Creed 2

Tuesday’s #backblast

Trickle, Teasip, Alright Alright, Sex Panther, Sally, Special Sauce, Oatmeal, Ma Bell (Carpex) Rump Roast, Willie Loman from Louisiana joined Chairman Mao and YHC for a Creed 2 beat down

Warmup: SSH, IST’s

2 rounds of jump rope waterfall, one of these days we should see if Sauce and Sally could go 45 min straight

1st Creed/Drago fight, total carnage

Bear crawl the width of the football field and back, 30 burpees, 40 jump squats, 30 burpees, then bear crawl down and back again


Creed needed to strengthen his core for the 2nd fight so we did a bunch of Mary, first led by YHC then by Chairman

2nd Creed/Drago fight, the comeback

Mini solo Dora

Run width of football field and back, 25 merkins, run down and back 25 LBC’s, run down and back 25 squats

Finished with some lil baby arm circles wearing out the shoulders from all those fights

Not a lot of mumblechatter that I could hear, it was a pretty grueling beatdown for a large part of the workout

Chairman and I look forward to more movie themed co-Q’s in 2019!

17 & 7

PAX: Oatmeal, Kitty Cat, Coach K, Rump Roast, MySpace, Sally, Ant Man, Ina, Sex Panther, Alright Alright & Plus One
QIC: Plus One

AO: Burleson Park
YHC welcomed the PAX and provided the disclaimer.

Side Straddle Hop x 30 IC
Imperial Storm Trooper x 17 IC
Don Quixote x 7 IC

17 & 7
Partner 1: Run Long Lap
Partner 2: 17 Merkins x 7 Squats (Double Count since Tiger Woods hit 2 into the water in route to a quad)
Complete until each pax has completed 4 Laps

MARY (Part I):
LBC x 17 IC
Freddie Mercury x 17 IC
Reach Through x 17 IC

Mosey to Garage

17 Again
Level 1: 17 Groiners – OYO
Lunge Up 1 Ramp
Level 2: Ranger Merkins x 17 – OYO
Reverse Lunge Up 1 Ramp
Level 3: E2K x 17 (each side) – OYO
Lunge Up 1 Ramp, Reverse Lunge 1 Ramp
Level 4: Elf on a Shelf x 17 – OYO
Bear Crawl Up 1 Ramp, Crab Walk Remaining Ramp to Top of Garage
Level 5: Nipple Scrapers x 17 – OYO

Mosey Down the Stairs

Bench Work
Clay Makers x 7
Irkins x 7
Derkins x 7

Wind Sprints x 2

Mosey back to playground

MARY (Part II)
Uptown Crunch x 17 IC
Body Destroyer

The PAX circled up and YHC took it out in a word of prayer.

Mumble chatter was normal levels but volume grew louder at the sound of nipple scrapers. Although Sally made an official announcement for Chick-fil-a, there is never a question as to the location of coffetria on a Saturday morning post-workout.


PAX: Alright Alright, Icebox, Special Sauce, Oatmeal, Coach K, Sex Panther (FNG – welcome)
QIC: Teasip

AO: Glencoe Park #glencofasho
F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Given rather well by YHC

SSH x15

IST x 12

Daisy Pickers x10

Start with Bearway to Heaven, then suicides with exercise reps after you returned from touching each line. Alternated between starting near and counting up the reps to 10 and starting far and counting down the reps from 10

OH Claps




Gorilla Squats

Big Boy Sit ups


Done during the workout

YHC prayed us out

Not much mumblechatter this morning, as there was almost constant movement. Some complaints about some of the songs that popped up and how they weren’t really conducive to running, but YHC had to include them since “Run” was somewhere in the title. Great having Sex Panther out. He will be a constant presence since he lives next to Alright Alright.


A(n almost) forgotten MRM

PAX: Coach K, Icebox, Rocket Man, Ina, AlrightAlright, (Sally chose doubletime)
QIC: Oatmeal

AO: Flagpole Hill

2.84 mi ruck through beautiful Lake Highlands.

YHC prayed us out

YHC admits he’s a slacker and is just posting the back blast a month late!  There was mumble chatter as always on our rucks, about what we discussed is lost in the ether or trapped in much younger minds than mine (Coach K’s apparently since he provided a listing of PAX that attended).

You Can Only Get Wet Once

PAX: AlrightAlright, Ant Man, Chairman Mao, F150, FracSac (NOLA), Ina, MySpace (FNG), Oatmeal, Pepper, Podcast, Sally, Special Sauce, Teasip, Thunderlips

QIC: Coach K (aka Batman)
AO: Burleson Park

Mosey to nearby quad for 19 SSH and 20 IST (1920 was the first rivalry matchup between Duke and Carolina).
Mosey to next quad for 10 Irkens and 20 Flutter Kicks
Mosey to track

Tha Thang:
Catch me if you can with 6 merkins (one for each Carolina natty)

Jacob’s Ladder up and down bleachers with 7 squats and 1 burpee (8 miles of Tobacco Road between Duke and Carolina).

