Coach K takes us back

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x25
IST x20
Squats x10
Merkins x10

Mosey to Garage

Partner 1 starts bear crawling up 4 ramps while Partner 2 completes 10 squats, 10 hand release merkins, and 10 WWII SUs before running up to top, and then meets up with P1.

P2 picks up with the bear crawl while P1 runs to the start for the 30 reps before running to the top and catching up to P2. Repeato.

After each partner bear crawls switch to lunges, then crab walks, inch worms, walking, bear crawls, and duck walk. Repeato until the PAX start staging a mutiny.

LBCs x20
Pingvin Crunch x20
Heels to Heaven x15

PAX: Podcast, Pepper, Ant Man, Shake weight, F150, Oo-De-Lally, Teasip
QIC: Coach K

Praying for Podcast’s friend and their baby. He is dealing with heart issues, but the parents were finally able to take him home this week.

In full disclosure, I came up this workout with the sole intention of creating a situation where I didn’t have to talk to anyone at 0530 on a Friday. I knew it’d split up the group and be too cardio intensive for people to get a word in on a morning I really wanted to be alone. While I keep to myself and (according to some PAX) silently judge people, I am grateful to have y’all around. I don’t show up in the mornings for the workouts; I do it to be around y’all. It’s been a long ass year since I moved trying to adjust, but y’all’re definitely one of the best things to happen. Glad to be a part of this for however much longer I’m around. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lock these feelings back in a box where they belong…not sure how they got out.

YHC brought back his infamous bridge workout for his one year F3 anniversary Q. While nothing compared to the 200 burpees, it’s definitely a ball buster. With no bridge in sight, we took to the garage for the circuit. YHC did contemplate running over to Mockingbird Station, which is only 1 mile away but spared the PAX on this rainy Saturday.

YHC was once again honored to have Pepper post to YHCs Q and not any of AlrightAlright’s 3 this week (even though one was originally his but minor details). It’s not a competition, but I like to point it out anyways.

Early mumblechatter about the legs being dead after those Bonnie Blairs. There is still a lot of debate on the validity of the 16 min ironpax times, but to each their own. We debated doing it on Saturday next week just to have a day to recover afterwards.

Teasip and I had some great second F time during the thang while waiting for an even number to show up. Most comments were directed at my previous Q, but I feel like those were deserved.

Not too much mumblechatter given the nature of the workout (see COT below) except for some comments and groans here and there as we all trudged along.

F150 made a good point in asking if anyone had heard from Eruzione since the indictment of the Russian spies. While he has been active on Band, we agreed it was a bot.

As promised, there were no burpees. But now with the Fort’s challenge, I think y’all’ll reevaluate my burpee Q.

5 PAX made it to Bubbas where Ant Man started off strong with some nice jabs at the Baylor crew. Discussed how to work the system in getting out of household chores and Oo-De-Lally’s old maid Marla (probably make a great F3 name at some point). Otherwise, there was a lot of football talk as we’re all eagerly awaiting kickoff in a couple weeks.

1. Memphis GoRuck in September (see F150)

F3 Dallas Rucks 2.5

AO: Flag Pole Hill

2.5ish miles in a little less than 45 minutes because we had to wait for Pepper. He thought about gladiating but wised up just in time.

PAX: AlrightAlright, Ant Man (w/ Eli), Ina, Oatmeal, Pepper (w/ Boo)
QIC: Oo-De-Lally

YHC prayed us out, asking God to help us be leaders in our daily lives.

Good conversation this morning. Ant Man and Eli joined me for a post workout breakfast at Dallas Diner, where the poor woman working was terrified of Eli but came through with some bacon for him.

1. 2nd F Friday, August 10 at Ozona, M’s welcome and encouraged.

Go to Teasip beatdown

AO: Glencoe Park

SSH x20
IST x10
Reach backs/Cotton Pickers/Daisy Pickers x10
Don Quixote x10

Mosey to the tennis court for a morning of suicides with some workouts as the PAX came back to each line

Bearway to Heaven
Increasing Merkins (run to first line and back, 1 merkin, run to second line and back, 2 merkins, etc.)

Decreasing Plank Jacks (run to far line and back, 9 plank jacks, run to second far line and back, 8 plank jacks, etc.)

Quick break for some Mary: LBC x20, Penguin crunch x15

Continue with suicides, increasing Iron Hulk

Decreasing IST suicide

Burpee suicide with one burpee each time the PAX comes back to the starting line

Wrap up with a normal suicide and then some Mary.

Uptown Crunch x12
Rosalita x15

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, AlrightAlright, Coach K, Eruzione, F150, Oo-De-Lally, Pepper, Belk Bowl
QIC: Teasip

Teasip prayed us out.

