Countdown 2 Christmas

PAX: Mile High, AlrightAlright, Aaarrrggghhh, Special Sauce, Teasip, Icebox
QIC: Ina

AO: Katy Trail


SSH x 20 IC
IST x 15 IC
Windmills x 10 IC

Mosey to the trail for Countdown 2 Christmas (19 days away!)

Run 2 intervals (1/2 mile)
Overhead press (single count) x 19 IC
Squats (single count) x 18 IC
LBC (single count) x 17 IC
Angels in Outfield (single count) x 16 IC

Run 2 intervals (1/2 mile)
Merkins (single count) x 15 IC
Iron Mike (single count) x 14 OYO
Flutter Kicks (dbl count) x 13 IC

Run 2 intervals (1/2 mile)
Diamond merkins (single count) x 12 IC
Jump Tucks (single count) x 11 OYO
X Men (dbl count) x 10 IC

Run 2 intervals back (1/2 mile)
Overhead claps (single count) x 9 IC
Lunge (single count) x 8 OYO
Freddy Mercury (dbl count) x 7 IC

Run 2 intervals (1/2 mile) Native American run
Carolina Dry Dock (single count) x 6 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO (crowd favorite)
Rugby sit up (dbl count) x 4 IC

Run 2 intervals (1/2 mile)
T-merkins (single count) x 3 IC
Star Jumps x 2 OYO
Spider man x 1 IC

Mosey back to La Madeleine for a solid cardio day getting about 3.5 miles total

None (did not have time as the countdown took the entire time)

YHC prayed us out thanking God for sending the true gift of this holiday season to die on the cross.

Icebox purchased some new kicks so he could attend more Thursday workouts, he flew down the trail. Teasip again posted even though he was not feeling great and AlrightAlright fought through some pain as well; both finished strong. Aaarggghhh was a bit perplexed with my communication of 800 m runs but eventually realized it was a long distance day; he loved every minute. Mile High was steady throughout the run, picking different paces to jog with different PAX. Special Sauce, still basking in his glory of winning Q of the year, was excited to get some mileage in this glorious morning. Overall a great workout!

1. Happy hour December 14th

The Amazing Race

PAX: Chairman Mao, Ina, Oatmeal, Sally, F150, Teasip, Special Sauce
QIC: Coach K

AO: Everywhere; Distance Covered: ~4.5 miles

SSH and IST x20 each

PAX split into teams of 2 for an Amazing Race themed Q across SMU’s campus. Each team was briefed with a map as well as cards detailing exercises, points, rules, etc (see pics). There were 6 stages (locations) each with its own challenge, roadblock, and potential detour. Roadblocks were to be completed by one (and only one) PAX before completing the challenge at each stage. Some stages had a detour, which meant there were 2 challenges from which to choose and split amongst the two PAX. Points were awarded for completing individual stages as well as completing multiple stages.

Most Points: Team Chairman Mao and F150
Fastest Lap: Team Special K (Special Sauce and Coach K)

We started off hot this morning when people inquired about AlrightAlright‘s whereabouts, and Special Sauce promptly (and innocently) replied with “seeing his girlfriend in Orlando”. Apparently AA broke the golden rule of never having your wife and side chick in the same city (Mrs. AA if you’re out there, your husband does not have a side chick). Immediately after, some comments were spread about Icebox‘s absence despite his big talk for Team Cinnamon Roll. He later texted saying he slept through his alarm…a likely story.

PAX jumped on board quickly with the idea of the Q even trying to rush the start time a bit. It became clear early on there was a strategy to the race. Two teams stuck by base camp and started there, while the other two teams went off towards La Madeleine to get the far stages out of the way. Passing teams throughout the day resulted in some nice mumblechatter, jokes, and threats as I mentioned that sabotage was 100% permissible – especially with Sally and Oatmeal who were on our tails the entire first lap.

Back at base camp, PAX started counting steps, calories, and what not. When exactly YHC turned into a runner’s Q is a mystery, but all PAX confirmed 4.5 miles on the day with the exception of Teasip who noted that he got home after midnight and so he had an additional .3 miles from whatever adventures he was on. T-claps for showing up in spite of that though.

