

PAX Results:

Alright Alright – Shoulder Raises 150

Chairman Mao – Dollies 100

Coach K – Mountain Climbers 55

F150 – Nipplers 50

Ina – Nipplers 71

Isaiah – Nipplers 100

Pebbles – Nipplers 70

Pepper – Nipplers 32

Rump Roast – Nipplers 30

Sally – Nipplers 45

Special Sauce – Dollies 71

Teasip – Mountain Climbers 100

YHC prayed us out, thanking God for a new year and the ability to set benchmarks and improve each year.


Great to have Pebbles join us from Tallahassee.  He drove all the way in from Mansfield to post.

The #mumblechatter was plentiful this morning.  It more than made up for the lack thereof on Thursday and Friday.  Where should we begin?

The music… our resident DJ, Icebox, was absent, so Teasip, being the High Impact Man that he is, offered to bring his speaker and a playlist.  YHC was quite pleased with the country music playlist that our DJ selected as it provides the perfect pace at which to do 100 burpees, and the rest of the exercises quite honestly.  Unfortunately, the other PAX have less sophisticated taste and quickly requested some music that has unintelligible lyrics.  The PAX were satisfied for a few songs, but quickly turned on their DJ when things got a little too old school and less workout friendly.  Teasip was not surprised at how fickle the audience was.

The burpees… many PAX expressed concerns prior to the #beatdown.  They were appalled that we would be ending the workout with an additional 300 burpees.  YHC quickly informed them that no one would make it that far.  YHC was correct.  The first 100 burpees were truly a #crowdpleaser though.

The merkins… immediately cries rained down about Teasip having led the Murph yesterday and YHC having led the Mustang the day before.  It made #benchmark week a very difficult week.  But isn’t that what we want?

The nipplers… if you don’t know what this is you really missed out, and YHC is sure the PAX will be willing to explain it to you when you ask.  These kicked everyone’s butt.  The majority of that was probably due to the number of merkins that had been completed this week, but it was also a fairly unfamiliar exercise.  It is quite clear that we all need to improve in this area, so let’s do some more of those this year.

The coffeteria… Sally attempted to protests Bubba’s by suggesting Chick-fil-A multiple times, and then said that Chick-fil-A is better than Bubba’s.  We heard later that F150 agreed with him.  All YHC knows is that these guys should be grateful there isn’t an Inquisition going on right now because that is utter heresy.  PAX from around the nation have agreed that Bubba’s is the greatest #coffeteria AO in F3 Nation.

The social media… we had conversations this morning about how other exercise groups have grown through social media, specifically through influencers.  In case anyone was wondering, the 2018 Q of the Year, Special Sauce, has the most Instagram followers of any of our PAX with 614.  Apparently, some guy named Podcast has the most Twitter followers.  Not sure who he is though.

1. Run Ranger Run
2. Q Source starts this week

3. CSAUP on March 2nd

#Benchmark Week: The Murph

PAX: Alright Alright, Aaarrrggghhh, Coach K, F150, Icebox, Isaiah, Oatmeal, Sally
QIC: Teasip

AO: Germany Park

SSH x7

IST x 12

The Murph

Run 1 mile

100 Pull Ups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Squats done in sets of 5, 10, 15

Run another mile. We timed it so we can see improvement throughout the year.

Alright Alright: 32:40

Coach K: 33:20? (not sure if right)

Teasip: 34:50


Icebox: 35:33

Sally: 36:09



F150: 39:40

LBC x 15

Penguin Crunch x 15

Freddie Mercury x 15

YHC prayed us out

Not a lot of mumblechatter this morning, outside of some serenading by Alright Alright. Some complaints of soreness after the Mustang the previous day. #Tclaps to Oatmeal for doing extra sets as he lost count and F150 for intentionally doing extra reps. #Tclaps to Aaarrrggghhh for telling the whole PAX his secret of keeping count of his rounds (acorns or sticks). Icebox continues to lead the #dadbodsfor100 as there was no sign of the other future dads (Boomer, Antman, Oo-De-Lally) though Isaiah proved that you can be a current dad and still join us in the Gloom. Great continuation of #benchmarkweek

1. 2nd F Happy Hour next Friday, location TBD
2. Register for Run Ranger Run in February, talk to Oatmeal if you have questions

3. CSAUP March 2 (Texas Independence Day). Talk to Alright Alright about helping to plan it