Jacob’s Ladder to Hell

DATE: 4/20/19

PAX: Coach Knight (FNG), Coach K, Icebox, Podcast, Sally, Gold Digger, Chairman Mao, Ina, Teasip, Sex Panther, Plus One, Pepper, Rump Roast, Pow Pow, Mile High
QIC: Alriht Alright

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x25

IST x15

Carolina Dry Docks x10

Monkey Humpers x5

Fast Mosey to Parking Garage – Plank Jacks while waiting for the six

Jacob’s Ladder: run to the top of the garage, 7:1 nipplers, run to the bottom, 1:7 Bonnie Blairs

Pick up the six, flutter kicks, plank jacks, mountain climbers and plankorama

Irkins x10

Derkins x5

Mosey to Park

Team BLIMPS: Partner 1 runs, partner 2 does exercise, flapjack and repeato (50 Burpees, 100 Lunges, 150 Imperial Storm Troopers, 200 Merkins, 250 Plank Jacks, 300 Squats) – no team made it past merkins, Sally/Coach Knight and Podcast/Icebox were closest.

Burpees x10

Plenty if you ran to the front of the group

YHC prayed a thankful Easter prayer.

Coach K brought his dad, also Brian, to the beatdown today.  We naturally named him Coach Knight because Bobby Knight was Mike Krzyzewski’s mentor.

We said farewell to Mile High yesterday and wish him the best as he and his family move to Aberdeen, Mississippi this week. Mile High has always been thinking about the best way to grow F3 Dallas and to impact the PAX and the community. He is truly a #HIM and he will be greatly missed.

Not much mumblechatter today as the PAX got pretty spread out during the Jacob’s Ladder, but the PAX were constantly encouraging each other as they ran past each other in the garage.  They were also supportive in picking up the six. To keep PAX of all fitness levels #accelerating we need workouts like this, but if the group spreads out the guys at the front have to pick up the six. Everyone gets stronger in that situation.

A massive group went to breakfast at the greatest #coffeteria AO in F3 Nation, Bubba’s.  We sat outside in the sun and enjoyed some great #SecondF.  We discussed workouts, golf, The Ticket, California vs. Texas, Sally’s job search, Pepper’s job search, and countless other topics.

You Can Only Get Wet Once

PAX: AlrightAlright, Ant Man, Chairman Mao, F150, FracSac (NOLA), Ina, MySpace (FNG), Oatmeal, Pepper, Podcast, Sally, Special Sauce, Teasip, Thunderlips

QIC: Coach K (aka Batman)
AO: Burleson Park

Mosey to nearby quad for 19 SSH and 20 IST (1920 was the first rivalry matchup between Duke and Carolina).
Mosey to next quad for 10 Irkens and 20 Flutter Kicks
Mosey to track

Tha Thang:
Catch me if you can with 6 merkins (one for each Carolina natty)

Jacob’s Ladder up and down bleachers with 7 squats and 1 burpee (8 miles of Tobacco Road between Duke and Carolina).

Cue torrential downpour during mosey to main quad. Stop in the road for some Tunnel of Love. Sprint to parking garage upon lightning strike. Sprint harder at the onset of some serious hail.

Say what’s poppin’ to AlrightAlright (bear crawled entire workout due to injury) as storm subsided. Collect the six and mosey to park.

8 rounds:
6 pull ups; 6 burpees; 24 mountain climbers; 6 turkish get ups; lap around tennis courts

Mosey to tennis courts for some bear crawl action and wrap up the morning with team sit-ups. Oh and 5 punishment burpees for Podcast running his mouth.

YHC tried coming in with a more positive vibe and energy and tried to keep the pace very fast and upbeat all morning. YHC immediately took the group on a run to a nearby field before starting the warm-up much to the shock of the PAX. We finally made our way to the track and YHC reiterated the disclaimer given the numerous hurdles (literal hurdles) scattered all over the track. A couple PAX were kind enough to move them as they got to them – no PAX, to my knowledge, ran into a hurdle. As we started the Jacob’s Ladder, the drizzle started and YHC became painfully aware that he didn’t check the weather. Sorry not sorry.