We made our way to Bubba’s where Teasip and I ran into who we think was Aaarrrggghhh in the drive-thru but with an accent thicker than molasses, which threw both of us off. We tried to convince him to come in but were rejected. Inside, we talked through our most interesting office holiday party stories/fiascoes as well as Sauce losing Kareem Hunt in Fantasy. Oatmeal took a jab at moonshiners, which cut a little too close for home for some of us. Teasip took the Chairman Special to a new level by adding a slice of Pecan Pie to the mix, which we’re all certain was leftover from Thanksgiving the prior week. PAX rolled out content in preparation for a big day of football.

Unfortunately I don’t have the omniscience to speak about Second F that happened with other teams, but Team Special K chatted it up the entire time. Whether Special Sauce has had enough of YHC is up for debate, but it was fun for me at least.

The point of the Q was to get people to work together, talk, and ultimately have a good time in the spirit of friendly competition. Roadblocks required teams to pick and choose which PAX suffered a bit more at each stage. For Team Special K, my PIC picked up extra burpees because of my hand and made sure I was comfortable with the amount of running throughout the morning. We’ve all been pushing the idea of picking each other up here recently, so this was the inspiration for the Q: walk alongside your brothers, pick ’em up when they need it, and reach out when you need it.

Given PAX reviews, this Q will definitely make a comeback at some point but probably bigger, better, and longer for those dedicated.

Happy Hour on December 14th. As much as y’all hate Ozonas, no one has suggested a suitable alternative

CSAUP Darby Challenge


The 12 Days of F3 Christmas

PAX: Alright Alright, Chairman Mao, Coach K, F150, Mile High, Oatmeal, Oo-De-Lally, Rump Roast, Special Sauce
QIC: Teasip

AO: Glencoe


SSH x 74 to celebrate the 74 points the Ags put up on lsu

IST x 15, Don Quixote/Windmill x12

Mosey to the tennis courts for the 12 Days of F3/Christmas

1st Day: 1 Mountain Climber

2nd Day: 2 Lunges and 1 Mountain Climber

3rd Day: 3 Freddie Mercuries, 2 Lunges…etc.

4th Day: 4 Carolina Dry Docks

5th Day: 5 Bobby Hurleys (since he has rings)

6th Day: 6 LBC

7th Day: 7 Burpees

8th Day: 8 OH Claps

9th Day: Run and touch all 9 lines on the tennis courts (aka a Suicide)

10th Day: 10 Merkins

11th Day: 11 Squats

12th Day: 12 Yeah Thrusts/Sky Pickle/Alabama Prom Date

Circle Merk to 74 to again remind the PAX of the 74 points the Ags scored

Homer to Marge into Low Dolly x12, Penguin crunch x 15 and Rugby situps x15 OYO

YHC prayed us out, including prayer for Oo-De-Lally’s M and baby that will be delivered by Monday. Potential naming to come at next 2nd F event

A great turnout as everyone was ready to get into the Christmas Spirit. Once we started the SSH and got past 23, Alright Alright was quick to say he knew we were going to go to 74. Try as he might to distract YHC with his shouting of random numbers, YHC stayed focused and on track, much like the Ags on Saturday. We started the 12 Days of Christmas with some holiday music playing in the background. Not much mumblechatter today as the PAX was moving from standing to sitting as we went through the days of Christmas. Some mild complaining once Burpees popped up and a critique of not having the namesake song on the playlist (mainly cuz YHC views it as annoying and overrated). T claps to Plus One for giving YHC this idea as he did it last year, so credit where credit is due. Hopefully YHC didn’t steal his thunder and Plus One can still do his 12 Days of Christmas workout later this holiday season.

1. Q of the year tomorrow (11/28)
2. 2nd F Happy Hour tentatively set for 12/14

PILGRIMS Pride of Thanksgiving


PAX:  Special Sauce, Rump Roast, Alright Alright, F150, Oatmeal, Belk Bowl

QIC: Plus One

AO: Glencoe Park


YHC welcomed the PAX and provided the disclaimer.


