JERICHO – Punishment

AO: Glencoe Park

PAX: Icebox, Coach K, Teasip, Princess Turtlehead, Ant Man, Special Sauce

QIC: Alright Alright

YHC casually mentioned in the Preblast that the PAX would be “punished” for not signing up to Q. Apparently this scared a number of PAX off. YHC apologizes for the semi-confusion. YHC had hoped that everyone would understand that the punishment was the fact that YHC was Qing and not that YHC would make it an extreme workout. Although the PAX that did show up were rewarded with a workout that truly made them better.

We rarely leave Glencoe Park on Tuesday mornings, so YHC decided we should explore. As YHC thought about that exploration, a biblical story came to mind. F3 does not have a specific Faith that it requires or promotes, but the PAX didn’t seem to mind on this morning.


SSH x25

IST x15

Tha Thang

Run laps around the apartment complexes and houses between Glencoe Park and McMillan. Stop at each corner for exercises. PAX should flutter kick while they wait for the Six at each corner.

Lap 1: Jumping Spiders x7 at each corner

Lap 2: Ear Hole Merkins x7 at each corner

Lap 3: Rugby Sit-Ups x7 at each corner

Lap 4: Imperial Storm Troopers x7 at each corner

Lap 5: Carolina Dry Docks x7 at each corner

Lap 6: Heels to Heaven x7 at each corner

Lap 7: Overhead Claps x7 at each corner


There wasn’t too much mumblechatter as the PAX were pretty winded throughout the workout. Some comments about YHC scaring off the other PAX. This is disappointing news if true.

Return of Maverick


Coach K and Princess Turtlehead joined Maverick and YHC for this week’s mutt ruck.

Conversation drifted from puppies and high school wrestling to wondering what the construction is all about around the park.

Maverick was full of energy but started to putz around the last 1/2 mile which required some motivation from Coach K to regain focus and finish the ruck

PSA: let’s get some lights to wear while we run and ruck, there’s been an increase of traffic lately, let’s be more visible than we have been.

F3 Mental Health Day

PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, AlrightAlright, Ant Man, Chairman Mao, F150, Ina, Myspace, Oatmeal, Princess Turtlehead, Sex Panther, Special Sauce, splash, Spread, Stingray (FNG) Teasip, Thunderlips
QIC: Coach K
AO: Caruth Park

*Due to anonymity concerns, stories/NMM have been removed

PAX were instructed to arrive 5 minutes early this morning, and all were present right on time. F3 Nation dedicated workouts today to raising awareness about men’s mental health, specifically suicide and depression. Given that most suicides are middle-aged men…it’s something we can’t keep ignoring.

Tha Thang:
Dirty Mc-Cuss Word of Choice

Two full suicides: start short for the first one; start long for the second
Burpees x10
Hand-Release Merkins x12
Burpees x10
E2K x12
Burpees x10
Lunges x12
Burpees x10
Plank Jacks x12

Repeato 2 more times
Burpees x9

All in all – we did 129 burpees, one for every person that will kill themselves today.

As with most of YHC’s Q’s, mumblechatter was restricted by the nature of the beast. splash promised us a burpee-free Q next Wednesday. AlrightAlright broke the tension with a penis joke on the “start short finish long” suicides. Him and Special Sauce tried making a truce on the third round of suicides, which fell through pretty quickly. Spread was the only one man enough to embrace the final 9 burpees without whining. Princess Turtlehead reminded the PAX that I warned everybody it wasn’t an ideal workout for a new guy. Disclaimer was given. Some moans and groans throughout as PAX figured out the pattern, but I definitely wouldn’t rank this amongst the worst of my Qs.

We wrapped up with the naming ceremony of our FNG Craig, now Stingray. He’s from Mississippi, owned a copy of “Flaming Lips” as his first CD, and was a journalist in college. Welcome, sir.

Saturday Sweet Thirteen

DATE: Saturday 3/23

PAX: Jugs, Princess Turtlehead, Schnitzel (Willy Loman from Hilton Head), Ant Man, Special Sauce, Oatmeal, Plus One, Teasip, Splash, Sex Panther, Ma Bell
QIC: Icebox, Sally

AO: Burleson Park

Unfortunately YHC (Sally) forgot the coupons so missed the first 5 minutes.
Guessing the warm-o-rama started with SSH then IST. YHC showed up in time for the jog around the big Burleson loop.

PAX picked numbers to determine bracket seeding. Match-up partners then performed the first exercise: shoulder raises with weight vest weights, to failure.

After the winners of each match-up were determined, all PAX did a big loop.

Winners moved on in the bracket, and losers matched up with other losers. We continued in this fashion for 4 more rounds, completing the following exercises:

Coupon hold arms-length
Jump ropes
Coupon raises
Coupon squats

Ultimately the Sweet Thirteen ended in a battle between Oatmeal and Special Sauce. Special Sauce was declared champion.

All PAX then completed a partner DORA:

  1. Merkins x 100
  2. LBCs x 200
  3. Coupon squats x 200 (modified)

PAX finally gathered on the basketball court for knockout – with a penalty of 5 merkins for a miss before a HIM could shoot his next shot. Those whom were knocked out did burpees until the game was over.

