Suck it up buttercup…yes I said bear crawl up the ramps

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x20
IST x15
Reach backs x12

Mosey to parking deck

Partner up and do the following:
Partner One bear crawls up the first ramp while Partner Two does squats. Once Partner One gets up the first ramp, flapjack and Partner Two bear crawls up while Partner One does squats. Continue all the way up the ramp.

Go down the ramps with Crawl bear and LBC

Some grumbling from the PAX about being stuck inside so cut the next up and down ramps in half

Lunges up with Merkins
Crab walks down with plank jacks

Mosey to start area
Partner DORA
50 OH Claps, 100 squats, 150 Flutters with lap around tennis court

Merkins in a circle
MH x5

Rosalita x15

PAX: AlrightAlright, Ant Man, Boomer, Chairman Mao, Coach K, F150, Hannigan, Icebox, Oatmeal, Podcast, Special Sauce,  Doubtfire (Willy Lowman Knoxville)
QIC: Teasip


Mainly just grumbling about being in a parking deck with the great weather. YHC will take the encouraging all PG rated feedback he received and ensure the next Teasip Q will take place in gorgeous outdoors (though it will probably be raining). The PAX did get to enjoy the weather at coffeteria where Icebox and AlrightAlright made a burpee bet based on the SMU-Michigan game.

September 24-29 will be a Ryder Cup competition between team Oatmeal and team Special Sauce (names subject to change). Will be attendance based so make your appeals now to the captains if you want to be selected. Next happy hour is October 12

Bring in the Lefty

Saturday #backblast
F150 Coach K Helmet Teasip Podcast joined YHC for the substitute Q after Special Sauce called in the big lefty due to his college roommates surprising him for a wkd of bar hopping and debauchery. To his credit he did send me a workout for us to do, here it is:

As you can see he can’t spell, I don’t blame him though, he went to school in Ohio so it’s to be expected.

He also didn’t count on us being superior athletes as we completed the workout in 40 minutes, giving me 20 minutes to do every Mary exercise I know and incorporate as much of the coupon as possible.

The important thing is that Coach K and Teasip continued to pick up ground on AlrightAlright who is sure to be out of shape after a week of European eating and drinking.

See y’all this week!


Coach K takes us back

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x25
IST x20
Squats x10
Merkins x10

Mosey to Garage

Partner 1 starts bear crawling up 4 ramps while Partner 2 completes 10 squats, 10 hand release merkins, and 10 WWII SUs before running up to top, and then meets up with P1.

P2 picks up with the bear crawl while P1 runs to the start for the 30 reps before running to the top and catching up to P2. Repeato.

After each partner bear crawls switch to lunges, then crab walks, inch worms, walking, bear crawls, and duck walk. Repeato until the PAX start staging a mutiny.

LBCs x20
Pingvin Crunch x20
Heels to Heaven x15

PAX: Podcast, Pepper, Ant Man, Shake weight, F150, Oo-De-Lally, Teasip
QIC: Coach K

Praying for Podcast’s friend and their baby. He is dealing with heart issues, but the parents were finally able to take him home this week.

In full disclosure, I came up this workout with the sole intention of creating a situation where I didn’t have to talk to anyone at 0530 on a Friday. I knew it’d split up the group and be too cardio intensive for people to get a word in on a morning I really wanted to be alone. While I keep to myself and (according to some PAX) silently judge people, I am grateful to have y’all around. I don’t show up in the mornings for the workouts; I do it to be around y’all. It’s been a long ass year since I moved trying to adjust, but y’all’re definitely one of the best things to happen. Glad to be a part of this for however much longer I’m around. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lock these feelings back in a box where they belong…not sure how they got out.

YHC brought back his infamous bridge workout for his one year F3 anniversary Q. While nothing compared to the 200 burpees, it’s definitely a ball buster. With no bridge in sight, we took to the garage for the circuit. YHC did contemplate running over to Mockingbird Station, which is only 1 mile away but spared the PAX on this rainy Saturday.

YHC was once again honored to have Pepper post to YHCs Q and not any of AlrightAlright’s 3 this week (even though one was originally his but minor details). It’s not a competition, but I like to point it out anyways.

Early mumblechatter about the legs being dead after those Bonnie Blairs. There is still a lot of debate on the validity of the 16 min ironpax times, but to each their own. We debated doing it on Saturday next week just to have a day to recover afterwards.

Teasip and I had some great second F time during the thang while waiting for an even number to show up. Most comments were directed at my previous Q, but I feel like those were deserved.

Not too much mumblechatter given the nature of the workout (see COT below) except for some comments and groans here and there as we all trudged along.