Cue torrential downpour during mosey to main quad. Stop in the road for some Tunnel of Love. Sprint to parking garage upon lightning strike. Sprint harder at the onset of some serious hail.

Say what’s poppin’ to AlrightAlright (bear crawled entire workout due to injury) as storm subsided. Collect the six and mosey to park.

8 rounds:
6 pull ups; 6 burpees; 24 mountain climbers; 6 turkish get ups; lap around tennis courts

Mosey to tennis courts for some bear crawl action and wrap up the morning with team sit-ups. Oh and 5 punishment burpees for Podcast running his mouth.

YHC tried coming in with a more positive vibe and energy and tried to keep the pace very fast and upbeat all morning. YHC immediately took the group on a run to a nearby field before starting the warm-up much to the shock of the PAX. We finally made our way to the track and YHC reiterated the disclaimer given the numerous hurdles (literal hurdles) scattered all over the track. A couple PAX were kind enough to move them as they got to them – no PAX, to my knowledge, ran into a hurdle. As we started the Jacob’s Ladder, the drizzle started and YHC became painfully aware that he didn’t check the weather. Sorry not sorry.

The Jacob’s Ladder was pretty quiet bar some jabs here and there. As we started moseying towards the quad, the sky fell out. PAX were trapped in an awkward spot with no shelter, and as YHC put it: “You can only get wet once”. YHC made the bold decision to do a very wet tunnel of love much to the PAX’s chagrin. PAX were very derisive – an attitude that would pervade the rest of the workout. That said, PAX were compliant and we moseyed on. After lightning struck, we started a straight line towards the parking garage. About halfway there, PAX were treated to chunks of hail. Special Sauce led the sprint to the garage while a few others took immediate shelter. Hurt like hell.

We ran into AlrightAlright who was doing his bear crawl workout – he ultimate traveled between 2-2.5 miles (garage through off some metrics). Regardless, very impressive and hats off to him. Like a true West Texas storm, it came and went in a matter of minutes, so the scheduled workout resumed as planned. PAX were led back to the park for a Hero circuit. Several PAX began to accuse YHC of running out of ideas and being uncreative. By the third lap they were sucking wind, so hopefully they came to the realization that uncreative doesn’t always equate to bad. “Back to the basics” is a common phrase in our species for a reason. The actual circuit was made even tougher by the extra water weight PAX had to carry. Except for Special Sauce who treated us to a gun show. Though he should remember that some of us are still single and don’t want to fight for attention.

YHC cut the circuit short, so PAX could get in some hot bear crawling action on the tennis courts followed by group sit ups. It took a while, but the group finally figured out that following YHC’s cadence was the easiest way to get through it. As we were closing out, a certain PAX decided to make a tasteless jab at UNC. PAX were made to do 5 punishment burpees.

All in all, there wasn’t much notable mumblechatter. YHC made several comments about men taking ownership and stepping up to Q themselves in response to a few PAX’s derisive comments. Nevermind the aforementioned circumstances, YHC does expect more men to step up and Q. In 70 some days, we’ve only had 13 Qs. Take an active role, step up, and lead. This group isn’t about sitting on your ass and skating by – we’re here to become better men. One of the easiest ways to do that is taking the reigns for 45 minutes.

Diego, CMUs, and a Tree

PAX: Coach K, Oatmeal, Rump Roast, Icebox, Teasip, Alright Alright
QIC: F150

AO: Glencoe Park

Given in full from the website


Imperial Storm Troopers IC x19
Annie IC x20
Arm Circles IC x19 (both ways)
SSH IC x19 (go silent on 10 and see if we end together)




Winner choses a number which has our workout between rounds.

Rd 1
CMUs to bearcrawl out and back (2nd bench at the pavilion)
100 merkins
25 arm circles (both ways) OYO

Rd 2
Inch worms out and back (2nd bench at the pavilion)
150 overhead press w/ CMU
25 prisoner squats IC


Rd 3
CMUs to bearcrawl out and back (2nd bench at the pavilion)
200 LBCs
25 penguin crunch IC

Rd 4
Crabwalk out and back (2nd bench at the pavilion)
250 block curls
25 Big boy situps OYO

Rd 5
CMUs to bearcrawl out and back
300 Squats
25 sec stargazer

Not needed due to workout.

YHC shared I have been going through the book The Starfish and The Spider. I have been challenged through the book to be a catalyst, we all can be a catalyst in the lives of others around us. Look for opportunities to connect people at work our around us with others that will help project them forward.