Some criticism from AlrightAlright during the warm up, wondering if this was going to be a Yoga workout. That was replaced by groaning from the PAX at the announcement of Bearway to Heaven, which has apparently become a staple of YHC’s workouts. Not much mumblechatter during the rest of the workout which was probably due to the PAX trying to catch their breath and the constant running.

1. July 26 – Scotch Night
2. Aug. 10 – Happy Hour
3. Sept. 21-23 – GROWRuck12 in Memphis

AlrightAlright Tour De France

AO: Burleson Park


Stage – Style – Exercise – Category – Winner – Most Aggressive
1 Flat – SSH x20 Burpees x10 – Sprint – Special Sauce – N/A
2 Flat – IST x15 T-Merkins x15 – Sprint – Coach K – N/A
3 Team Time-Trial – Each Member of Team Must Lead a Lap – Team – Team BMH – Icebox
4 Flat – Monkey Humpers x10 World War I Sit Ups x15 – Sprint – Special Sauce – N/A
5 Hilly – Bear Crawl Down and Back – Sprint – Special Sauce – N/A
6 Hilly – Crawl Bear Down and Back – Sprint – Special Sauce – Coach K
7 Flat – Box Jumps x15 – Sprint – Coach K – Radio
8 Flat – Sprint – Sprint – Special Sauce – Ant Man
9 Hilly – Crab Walk from benches to crosswalk – Sprint – Coach K – Teasip
10 Mountain – 10 Bobby Hurleys and run to the top and back – Climb – Chairman Mao – Ina
11 Mountain – Burpees x5 Lunges x10 IST x15 run to the top and back – Climb – Chairman Mao – Teasip
12 Mountain – Merkins x20 Plank Jacks x25 run to the top and back – Climb – Coach K – Chairman Mao
13 Flat – 12 Dips 12 Derkins 12 Irkins – Sprint – Special Sauce – N/A
14 Hilly – Bear Crawl Up One Ramp Run Up the Next – Climb – Chairman Mao – Special Sauce
15 Hilly – Run Up 2 Ramps and Back Down – Climb – Special Sauce – Chairman Mao
16 Flat – Run to Pull Up Bars and do 10 Pull Ups – Sprint – F-150 – Ant Man
17 Flat – Team Laps… first person to finish – Team – Team BMH – Pepper


PAX: Ant Man, Coach K, Pepper, Special Sauce, Icebox, Ina, F150, Chairman Mao, Oo-De-Lally, Plus One, Teasip, FNG: Radio
QIC: AlrightAlright


Yellow Jersey Winner (Best Overall): Special Sauce
Polka Dot Jersey Winner (Best Climber): Chairman Mao
Green Jersey Winner (Best Sprinter): Coach K
White Jersey Winner (Best Over Age 40): Ina
Team Winner: Team BMH – Icebox, Pepper, Plus One

Stage Winners:
Special Sauce: 7; Coach K: 4; Chairman Mao: 3; Icebox, Pepper, Plus One: 2; F150: 1

12 PAX gathered to compete in the Second Annual F3 Dallas Tour de France (YHC showed up to officiate). The race did not disappoint, as all of the PAX gave the maximum effort throughout the workout. Everyone competed for stage victories and made each stage exciting. There were a couple controversial stage results, which aligns perfectly with the actual Tour de France. Special Sauce grabbed the lead early with multiple sprint stage victories and the lead was insurmountable for the climbing specialist Chairman Mao. One of the climbing favorites prior to the race was Pepper, unfortunately he spent too much energy in the sprint stages, and even gave up some extra calories along the way. The climbs certainly had the feel of le Tour, and it showed on the faces of the competitors as they neared the summit each time. This was a heck of a workout for Special Sauce to bring an FNG to, but Radio was strong throughout. Welcome to this crazy brotherhood.

1. Happy Hour
2. Shirts

Happy 4th F3 Dallas

AO: Caruth Park

AlrightAlright and other PAX were really impatient and couldn’t wait to get to the main set of excersizes, so the warm up was cut short:

SSH x 15
IST x 15
Overhead claps x 15

1776 yard (1.01 miles) run – 1.5 laps around Caruth Park, then go to the soft top.

Partner up and do the following:
100 Merkins
100 LBCs
100 Maroccan Nightclubs
100 pullups
100 Squats
100 Mountain Climbers
100 plank Jacks
100 Overhead Claps
100 Dips
100 Leg Scissors
100 Stepups
100 American Hammers
100 Shoulder Taps
100 High Knees
100 SSH

2 x bear crawl across tennis court and back
76 burpees


PAX: Aaarrrggghhh , AlrightAlright, Coach K, Icebox, Ina, Sambuca, Pepper, Teasip, Shake weight, Special Sauce
QIC: Eruzione

Prayed for our country and for everyone who fought hard to give us the freedom we have today.