The Jacob’s Ladder was pretty quiet bar some jabs here and there. As we started moseying towards the quad, the sky fell out. PAX were trapped in an awkward spot with no shelter, and as YHC put it: “You can only get wet once”. YHC made the bold decision to do a very wet tunnel of love much to the PAX’s chagrin. PAX were very derisive – an attitude that would pervade the rest of the workout. That said, PAX were compliant and we moseyed on. After lightning struck, we started a straight line towards the parking garage. About halfway there, PAX were treated to chunks of hail. Special Sauce led the sprint to the garage while a few others took immediate shelter. Hurt like hell.

We ran into AlrightAlright who was doing his bear crawl workout – he ultimate traveled between 2-2.5 miles (garage through off some metrics). Regardless, very impressive and hats off to him. Like a true West Texas storm, it came and went in a matter of minutes, so the scheduled workout resumed as planned. PAX were led back to the park for a Hero circuit. Several PAX began to accuse YHC of running out of ideas and being uncreative. By the third lap they were sucking wind, so hopefully they came to the realization that uncreative doesn’t always equate to bad. “Back to the basics” is a common phrase in our species for a reason. The actual circuit was made even tougher by the extra water weight PAX had to carry. Except for Special Sauce who treated us to a gun show. Though he should remember that some of us are still single and don’t want to fight for attention.

YHC cut the circuit short, so PAX could get in some hot bear crawling action on the tennis courts followed by group sit ups. It took a while, but the group finally figured out that following YHC’s cadence was the easiest way to get through it. As we were closing out, a certain PAX decided to make a tasteless jab at UNC. PAX were made to do 5 punishment burpees.

All in all, there wasn’t much notable mumblechatter. YHC made several comments about men taking ownership and stepping up to Q themselves in response to a few PAX’s derisive comments. Nevermind the aforementioned circumstances, YHC does expect more men to step up and Q. In 70 some days, we’ve only had 13 Qs. Take an active role, step up, and lead. This group isn’t about sitting on your ass and skating by – we’re here to become better men. One of the easiest ways to do that is taking the reigns for 45 minutes.

Carolinas Take Over

PAX: Isaiah, Oatmeal, Pepper, Plus One, Podcast, Teasip, Rump Roast, Special Sauce, Walmart
QIC: AlrightAlright, Coach K

AO: Burleson

SSH x20
IST x15

Alright Alright –

Dora with LBCs (200), Bicycles (400), Flutter Kicks (600). Other PAX runs across football field and back.

Mosey to tennis court for bear crawl paint the lines (2 courts). Jacob’s ladder with burpees. Another bear crawl paint the lines (2 courts).

Coach K –

Two teams race to get sandbag via tunnel of love and bring it back via overhead passes. Complete 2 races.

Dirty McUno (half a Dirty McDeuce) with one-legged Irkens, burpees, dips, and wall-sits.

Lance Armstrong x24

Prayers for Sally, et al heading to Haiti for the week

Three started the fun early with a 3 mile run prior to the beatdown. PAX are starting to prep for the CSAUP event in March; ironically, the three PAX that ran this morning were the last three that need to train for it.

YHC and Alright Alright double-teamed the Q so PAX could get plenty of cardio in light of YHC’s lingering injury. Due to a mix-up of clocks (PAX can vote whether Special Sauce’s or AA’s watch was more accurate), the disclaimer was given twice resulting in light-hearted head-bashing between the Qs to kick off the beatdown.

