Half way point of F3 Dallas Olympiad

THE SCENE: 43 light rain
AO: Burleson Park
SSH x25
ISTs x12
Hillbillies x12

Mosey to the Parking Deck

Iron Hulk – 1:4 ratio of Merkins to OH Air Press. Ascending to 10:40 ratio.

Burpee Back Mountain – Partner up, one partner runs backwards up two ramps/one level of parking garage and then back down, while the other partner performs burpees. Flapjack. Continue until 100 cumulative burpees.

Ring of Fire – Flutter kicks, 120 reps
Ring of Fire – Makhtar N’Diaye, 60 reps

Lt. Dan modification – 1:4 ratio lunges to T-merkins. Lunge walk up two levels of parking deck.

Scissor kicks

Mosey out to bench area

Dirty McDeuce (4 exercises, 12 reps, 3x)
Isolated lunges, 6 each leg

Mosey back into the parking deck
Merkins – 100
Squats – 200
LBCs – 300

Homer to Marge
Rugby Situps
Box Cutters

20 PAX –Plus One, Obama Care (FNG), Kitty, Splash, Carmen San Diego (FNG), Tootsie (FNG), Podcast, Goldie, Eruizone, AlrightAlright, Chairman Mao, Ina, Icebox, Neutered, Boomer, Foretran, Sleeveless, Coach K, F150
Q: Pepper


Big weekend for F3 Dallas as we broke our weekly attendance record as we finish our first week of the F3 Olympiad.


Chairman Moa’s Kickoff to F3 Dallas Olympiad

THE SCENE:  45 clear
AO: Burleson Park

21 PAX – Aaarrrggghhh, Splash, Panda, Gold Digger, Ina, Eruzione, AlrightAlright, Icebox, Ant Man, Plus One, Fish Sticks, Neutered, Coach K, Teasip, Boomer, Isaiah, Podcast, Hotty Toddy, Sleeveless, F150
Q: Chairman Mao


Chairman Moa was let down my many PAX who were going to bring a speaker but failed to do so. It would not be the Olympics without some technical difficulty. Great beatdown for our new member Fish Sticks, who is another Aggie who has joined F3 Dallas. Medals were discussed and awarded for each team and for All round.

Clear eyes and full hearts AlrightAlright

THE SCENE:  59 cloudy
AO: Burelson Park
SSH x35
5 punishment burpees for Chairman’s tardiness
Imperial Storm Troopers x15
5 punishment burpees for C+’s tardiness
Merkins x10
Monkey Humpers x5

15 PAX gathered with clear eyes and full hearts for a beatdown led by Coach Taylor.

Here’s how it went:Dillon Death March (PAX at the back does 3 burpees) – this led us to Hillcrest then south and back east to the quad

Jason Street to the hedges – (Lieutenant Dan: 4 lunges, 1 squat, 8 lunges, 2 squats, etc.) – Crucifictorious while you wait (Iron Cross)

Saracen Arm Circles x20 forward x20 backward
Dillon Death March with 5 merkins to West Dillon (soccer stadium)
Panther Crawl (bear crawl) 100 meters on the track
Money to bleachers
Smashmakers (Claymakers) x10 each leg
Dips x10
Irkins x10
Riggins brother partner run (Partner 1: run 400m, Partner 2: plank, flapjack) – the Q ran 2 laps and each of the PAX that he passed on the second lap had to do 5 burpees and so did the other Riggins brother
Dillon Death March to East Dillon with 5 merkins
Lion Crawl (Crawl bear) up the stairs and bear crawl back down
Arm circles for Vince
Native American Run to Philadelphia (Playground)
3 lines of 5
3 PAX do 5 pull ups, then rotate to the back of their line other PAX complete the following exercises over 5 rounds (total 25 pull-ups for each PAX): Tami Taylor Merkins, Landry Squats, Saracen’s Dad sit ups, Buddy Garrity beer twists, Billy Riggins Burpees


15 PAX – Goldie, Gold Digger, Eruzione, Neutered, Special Sauce, splash, Plus One, Travis, Chairman Mao, Icebox, Coach K, Podcast, C+, Triple Shift
Q: AlrightAlright

F150 shared as he has been reading through Scripture in the Old Testament how God has used a lot of jacked up men in history. We are all leaders either within our families, jobs, or elsewhere. Let’s be men that influence others and reinvigorate men to be men.

-Lots of complaining from the PAX during Panther Crawls, genuine fear during Lion Crawls
-some general whining about too much running
-it was clear that not many of the PAX were die hard fans of the show
-Icebox’s M touched Dirk last night. Ask him for details.
-Podcast has recently moved to Bedford, so expect to see more of him on Saturdays, maybe we can get him to Q
-54 PAX this week ties a record. Pretty impressive stuff gentlemen. Great work.

AlrightAlright shared about February 9th and 10th special weekend. We will have a 2nd F Happy Hour on February 9 at Ozona Grill and Bar. This is a special HH to have M’s,  new men, and those that have not been to a workout in a while join us. On Saturday we welcome back all our new men and brothers who have missed workouts…we will welcome them with Kotters. Mark your Calendar and begin inviting men today.