Side Straddle Hop x 21 IC

Imperial Storm Trooper x 16 IC


Run a Lap Indian Run

Patty Cake Merkins x 16

Imperial Squat Walkers x 21 IC

Lunges x 16 IC

Gorilla Squats x 21 OYO

Mosey to the Tennis Courts

Paint the Lines

Red Bull Smurf Jacks x 16 IC

Imperial Storm Trooper x 21 IC

Mountain Merkins x 16 IC

Squats x 21 IC

LBC x 16 IC

Reach Through x 21 IC

Uptown Crunch x 8 IC (both sides)

Seal Jacks x 21 IC

Merkins x 16 IC

Imperial Storm Trooper x 21 IC

Paint the Lines

Red Bull Smurf Jacks x 16 IC

Gorilla Squats x 21 OYO

Lunges x 21 IC

Imperial Storm Troopers x 16

Plank Jacks x 21

Mosey to playground

Partner 1 – 5 Pull ups

Partner 2 – Plank 

Repeato until Partners each complete 10 pull-ups

PAX take turns 

Swerkins x 10

Wilt Chamberlain

Until all PAX completed 30 Swerkins


Crunchy Frog x 16 OYO

LBC x 21

Low Flutters x 37


The PAX circled up and YHC took it out in a word of prayer.


The PAX caught the pattern early (alternating 16 & 21 to commemorate the first recognized Thanksgiving meal). @Special Sauce quickly realized YHC was spelling out PILGRIM. The PAX were highly skeptical that the Red Bull Smurf’s Jacks are actually an exercise (if you do them correctly they are quite the burst of cardio). YHC learned that the F3 Nation needs more exercises starting with G, L & R. 

Katy Trail Thursday – the 1/2 mile edition

PAX: Gambler, AlrightAlright, Ina, Aaarrrggghhh, Special Sauce
QIC: Plus One

AO: Katy Trail


YHC welcomed the PAX and provided the disclaimer.

Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
Imperial Storm Trooper x 15 IC
Don Quixote x 10 IC

Mosey to Trailhead
Merkins x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC
1/2 Mile Native American Run
LBC x 15 IC
Derkins x 10 IC
1/2 Mile Baton Death March
Rear PAX completes 5 Merkins
Uptown Crunch x 15 (each side) IC
Squat x 10 IC
Partner Wheelbarrow Merkins x 10 OYO
1/4 Mile Partner Chase
Partner 1 – Run
Partner 2 – 5 Merkins and chase
Uptown Crunch x 15 IC
Squat x 10 IC
1/2 Mile Black Snake
LBC x 15
Merkins x 10
1/2 Mile Native American Run
Uptown Crunch x 10
Squat x 10
1/4 Mile Interval OYO
Various backwards run, lunges and mosey on the way back to La Madeline

Homer to Marge
Burpees x 5 OYO

The PAX circled up and YHC took it out in a word of prayer.

YHC enjoyed the 1/2 mile group runs evoking some reminiscing of the PAX from an AlrightAlright workout of old.

Semi-Final 2 of Q of the Year

PAX: Hannigan, Ant Man, Sally, Special Sauce, Icebox, Ina, Chairman Mao, Aaarrrggghhh, Teasip
QIC: Spread, Alright Alright

AO: Caruth Park

11 PAX gathered in the freezing gloom. 6 of them joined the #Below32 Club for the first time this year. These men all posted to vote for the winner of our second semi-final matchup for Q of the Year.  YHC gave the disclaimer and we got straight to work.

(AA) Side Straddle Hop x20

(AA) Imperial Storm Troopers x15

(Spread) Typical old man dynamic warm-up with high knees and butt kickers

1st Half Led by Spread
Mosey to playground for Spread’s trademark Rings N’ Things
Pull-Ups x5
Climb Wall
Slide down the slide (a slight frost gave us some real speed and made this an adventure every time)
Burpees x10
Bleacher Climbs x3 (the frost made these downright treacherous)
Merkins x10
Run over the bridge (this bridge will now be known as Hannigan’s Bridge), through the field, around a tree and back to a table
Box Jumps x10
Run across Hannigan’s Bridge
Dips x10
Repeato the whole cycle x2
Mosey back across Hannigan’s Bridge to the freshly surfaced tennis courts
Paint the Lines

2nd Half Led by Alright Alright
Circle Merk to 100 (someone really needs to teach Chairman Mao to wait for his turn to count)
Jacob’s Ladder: bear crawl across two courts, 7:1 monkey humpers, run back, 1:7 T-Merkins (modify the bear crawls with reverse lunges)
F3 Baseball:
1st Base: 50 burpees per team
2nd Base: 100 merkins per team
3rd Base: 150 squats per team
Home Plate: 200 LBCs per team
Team 1 (Ina, Teasip, Special Sauce, Icebox, Aaarrrggghhh) defeated Team 2 (Sally, Ant Man, Chairman Mao, Spread, AA, Hannigan)

The secret vote was held… and age came before beauty.