F150 made a good point in asking if anyone had heard from Eruzione since the indictment of the Russian spies. While he has been active on Band, we agreed it was a bot.

As promised, there were no burpees. But now with the Fort’s challenge, I think y’all’ll reevaluate my burpee Q.

5 PAX made it to Bubbas where Ant Man started off strong with some nice jabs at the Baylor crew. Discussed how to work the system in getting out of household chores and Oo-De-Lally’s old maid Marla (probably make a great F3 name at some point). Otherwise, there was a lot of football talk as we’re all eagerly awaiting kickoff in a couple weeks.

1. Memphis GoRuck in September (see F150)

Podcast Abe Vigoda’s for the win

AO: Burleson Park

Mosey to the unofficial ultimate field
SSH x20
Abe Vigoda x11

2 Line Native American run to the top of the parking garage
Partner runs down the ramps (2 stories) and takes the stairs back up while partner works toward the following:
100 Merkins
200 Squats
300 mountain climbers
4 Corners
On top of the parking garage:
5 burpees
Duck walk down the ramp- 10 lunges
Lateral duck walk left- 15 Carolina Dry Docks
Walk Duck (??) up the ramp- 20 LBC’s
Lateral duck walk right
Rinse and repeat x4- alternating duck walks and bear crawls

American Hammer x 30
Penguin Crunch x 30

PAX: AlrightAlright, Ant Man, Boomer, Bullwinkle, Coach K, Double D, Eruzione, Icebox, Plus One, Shake Weight, Teasip
QIC: Podcast

YHC prayed us out

Not a ton of mumblechatter and one can only speculate as to the reason why. I assume most of us were contemplating Coach K’s winnings last night and what we would do with that sort of money. Kudos for he and Teasip making it to the workout despite a 2nd F bro date in OK.

There was a little deserved trash-talking to YHC when he had a tough time counting the Abe Vigoda’s.

We also learned that sometimes you have to be careful with the nicknames you give female clients, right Bullwinkle?

One PAX also mentioned that he burned 960 calories during the workout which is a personal record. YHC is proud to own that badge of honor but wasn’t too happy with some of his exercise choices during the workout.

1. August 10 – Next 2nd F event
2. July 26 – Scotch Night 

Stars & Stripes

AO: Burelson Park

SSH X 20
ISS X 20
High Kicks
High Knees
Butt Kicks
IT Stretch
Inch Worms
50 Yard Runs (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

Tennis courts were occupied so we mosey to fountain

Partner Wheelbarrow Walks
Holding Right Leg Only ½ then switch to holding left leg only for other half
Both legs held on the way back.
Each partner X2

Mosey across the street for Stars and Stripes
Stripes = Run down to the far end of the walk way and back (Roughly 100yds each way)
Stars = Star Burpeess, Jack Merkins, American Hammers, WWsitups
Partners combined to run 13 stripes and 50 of each Star exercise.

Irkins, Dirkins & Dips
2 Sets IC – 10/5

Mosey over to the wrong set of stairs, but nonetheless we found some stairs.
Single Legs Stair Jumps X 10/leg – Rinse and repeat 5x per leg

Alternating Bench Planks – 20×2 IC

Mosey Back to Soft Top

Hanging Knee Tucks 3×10, Planks in between sets
60 seconds of rotating flutter kicks to get us to 0800

PAX: Podcast, Oo-De-Lally, AlrightAlright, Teasip, Pepper, Coach K, Sir-Mix-A lot
QIC: Special Sauce

Special Sauce prayed us out. Thankful for 🇺🇸 and our freedom, safe holiday week for everyone.

The 13 down and back stripes ended up being way more difficult than anticipated. PAQ agreed if it were to be repeated again, each length of the run should count as one stripe. Had some great Remember the Titans movie quotes going during the “stars” portion. Thanks to AlrightAlright for misguiding us when looking for a set of stairs, should’ve listened to Teasip . Pepper was not a fan of the rotating flutter kicks, he appreciates the purity of the standard flutter.


It seemed like a good idea at the time

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x30
Monkey Humpers x5
IST x19 (cause someone, who shall remain nameless, was off count by 5)
Merkins x10 – slow count

Indian Run to top of parking garage
Four corners (bear crawl ramps): 5 monkey humpers, 10 hand-release merkins, 15 OHC, 20 flutter kicks

Mosey to three story staircase by library
Jacob’s Ladder: 7 Bobby Hurley’s; 1 Merkin
Crawl Bear up the stair case; Bear Crawl down

Shoulder circuit; Catch me if you can (5 monkey humpers); Shoulder circuit; Indian run back to soft top

Compass; LBCs; Pingvin Crunches

PAX: AlrightAlright, Chairman Mao, Ina, Isaiah, Teasip, Podcast
QIC: Coach K


Coach K sent a late night text requesting a substitute Q because Teasip peer pressured him into going out, but we rallied through. More to follow.