AA provided plenty of cardio for the PAX but was kind enough to stay close enough for the injured YHC and Oatmeal to remain with the group and feel a part of the team – a leader if there ever was one. There wasn’t a whole lot of mumblechatter throughout the Dora, but it seemed to pick up when they moseyed to the tennis courts as AA kept pushing the slackers along during paint the lines. YHC and Oatmeal could hear from a distance while setting up for my part of the Q. Halfway through the workout, Podcast decided to bail on his fellow PAX. He had a reasonable excuse, but YHC is still bitter after last week and feels compelled to call him out.

1 minute prior to time, AA relinquished control. YHC knows it pained him to his core and appreciates the sacrifice, though the competitions that followed more than made up for it. All PAX were on board for the team competition, but only the Qs were genuinely excited for the Tunnel of Love portion. Nothing sparks mumblechatter quite like mentioning something PAX hate, and then listening to their sweet moans and groans. Round one ended with YHC’s team taking the victory, but AA’s team took round two. Granted, their sandbag ripped, so results are under audit.

To wrap things up, YHC led an homage to the tripod brothers (Oatmeal and YHC both with injured ankles) with a series of one-legged exercises. PAX didn’t see the big deal until forced to do one-legged burpees. We wrapped up with the ultimate lopsided exercise…Lance Armstrong.

YHC didn’t make it to Bubba’s but AA is free to add in anything missed during his portion of the workout or Coffeeteria. YHC is grateful for his help today and over the years, and PAX shouldn’t be surprised if we team up for another co-Q. Duke-Carolina game perhaps?

1. Texas Independence Day 18K #TID18K is set for March 2nd

Chairman’s Inferno

QIC: Chairman Mao

Dad bod challenge 2/10 for Ant Man

13 Pax braved the cold winds of judecca to meet El Diablo this morning. 9 different pax led some portion of today’s workout circling through the rings of Dante’s Inferno. Pre-workout discussion was Podcast pulling ahead of Ant Man in the standings only for him to magically appear as we were warming up.

Rump Roast got us warmed up with some exercises that Pax couldn’t decide if it was the warmup or his ring of terror. He offered some confusing counting, which Alright couldn’t handle but YHC always approves of bad counting.

It seemed appropriate for Alright to handle the Lust stage near the Tri Delt house, his former HQ. He developed his own Tunnel of Lust which resulted in a few pax being crushed while bear crawling. We then worked on some pickle pounders.

Ina channeled his Inner candy man to lead us through candy inspired workouts. A Pax chose a candy then a workout followed. Personal favorite was the kit Kat. 8 burpees take a break 8 burpees.

Sally then took the helm and got to use his nolan ryan exercise that he brought up in Q Source on Wednesday. Pax were somewhat angry about the cold.

Teasip of Prestige Worldwide / Succees Group International, had us get greedy for some coins. With two groups crawling, lunging, and running to pick up the most coins with the losing team doing burpees. No data was provided to prove these coins were not taken from Investors.

YHC then took over, having originally planned for this portion to be in front of SMU’s church. Unfortunately we never left the playground; so, we ended up on the tennis courts. Burning at the stake was a common punishment for heretics back in the days when Moonshine was a teenager. It seemed appropriate to try and light the pax’s quads on fire with a modified wall sit. We then had Alright and the rest of us offer repentance to the one true band Queen in from of squats, lunges, and Freddy mercuries.

Coach K then brought us to the baseball field for some no handed sumo wrestling. Matches were hotly contested leading to our Avengers Civil War moment of Podcast vs. Coach K. Unfortunately Coach K suffered Gods wrath for our voyage into Hell and joined Oatmeal in the wounded Ankle club. YHC and the rest of the Pax are hoping for a swift recovery for them both.

Plus One , a student of Bernie Maddof, promised us great returns on our investment in his workout. We were able to live through the pain of all the money mr madoff took during the workout. YHC wonders how can he be a madoff if he didn’t make off with all the money 🤔

El Diable de Sauce was helping assist to the wounded Coach K; so, Boomer “we’re backkkk” took us out with some Ab work and general punishment.