11 PAX gathered this morning for patriotic 1776 beatdown at Caruth Park.

1776 Patriot Games workout got originally started by F3 Suncoast last year. This year,
at least 4 other F3 regions joined in this new holiday tradition. F3Dallas is one of them.

1. Happy hour at Top Golf next Friday

Cardio Tuesday with DJ Icebox

AO: Glencoe Park

Side Straddle Hops
Imperial Storm Troopers

Native American Burpee Mile (1/4 mile + 12 burpees X 4)

Partnered up, P1 does a perpetual 5X5 of swirkens, pull-ups, and squats while P2 runs a 1/2 mile. Repeated

We didn’t move as fast as I had planned, was hoping to get some sprints in under the lights, hopefully next time

Falco, Rock Me Amadeus – flutter kicks + rugby sit-ups with “Amadeus”
Lil Jon, Bia Bia – penguin crunch + Alabama prom date with “Bia”
Cardi B, I Like It – Freddy Mercury’s + LBC’s with “like”

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, AlrightAlright, Pepper, Oo-De-Lally, F150, Teasip, Splash, Coach K, Special Sauce; FNG: JoJo
QIC: Icebox


I’ve taken splash’s feedback and will do more warmup next time he’s at one of my Q’s (at the rate we’re going at it’ll only be twice a year). Didn’t hear a lot of mumblechatter, once again starting with a burpee mile gassed a few of the PAX out

1. July 13 – Happy Hour at Top Golf
2. 4th of July workout tomorrow at Caruth Park 07:00
3. F3 Dallas shirts pre-order is currently open until July 13th.


Stars & Stripes

AO: Burelson Park

SSH X 20
ISS X 20
High Kicks
High Knees
Butt Kicks
IT Stretch
Inch Worms
50 Yard Runs (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

Tennis courts were occupied so we mosey to fountain

Partner Wheelbarrow Walks
Holding Right Leg Only ½ then switch to holding left leg only for other half
Both legs held on the way back.
Each partner X2

Mosey across the street for Stars and Stripes
Stripes = Run down to the far end of the walk way and back (Roughly 100yds each way)
Stars = Star Burpeess, Jack Merkins, American Hammers, WWsitups
Partners combined to run 13 stripes and 50 of each Star exercise.

Irkins, Dirkins & Dips
2 Sets IC – 10/5

Mosey over to the wrong set of stairs, but nonetheless we found some stairs.
Single Legs Stair Jumps X 10/leg – Rinse and repeat 5x per leg

Alternating Bench Planks – 20×2 IC

Mosey Back to Soft Top

Hanging Knee Tucks 3×10, Planks in between sets
60 seconds of rotating flutter kicks to get us to 0800

PAX: Podcast, Oo-De-Lally, AlrightAlright, Teasip, Pepper, Coach K, Sir-Mix-A lot
QIC: Special Sauce

Special Sauce prayed us out. Thankful for 🇺🇸 and our freedom, safe holiday week for everyone.

The 13 down and back stripes ended up being way more difficult than anticipated. PAQ agreed if it were to be repeated again, each length of the run should count as one stripe. Had some great Remember the Titans movie quotes going during the “stars” portion. Thanks to AlrightAlright for misguiding us when looking for a set of stairs, should’ve listened to Teasip . Pepper was not a fan of the rotating flutter kicks, he appreciates the purity of the standard flutter.


I thought we did legs yesterday

AO: Burleson Park

SSHs x 15
Sprinkler x 10
Hillbillies x 10
Sumo Squats x 10
Merkins x 10

Mosey to tennis courts
Burpee Dan
Midline Suicide

Egyptian walk to the parking deck – Indian run but PAX lunge walk while PAX at back sprints to the front
Indian run to the top of the parking deck
DORA – 100 WW2 sit-ups, 200 merkins, 300 flutter kicks

Mosey to the benches
Dirty Mc Deuce – Irkins, Dips, Claymakers, derkins
Ring of fire with step ups around the fountain after the first set, run to the soft top after the second.