Early comment from AlrightAlright about a shortage of PAX, and I think I’ve officially fallen to the ranks of scaring people off with my oh so charming personality. Fortunately my feelings regenerate at the twice the speed of a normal man, so we powered on.

Our story really begins at AA’s suggestion of: “I’ve always wanted to crawl bear that library staircase.” Coach K was curious as well, and so I gave a brief disclaimer before all the PAX managed to ascend the 3-story staircase. It was agreed that it was the worst thing we’ve ever done prompting the “it seemed like a good idea at the time”, which seems to be a common theme in F3.

Lots of subsequent mumblechatter about the NBA draft, which honestly I didn’t keep up with until someone made a dig at UNC. Subtle reminder that UNC has the most Round 1 draft picks of all time instigating a strong debate about the scandal. AA said he was a strong supporter of Oregon State baseball despite them pitching a convicted child molester…minor details.

6 PAX made it to Bubba’s where the fun continued…Isaiah eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby Isaiah. Podcast is starting his new job next week with the Rangers, so any complaints/suggestions can now be directed at him. YHC got some digits last night with strong wingman support from Teasip, the true 2nd F champion. Talked a while about AlrightAlright vocal chords and dance moves. He admitted to splitting his pants at a wedding from going too hard, which is next level intensity. Mentioned how weird it was for AA to have such a deep singing voice while YHC has a much higher range. Wrapped up the discourse debating whether Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood was more successful after their American Idol runs.

1. July 13 – Happy Hour at Top Golf
2. F3 Dallas shirts pre-order is currently open until July 13th

I thought we did legs yesterday

AO: Burleson Park

SSHs x 15
Sprinkler x 10
Hillbillies x 10
Sumo Squats x 10
Merkins x 10

Mosey to tennis courts
Burpee Dan
Midline Suicide

Egyptian walk to the parking deck – Indian run but PAX lunge walk while PAX at back sprints to the front
Indian run to the top of the parking deck
DORA – 100 WW2 sit-ups, 200 merkins, 300 flutter kicks

Mosey to the benches
Dirty Mc Deuce – Irkins, Dips, Claymakers, derkins
Ring of fire with step ups around the fountain after the first set, run to the soft top after the second.

Sweat angels x 10
LBCs x 15
Rosalita x 15
Freddy mercuries x 15

PAX: Ant Man, Chairman Mao, Coach K, Eruzione, F150, Icebox, Podcast, Special Sauce
QIC: Pepper


9 PAX met for the Saturday morning beatdown. Pepper led the grumbling about Coach K Friday workout and how much the legs hurt, only to realize today’s beatdown was leg intensive as well. The newness and fun of Chumbawumbaburpee has seemed to have worn off, but always a great way to get the heart rate up. Chairman Mao was skeptical of the Egyptian walk and length, but it went surprisingly well. DORA was modified to exclude legs and double the abs. Music was provided to make the time pass. PAX was unsurprisingly quiet with our fearless leader AlrightAlright absent and Special Sauce had no one to keep him company out front. 5 PAX went for coffeteria after to witness the payoff of the Icebox and Podcast bet, followed by a discussion of the addicting qualities of fortnite, Podcast last day at NASA, and marketing scams/social media privacy agreements.


AlrightAlright’s FUNdamentals Beatdown

AO: Burleson Park

Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Imperial Storm Troopers IC x15
Overhead Claps IC x15
Squats IC x15

Mosey to benches
Dips x12
Right side Claymaker x12
Irkins x12
Left side Claymaker x12
Run to top of parking deck and back down
Plank for the six
Derkins x12
Box Jumps x12
The Bird x12
Alternating Step Ups x12 on each leg

Native American run to the quad

Dora 123
Partner 1 run around hedges (the Q was feeling generous and didn’t make the PAX run to the flagpole)
Partner 2 Carolina Dry Docks
Flapjack and repeato until team reaches 100
Then switch to Lunges up to 200
Then switch to World War I Sit Ups (go to 100) then switch again to Little Baby Crunches and do 200

Crawl Bear up the Library stairs
Bear Crawl down the Library stairs

Mosey to the abyss

Each PAX completes
5 burpees
10 lunges
15 imperial storm troopers
20 abyss merkins
25 plank Jacks

Mosey to the playground

Merkins while we wait for the six

Flutter Kicks
Low Dolly
Homer to Marge
Uptown Crunch
Penguin Crunch

PAX: Chairman Mao, Coach K, Podcast, splash, F150, Pepper, Plus One, Teasip, FNG: Shake Weight
QIC: AlrightAlright

AlrightAlright asked God to help us be better leaders in our community

Lots of chatter early on about AlrightAlright being in a better mood than Wednesday thanks to the M being back in town. The PAX tried to throw off the counting early on. They were unable to do so. Always lots of grumbling on the crawl bears. Shake Weight received his name because he has a strong handshake…it got out of hand after that.