There was much concern that YHC did not start off with SSHs. But you have to keep the PAX on their toes and never knowing where we will go. Afterwards there was little mumblechatter, it is either due to the workout, sleepy PAX, or everyone was too impressed with weather being nice in Dallas after a 30 degree week. Coach K did make a comment about not going around a tree and back, but that was settled among the PAX at some point YHC believes. Alright Alright went to encounter a Sad Clown who was bear crawling and working out on his own, however to YHCs knowledge said Sad Clown was not interested in joining the PAX. Great way to start the weekend men.



  1. Happy Hour Tonight

Monday Ruck Beatdown

PAX: Coach K, Oatmeal
QIC: F150

AO: Flag Pole Hill



Imperial Storm Troopers IC x19
Annie IC x18
Copperhead Squats IC x19

LBC IC x30
Freddie Mercury IC x10
Ruck Get Ups OYO x10 (laydown roll up and stand repeat)
Carolina Drydock IC x10
Copperhead Squats IC x10
Flutter Kicks IC x30
Squats IC Single Count x50
Merkins IC x20
.44 mile – down the hill and back
60 seconds Plank
10 Burpees OYO x10
.42 mile – to the flag pole loop and back
10 Burpees OYO x10
90 seconds Plank
Mountain Climbers IC x10
Ruck Get Ups OYO x10
Merkins OYO x10
Ruck Get Ups OYO x10
Carolina Drydock IC x5
60 seconds Plank


None was needed

Great job to the PAX who participated in the Texas Independence Day 18k. TCLAPS to Oatmeal for showing up on Monday ready to grind it out for another week. 21 men (including 6 FNGs, YHC was told) started and 19 completed the 1st F3 Dallas CSAUP event. Great job men! It goes to point out that the Shield Lock is important and works when we hold each other to showing up and HCing to F3.

Very little mumblechatter this gloom, it may have been due to the cold weather and wind, it could be do to it is early, or just lack there of. Coach K pointed out that YHC started the timer everyone was in position and then YHC started, he claims 10 seconds, but the timer said 3…none the less it was a good gloom. Coach K was able to get up 1 workout on Alright Alright now…he mentioned upon hearing from Alright Alright that he would not be there this morning Coach K decided he would definitely post.

None were given.

Texas Independence Day 18K

On March 2nd, 1836 60 men signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.  These men were true leaders that were moving their community to a place of advantage, and it took courageous disruption to do so.  As F3 men we should always be trying to emulate their leadership, so on March 2nd, 2019 we celebrated it.

19 men completed a grueling 4.75 hour beatdown to celebrate Texas Independence Day.  In that 4.75 hours we ran 6.3 miles, rucked 4.9 miles and did 120 minutes worth of boot camps (that added an additional 4+ miles). 3 other men were able to join us for the first 95 minutes which included 60 minutes of boot camps and 3.5 miles of running.

This is how it went down:

Reverchon Park led by Special Sauce


  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Imperial Storm Troopers
  • Don Quijotes
  • Burpees
  • Squats

Mosey to the benches.

  • Clay Makers x10 each leg
  • Bobby Hurleys x10
  • High Knees x20

Bernie Sanders (Backwards run) up the ramp.

4 Quarters:

  • 1st Quarter: run down the stairs and up the ramp, bear crawl the gap
  • 2nd Quarter: repeato
  • Halftime: Derkins x10, Dips x10, Irkins x10, Big/Little Scissors
  • 3rd Quarter: run down the ramp and up the stairs, lunge walk the gap
  • 4th Quarter: repeato

3 Minutes of Mary to finish.

Run 3.5 miles up the Katy Trail

  • Great opportunity for the PAX to get to know each other, and for significant amounts of mumblechatter.
  • DJ Icebox was the MVP for this portion as his playlist was “on point” as the kids would say.

Glencoe Park led by Teasip

Bear Crawl Mini Ladder:

  • Bear crawl forward touch the line, crawl bear back.  Done for 3 lines of increasing distance each time.
  • Repeato

TEXAS – sprints across the field between sets

  • Tony Hawk Burpees 8, then 1
  • Earhole Merkins 3, then 6
  • XYs 1, then 8
  • ATMs 3 rounds, then 3 rounds (Teasip originally called for 6, but Omaha-ed into something possible)
  • San Antonio Shuffle x5

Quick Break to Rehydrate/Refuel

Run 1.5 miles to Burleson Park

  • Lots of honking as we ran down Mockingbird, either due to Chairman Mao’s good looks or the fact that we were carrying an American flag and a Texas flag.