Sweat angels x 10
LBCs x 15
Rosalita x 15
Freddy mercuries x 15

PAX: Ant Man, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Eruzione, F150, Icebox, Podcast, Special Sauce
QIC: Pepper


9 PAX met for the Saturday morning beatdown. Pepper led the grumbling about Coach K Friday workout and how much the legs hurt, only to realize today’s beatdown was leg intensive as well. The newness and fun of Chumbawumbaburpee has seemed to have worn off, but always a great way to get the heart rate up. Chairman Mao was skeptical of the Egyptian walk and length, but it went surprisingly well. DORA was modified to exclude legs and double the abs. Music was provided to make the time pass. PAX was unsurprisingly quiet with our fearless leader AlrightAlright absent and Special Sauce had no one to keep him company out front. 5 PAX went for coffeteria after to witness the payoff of the Icebox and Podcast bet, followed by a discussion of the addicting qualities of fortnite, Podcast last day at NASA, and marketing scams/social media privacy agreements.


Bear Crawls and the track

AO: La Madeleine (#thegraveyard)

SSH x20
IST x20

Mosey to track, start at midpoint of straight away.
Run to start of turn.
Bear crawl the turn.
Run to midpoint.
25 merkins.
Run to start of turn.
Lunge walk the turn.
Run to midpoint.
25 Squats.
Repeato for 4 laps

Mosey back to La Madeleine


PAX: AlrightAlright, Boomer, Pepper, Teasip
QIC: Coach K


Was nonplussed and honored to see Pepper at Coach K’s Q. AlrightAlright was a little bitter he was not at his Q yesterday, but I guess you can’t win them all.

Pepper informed us that the HP jail serves Bubbas to inmates making us consider the cost-benefit of hopping the fence to workout in the Mustang stadium. However, we opted to be law-abiding citizens.

Early complaints about the actual Q. That was the last of the #mumblechatter as everyone focused on the beatdown, which was more mental than anything. The bear crawls were an immediate buzz kill, but I knew Teasip was secretly excited about them because I didn’t lie about the quantity.

Coach K admitted that while bad, his beatdowns weren’t quite as difficult as AlrightAlright’s. BOOMER claimed that to be in the same sentence with his Qs was bad enough. Fair point.

We found a slaughtered bird in the La Madeleine parking lot leading us to joke about the death of #thenest and jokingly called La Madeleine #thegraveyard. Which was fitting given the low numbers of PAX this week. Dared BOOMER to touch the bird to no avail and then prayed us out.

1. #SecondF Ticket Summer Bash at AA’s pool at 1645/1700ish tonight.
2. Vote on shirt design on BAND.

Where all the PAX at

AO: Katy Trail

SSH x15
Hillbillies x15
Monkey humpers x15
Calf raises x20

Mosey to trail with karaoke en route

6 burpees
Carolina dry docks x10
Overhead claps x20
QM – scout run (mosey pace while PAX in the lead sprints ahead 30 steps then sprints back to the back of the line)
Alabama prom dates x20
Dancing bears (sic ’em) in cadence x10 (start on all fours in bear crawl position, 1-lift right arm and left leg to uncomfortable height, 2-return, 3-opposite arm/leg, 4-return)
Calf raises x25
QM – first half was speed skaters/dutch skate in a line, second half was regular run
Pickle pounders x20
Calf raises x19 because YHC fell off the platform
CDD x10
OHC x20
6 burpees OYO

Meander half way back because YHC’s legs were toast, mosey the second half back

Mary was delayed due to the pre-beatdown #Chippendale of AlrightAlright and Eli and concerns over bare backs on concrete. YHC was gracious in his waiting.
Hello Dollies x10
LBC x10

PAX: AlrightAlright, Pepper, Eli
QIC: Oo-De-Lally

AlrightAlrightgave the PAX permission to not touch his back, which was appreciated. You coulda laid sod back there. YHC prayed us out and expressed thanks for the men of F3 and how they push him and all the rest of the crew to get better and be better.

Seems as though Pepper did a number on the collective yesterday as we had a low turnout this morning. That or YHC’s previous #katytrailthursday gave them a run for their money, though my money is on the former. Despite warnings given by Pepper no merlot was splashed after he consumed a sleeve of Chips Ahoy last night. The usual burpee grumbling. Speed/dutch skates were supposed to last a full QM but an #Omaha was necessary. When describing the start position for CDD the phrase “face down butt* up” was used but was not taken farther than this. The scout run seemed to be a hit. Pretty sure an elderly woman heard a bit more than she wanted to while AlrightAlright was explaining a pickle pounder to Eli.

1. 3rdF on Saturday – Second Saturday – June 9th – Chairman Mao is your Q for this event.
2. 2ndF Happy Hour – Friday – Pepper is the Q, Ozona’s at 5 pm, M’s are invited and encouraged to attend.
3. F3 Gear Q Coach K – Artistic PAX should submit F3 Dallas logo designs him. Be on the lookout for a poll with designs in the coming weeks.
4. GoRuck conversations on BAND about this fall.
5. Lake Highlands PM workouts coming soon.