1. Aaarrrggghhh is still selling tickets to a charity show featuring Josh Abbott and Wade Bowen on Thursday June 7th
2. 2nd F Happy Hour on Friday June 8th. Pepper will send out details and perhaps even a poll.
3. 3rd F event on Saturday June 9th at 0830. Look for details from Chairman Mao
4. GrowRuck Memphis Sept 21-23

Yes we just ran 3.9 miles on Saturday

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x 10
Walk Backs x 10
Inside/Out Merkins 2×5

Native American run to Dallas Hall (we took the long way, by way of Hillcrest)

Cherkins (Clapping Merkins) x 50
Imperial Storm Walker (Squat followed ISTs) x 100
Nothing starts with N, so we’re doing Mountain Climbers x 150
Crunches x 200
Overhead Claps x 250

Partner 1 runs around flagpole and back while partner 2 knocks out the reps. Rinse and repeat until all complete

Tag Team Kentucky Derby
Side Shuffle around fountain, switch direction of shuffle half way. Tag partner in to complete lap 2 of the race. T-claps to Boomer for powering through a tweaked groin.

Mosey to Park area with the stone benches.
Irkins x 5
Dips x 5
Claymakers x 5 each leg
Box Jump Squats x 5

Rinse and repeat 3x

Mosey to Parking Deck

Alright Alright vs the World

2 deck bear crawl race. Alright Alright started at the bottom, rest of the Pax started halfway up ramp 1. 11 burpees were on the line. For each person Alright Alright passed, 1 burpee was taken away and given to the rest of the Pax. Final count was 6 Burpees for AA and 5 for the rest of us.

Mosey to the Soft top for Mary

Rosalita 2×10
Alternating Leg Toe Touches: 2×5 each leg

PAX: Chairman Mao, Oo-De-Lally, Podcast, Rabbit (Memphis), F150, Antman, AlrightAlright, Boomer, Sleeveless, Coach K
QIC: Special Sauce

There was no lack of competition this gloom as we prepared for the Kentucky Derby and celebrated Cinco de Mayo. All counting was done in Spanish.

Shout out to Rabbit for joining us from Memphis.

1. Happy hour May 11
2. Scotch Club May 17
3. GrowRuck12 (Memphis, TN) Sept 21-23

Ks Heaven and Hell

AO: Burleson Park

SSH x20
Imperial Squat Walker x20

Mosey to Stadium

Burpback Mountain: Partner 1 runs up and down stadium 5 times while Partner 2 does burpees. Flapjack and repeato until 150 burpees are done.

Dirty McDeuce:
Irken x12
Dips x12
Bird x12

4 rounds with Raccoon Crawls across bleachers in between each set

Stairway to Heaven and Hell:
Climb the bleachers, 3 Squats every level on the way up. 2 monkey humpers back down

Mosey to random building with a big staircase

Stairbarrows: wheelbarrow up stairs

Jacob’s Ladder: 1 lunge, run up staircase, 5 monkey humpers. Repeato to 5 lunges and 1 monkey humper

LBCs x15
Sleeping Hillbilly x10 each side
Pingvin Crunch x10

PAX: Podcast, Eruzione, Chairman Mao
QIC: Coach K


The 150 burpees were not a fan favorite, but upon request, the “Coach got creative” with the remainder of the #beatdownbecause YHC is here for the people.

Our Russian word of the day is, phonetically, “mashina” meaning “car”. Chosen in honor of the antique car show across from the park.

Rumor has it, Oo-De-Lallyand Ant Manmissed the group but did their own beatdown. Oo-De-Lallydid join us for coffeteria at Bubba’s where YHC apparently made a new enemy in the parking lot. We spent a good chunk of time debating what Montucky Cold Snacks (the official beer of Montana, but is really brewed in Wisconsin) taste like. Opinions welcomed

1. Happy hour May 11
2. Scotch Club May 17
3. GrowRuck12 (Memphis, TN) Sept 21-23