Burleson Park led by Icebox aka DJ Icebox

  • Halftime stretches – daisy pickers and hillbillies
  • Mony Mony – Back Plank with Dip on “Mony”
  • Yeah – Penguin Crunches with Alabama Prom Dates on “Yeah”
  • Mosey to 4th Level of Parking Deck
  • You Can Do It – Supermans with Merkins on “Do It”
  • Everyday We Lit – Freddie Mercurys with Rugby Sit-Ups on “Lit”

Run 1.3 miles to Caruth Park

  • Your humble correspondent’s legs were starting to really feel the pain at this point.

Caruth Park led by Alright Alright

  • Enough time was left for Icebox to lead one more exercise so he chose River – Side Straddle Hops with Burpees on “River”
  • Slaughter Starter aka 20 burpees
  • Partner up for Wheelbarrows – Wheelbarrow length of the field, 10 merkin toll to switch
  • Bonnie Blairs x20 each leg
  • Wheelbarrow back – same toll as before
  • Jacob’s Ladder – run length of field, Burpees 5 to 1, Monkey Humpers 1 to 5
  • Circle of Pain – Burpees x5, Lunges x10, Burpees x5, Imperial Storm Troopers x15, Burpees x5, Merkins x20, Burpees x5, Plank Jacks x25, Burpees x5
  • Circle of Trust – The goal of this particular beatdown was to celebrate all 60 High Impact Men that signed the Texas Declaration of Independence by completing 60 burpees.
  • Load up on H2O, Gatorade and Snacks

Ruck 4.9 miles from Caruth Park to Reverchon Park

  • #Tclaps to Bandito for running ahead of the group and then running back to us three times.  He added an additional 5 miles.
  • #Tclaps to Teen Wolf who carried 60 pounds and didn’t flinch.
  • This was a great time for some #SecondF. The following are just a few of the topics covered:
    • Management Consulting
    • Life in the Navy, specifically on submarines
    • Which Chewy bars are best
    • Bubba’s – should we stop to get cinnamon rolls or not?
    • Red Dirt Country 101 for FNG Tickler
    • Josh Abbott is kind of a jerk according to PAX with insider knowledge
    • Location of Gonzaga
    • Can Pepper make it back to Reverchon or will he have to stop for a bathroom break?
    • How many calories can we afford to consume at Katy Trail Ice House?
    • FNG Tickler’s upcoming Ultra Marathon

Final Circle of Trust

  • YHC gave a predictably lengthy speech about each of the men challenging themselves to be High Impact Men that are trying to change their community the way the signatories of the Texas Declaration of Independence impacted theirs.


  • FNG Michael Stafford was named Cabana Boy because he owns a pool business
  • FNG Jeff Godon was named Caterpillar initially because of his mustache, but that was changed to Tickler immediately following the workout
  • FNG Robey Clark was named _____ (YHC can not remember what the initial name was), but after much discussion afterwards the PAX decided that we should change his name to Cookie based on the film, Men of Honor.  Both Cookies were Navy divers.
  • FNG Anthony Sexton was named Prime Rib, mostly because Rump Roast EH’ed him.

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Ant Man, Oatmeal, Walmart, Boomer, Rump Roast, Pepper, Chairman Mao, Sally, Bandito, Teen Wolf, Cabana Boy, Tickler, Cookie, Prime Rib

QIC: Special Sauce, Teasip, Icebox, Alright Alright

JACOBS LADDER Jacob’s Ladder

PAX: Icebox, Aaarrrggghhh, Teasip, Trickle, Oatmeal, Coach K, Belk Bowl, Special Sauce

QIC: Alright Alright


SSH x20

IST x15

Tha Thang:

Jacob’s Ladder of the following exercises with a run across the football field each time.

Jumping Spiders

Aussie Burpees

Carolina Dry Docks

Overhead Claps




Alabama Prom Dates


Dancing Chilcutts


Rugby Sit Ups

No one completed the beatdown. But we covered some serious mileage and got stronger.

FNG: Cody Ragan – toss-up between Trickle (Trickle Down Economics) and Socrates (Philosophy Major). He voted for Socrates, so now he is Trickle.

Taper Week Part 1

Rucking PAX: Ant Man, Coach K, F150, Icebox, Oatmeal

Running PAX: Mile High, Pepper, Sally

Mutts: Boo, Eli, Maverick
QIC: Alright Alright

AO: Flag Pole Hill
2.77 mile ruck. We rucked down the east face of the hill, around the front, worked our way along Northwest Highway, turned right onto Lawther, left onto Goforth, up the hill on Goforth, right onto White Rock Trail, then followed it home.

5 mile run. Boo dragged Pepper to a 7:28 pace. Not sure how the others finished.

Conversation was interesting as always.  Discussed basketball, vegetables, babies acting as alarms, etc.

1. Enter miles for Run Ranger Run
2. TID 18K is on Saturday.  Meet at Reverchon Park at 0645.