Finally YHC prayed us out and reminded everyone to EH and be grateful for everything they have in their lives.

Post-Workout Highlights

@Special Sauce earned the Millennial of the Week award for needing to go home to watch the dog; so, his wife could go to Yoga. YHC isn’t sure if he was planning on avocado toast for lunch as well.

On the subject of Dogs, Teasip suggested that dogs be left in their crate; so, they could think about what is the meaning of being a dog.

Finally BOOMER offered an HSS that House of Cards is based on the Clintons.

No report on what was discussed at the little kids table of Plus One and Ant Man

Until next time
– Da Chairman #backblast

Greek Day

PAX: Chairman Mao, AlrightAlright, Coach K, Special Sauce, Podcast, Rump Roast, Plus One, Splash, Isaiah
Assistant QIC: Icebox
QIC: Sally

AO: Burleson Park

SSH IC x 20
IST IC x 20

Start with ALPHA -modified Dora on the tennis court – one partner runs suicides while the other completes reps
lternating shoulder taps x 50
Leg lifts x 100
Plank jacks x 150
High knees x 100
Air squats x 50

Mosey to track

Attempted sprint work:
Partner up, sprint in opposite directions on the track until meet each other; mosey in opposite direction until meet again; repeato x 3.

Bleachers, every other staircase

Mosey back to finish with OMEGA modified Dora
Overhead claps x 50
Merkins x 100
Elf on a shelf x 150
Gorilla squats x 100
Arm circles x 50

“Bring Sally Up” with Homer to Marge – play the song “Flower” by Moby, Marge every time hear “Bring Sally up,” Homer every time hear “Bring Sally down”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A2V9Bu80J4

Prayed for guidance and faith in the things we are each supposed to be doing. Asked for help submitting ourselves and making ourselves second after God, third after our community

The decently-anticipated Greek Day Saturday started off with complete absence of activity in the Greek houses, apart from one plastic table set up in front of the AΦ house. This was a harbinger – PAX saw no activity and heard no chants throughout the rest of the workout. Perhaps the call had not yet gone out to all the angels..

During ALPHA, it was quickly realized that DORA with suicides at each line would take too long for the runner to help out his fellow PAX; lines were modified to the Big 4 (middle of court 1, midline between the courts, middle of court 2, and endline).

During the long mosey, PAX began to get spread out. Tclaps to everyone for watching the 6, supporting where necessary, doing burpees/merkins/planks to keep us all together.

Arriving at the track for sprint work, YHC realized he had not thought of his exercise correctly; the original idea would’ve had all PAX sprinting for 10+ minutes; this was deemed less-than-ideal and modified to the description above, although the transition induced much confusion and required much help from other PAX to figure out.

Other quick-hits:
Bleachers are very slippery when wet.
The Exicon contains very few “E” exercises.
“Flower” lasts a long time and just repeats over and over and over; many jokes made about the song actually having started over without PAX realizing it.

Through the workout confusion, YHC solidified some leadership lessons: 1. Always prepare, or prepare to fail. 2. If something is not working, change it. 3. Support/outside input is crucial, no matter whom is the leader.
He is grateful to all those who helped.

DJ Icebox is far in the lead for assistant Q of the year. YHC requested him to bring tunes; he not only executed this perfectly, he also stepped in as Sua Sponte leader during PAX separation and on the other side of the tennis court.

YHC believes all 12 of us made it to the coffeeteria afterward. Our side of the table discussed football (including Cowboys hope and Bears remorse) and travelling, other side started with discussion of PAX social media followers, which PAX believe is led by Special Sauce with 600+.

During The Gathering, YHC overheard AlrightAlright “looks like a warm hat, new guy” to unidentified PAX; welcomed him as FNG during disclaimer, was enlightened this PAX was Podcast. Kotters.

#Tclaps to Rump Roast for running what he said was maybe the most he has run since high school. Stuck it out strung during all the running.

1. RRR February