Plus One was ultimately named champion.

Box cutters

Done. Developed trust and faith.

Hit the coffeeteria afterward.
Good mumblechatter, including a call-out of Pepper, whom YHC saw at the grocery store the night before and said “I’m definitely coming in the morning.” Additionally, Ant Man called him and offered to give him a ride, but his call was unanswered.

We rib you because we miss you, Pep.

Apologies for the delayed backblast, gentlemen. If I am remembering something incorrectly let me know.

1. YHC (Sally) will be hosting a tequila tasting / whisky tasting / poker / basketball watching night this Saturday the 6th. All are welcome.

My name is Sally O’Malley and I’m 50!

PAX: Princess Turtlehead, Splash, Special Sauce, Ina, Oatmeal, Chairman Mao, Gold Digger, Thunderlips, Sex Panther, Ma Bell, MySpace, Alright Alright
QIC: Spread

AO: The original…Caruth

F3 DISCLAIMER & WELCOME: Not a professional, but been doing this a lot longer than you.

SSH x 17 (Q b day St Patty), 20 burp, 10 storm, 20 burp, 10 fat ballerinas, 10 burp

Mosey to Coffee Park

Slow and low for all: 20 globe abs, 10 irkins, 10 dips, 10 gorillas, 10 dirkins, 10 step up left, 10 step up right, 10 dirkins, mosey

burps x 10 at each intersection for another 50, mosey to tennis court

burps x 7 (tricentennial – 7/4/2076), ski abs x 10, in-n-out x 10, bear crawl bear court x1, mosey to field, 50 yard sprint

circle – offset pushup x20, diamonds x 10, dolphins x10, slow and low x10

SSH x 17 to wrap

No protractor to keep pax off guard.

Low O2 – many in pax struggling at this stage.

Pax was expecting the “typical Spread” rings – I did not accommodate.  Expecting “typical Spread” protractor – NO again.  Getting old and shifty at 50.  Thanks to all for posting – was a privilege to lead the group to commemorate my big milestone.  Looking forward to 57 more.

Check band

The Dora that never ends


PAX: Aaarrrggghhh, Ina, Splash, Spread, Princess Turtlehead, Candyland, AlrightAlright, Rocket Man (Charlotte, NC), Bing (Hickory, NC), Gold Digger, Coach K, Special Sauce

QIC: Mile High

AO: Caruth Park



IST x20

Cotton Pickers x15

Willie Mays x12

Mountaineer Motivators x10


A roundabout mosey over to the field

Duration Dora – traditional Dora (merkins, squats, LBC’s) but instead of counting reps, it was done continuously for 20 minutes. Each exercise was done AMRAP (as many reps as possible) with a focus on form. When form started to fail, modifications should were made. Each partner rotated through the exercises after each swap.

11’s – CDD and burpees running across the field in between sets (10 CDD’s and 1 burpee, run,  9 CDD’s and 2 burpees, run, etc.)

Mosey back


American Hammer x32


Rugby situps x15

Flutter kicks x15


Accountability is submission to standard through enforcement and consequence (having someone tell you that your form is off, getting pulled over for speeding, etc.). Discipline is monitoring yourself for adherence to a standard (knowing your form is suffering and fixing it or modifying appropriately, making time to study scripture regularly, etc.). We should all look for areas of weakness where we need accountability and utilize the areas in which we are well disciplined to help build up another man.


There was a healthy amount of mumblechatter during the warm-o-rama. Many PAX found the mountaineer motivators to be an entertaining dance routine, some even incorporated additional hand movements. The Duration Dora provided PAX with an opportunity to focus on their form without the pressure of keeping up with a rep count. Some incorporated clever modifications like Splash who used the small hill behind us to turn the merkins into irkins.

YHC’s explanation of the 11’s created a little bit of confusion, but everyone figured it out after the first set. Considering the amount of burpees done the day before, several PAX complained about burpees being one of the exercises in the 11’s. YHC took the complaints as a compliment. PAX should be grateful that we ran out of time for the bear crawl set YHC had planned.


  1. Run Ranger Run – log miles
  2. Bourbon tasting on Thursday. Bring diapers.
  3. There might be a happy hour on Friday. Chairman Mao is championing that cause.

Splash got bb done


PAX: Alright Alright, Icebox, Rump Roast, Candy Land, Princess Turtlehead, Spread, Aaarrrggghhh, Coach K, Special Sauce, Ina, Chairman Mao
QIC: Splash

AO: Caruth Park


side straddle hops, storm troopers, seal jack, splash arch touches, mountain climbers, inch worms, uptown crunch, rugby’s, high knees, butt kicks


chairman special (irkens, dips, dirkens, step-ups)
Tennis courts – bear crawls, crawl bears, pliei squats, repeat
Walking lunges, front and back
Crab walks
Assorted exercises…blah…blah…full body workout
49er (modified 69) – 7 minutes of 7 burpees



the Q took a lot of heat from the pax for his random counting. The Q subscribes to muscle confusion to make positive changes. Good to hear candyland loft up his M.

That is all I got – I’m almost on track for 50 F3s in 2019…#goals