Congratulations to Spread for his victory! He will now face off against Special Sauce in an all-PNC Championship.


#Kotters to Hannigan.  Great to have you back out there brother.

Rings N’ Things got a great review as always.  The weather made it even more exciting.

The Bear Crawl Jacob’s Ladder went over really well, as expected.

#TClaps to everyone that has posted this week. This weather has sucked, but the workouts have been awesome. Big groups make it worth getting out of bed. This is the only way to get better everyday. Winter workouts make us stronger physically and mentally.  Let’s keep this rolling, and start spreading the word.

1. Shirts coming soon

Q of the YEAR Rd 1 Beatdown 1

PAX: Teasip, AlrightAlright, F150, Oatmeal, Chairman Mao, Belk Bowl
QIC: Icebox & Special Sauce

AO: Glencoe Park


Tim McGraw ft Nelly, Over and Over – SSH + burp-ups with “over and over” (21)

TI, Bring em Out- flutter kicks + LBC’s with “bring em out” (68)

Crazy Town, Butterfly- back plank + dip with “come” (48)

Big Sean, Moves – star skaters + Bobby Hurley with “moves” (41)

Empire Cast, Boom Boom Boom Boom- Penguin crunch + yeah thrusts with “Boom” (100)

Schoolboy Q, Man of the Year- plank jacks + merkins with “man” (44)

Special Sauce:
Mosey over to the tennis courts for “20 minutes of mayhem.” The goal here was to be continually moving for the entire 20 minutes.  There would be no dedicated recovery time or “10 counts”, only active recovery. 
The Thang (with an 80’s rock playlist serenading in the background)
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers (Knee to Elbow)
Gasser x 1
10 seconds of Mountain Climbers (Knee to Elbow)
Each Pax Started at one of the corners of the tennis service boxes for bearcrawls and Merkins (rotating clockwise)
Merkins x 5, bc to next corner, Wide Merkins x 5, bc to next corner, Close grip Merkins x 5, bc to next corner, Carolina dry dock x 5, bc back to starting corner
IC Freddie Mercury x10
Rinse and Repeat
Back to the doubles lines for Gorilla Hops (Mix of a squat / broadjump….had to be there).  Width of both tennis courts was 1 rep.
Gorilla Hop x 1
Plank 10 Seconds
Gorilla Hop x 1
IC 10 Leg lifts
Lunges x 1
Plank 10 Seconds
Gorilla Hop x 1
Jacobs Ladder – Forward Run & Backpedal Width of both Courts with Burpees and Squats (1/4, 2/3, 3/2, 4/1)
Line up on center line of tennis court for Side Shuffle Shuttle Run (Doubles / Doubles / Single / Single) x 4
Line back up at a corner of the service area for 2 more rounds of bear crawls and merkins. 



Great showing today, despite the cold temps.  If really didn’t feel that cold once we got moving.  Icebox set the bar high with another solid playlist workout, and the PAX had a tough time with the final vote.  Perhaps an upgrade to his speaker will allow him to bring him the title of QOTY next year (I’ll drop a Christmas hint to his M).  Great to see @ back out on a Tuesday, he just couldn’t miss out on a PNC showdown.  Queen made another appearance on a playlist today, AlrightAlright still is not a fan and likes to make it be known.  Great job by everyone today, lets have a strong showing again tomorrow for AA vs Spread.
YHC Prayed us out

DJ icebox playlist:

1. Rd 1 Beatdown 2 in the Gloom with AlrightAlright and Spread at Caruth Park 0545.

“The Climb” – A Leg Day Special


PAX: AlrightAlright, Pepper, Special Sauce, Icebox, Rocket Man, Walmart, Ina, Sally, Plus One

QIC: Plus One

AO: Burleson Park

F3 Disclaimer and Welcome: YHC welcomed the PAX and provided the disclaimer.

Side Straddle Hop x 25 IC
Imperial Storm Trooper x 20 IC

Warmup Circuit OYO
Pull ups x 10
Merkins x 10
Squats x 10

Mosey to Parking Garage
Native American Run to top and back down to first level
Squats x 25 IC
Burpee Dan Up 2 Ramps (4 lunges per Burpee)
Copper Head Squats x 25 IC
Burpee Dan Up 1 Ramp (2 lunges per Burpee)
Gorilla Squats x 25 OYO
LBC x 25 IC
Uptown Crunch x 15 (both sides) IC
Backwards Burpee Dan Up 2 Ramps (4 backwards lunges per Burpee)
Squats x 25 IC
Freddie Mercury x 25 IC
Backwards Burpee Dan Up 1 Ramp (2 backwards lunges per Burpee)
Copperhead Squat x 25 IC
Lunge the remaining 2 Ramps for the Summit
Dora – Partners alternated between running down corner stairwell and back up other corner stairwell.
Merkins x 150
LBCs x 250
Squats x 350
Mosey back to Burleson park

Sweat Angels x 15 IC (Courtesy of @Pepper)
Leg Raises x 15 IC (Courtesy of @Walmart)

The PAX circled up and YHC took it out in a word of prayer.

YHC made sure the PAX did not skip #Legday. Multiple requests for additional squats and lunges, so much in fact that YHC was extremely close to calling for a zombie walk to Bubbas. None of the Burpee dans were popular but the backwards lunges and decline burpees drew particular ire from the PAX.

Inaugural F3 Relays

PAX: AlrightAlright, Aaarrrggghhh, Ina, Gambler, Special Sauce, Oatmeal, Walmart, Teasip
QIC: Icebox

AO: Katy Trail

Side Straddle Hops x20 IC
Imperial Storm Troopers x20 IC

Before we began everyone grabbed two 2.5 lb weights from my ruck vest, these acted as our baby coupons and batons for the AM

Moseyed over to the track
400M warmup jog

Partnered up, since we had 9 we had 4 teams of 2 and I jumped on the AlrightAlright and jon team as a 3rd wheel which meant I just had to run around and wasn’t really racing because I’m too slow for it to matter.

Race 1: P1 runs 400M, P2 small pulses up with the baby coupons, switch
Race 2: P1 runs 400M, P2 shoulder presses up with the baby coupons, switch
Race 3: P1 runs 200M, P2 did triceps with the baby coupons, switch, and then do it again with another 200M sprint

Intermission: 800M fun run, jog the corners and spring the straight always (Aaarrrggghhh killed us in the jogs, he’s been holding back on his moseying skills)

Race 4: P1 runs 400M, P2 did something that I can’t remember with baby coupons, switch
Race 5: attempted to do a continuous 4X100 relay until all 4 teammates ran 400M…this race failed miserably, some of us ran 400M, some 600, and some 300M…I’ll go back to the drawing board for next time

Mosey back to La Madeline for 20 rugby sit-ups and prayed it out



Thanks to all who came out, it was as fun as running can be. Will keep thinking about ways we can do relay races when we don’t know how many people are going to be at the workout. I now keep baby coupons in the car so if any other Q wants to use them just let me know and I’ll do my best to show up!



11 Pax made the right decision (a month ago) to get after it in the gloom: AlrightAlright, Gambler, Spread, Special Sauce, Ant Man, F150, Rump Roast, Aaaarrrggghhh, Ina, Oatmeal, QIC: The (Scranton) Strangler [Nashville]

Warm Up:

Mosey around the park – 10 Good Mornings – 12 Imperial Walkers – 12 Baby Arm Circles – Reverse – 12 Overhead Press – 35 SSH

Partner Off 1’s and 2’s

Thang 1 – Park Benches

Partner 1 runs the sidewalk to the Flag and back while partner 2 does completes 10 merkins 12 Dips 15 Squats continuous. Switch when Partner 1 gets back. Each Partner did that twice.

Thang 2 – Soccer Field

-Everyone together – walking lunge to the half way mark and run the remaining distance (flutter kick till all in)

-Lunge back to the half way mark and run the remaining distance (flutter kick till all in)

-Bear crawl the entire length of the field

-11’s –  Start with 1 Merkin – backwards run the length of the field – 10 Burpees – Forward run to the starting point (PAX did this till the Q got tired).

Thang 3 – Time Wasters

-Plank Circuit

-Pushup and Squat Variations

-Plank Circuit

-Pushup and Squat Variations

-Pause Squats


Mosey back to the flagpole

F3 Dallas: Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to serve. I look forward to moving down to the area and working out/getting to know you all in my transition from a Volunteer to a Texan. PS I apologize for the delay – honestly, I completely forgot.


The (Scranton) Strangler