coupons merkins how many

THE SCENE: 66 clear
AO: Caruth Park
Hillbillies IC x10
Goof Ball IC x 20
Annies IC x 30
Windmills IC x30

Mosey around the walking trail

Partner workout:
Rd 1
P1 Sprint to each parking landing, 35 merkins down and back (7 stops total)
P2 Colt 45s (curls with cinderblock…15 low to mid, 15 mid to high, 15 low to high)
Plank until all in

Rd 2
P1 Lunge walk to each parking landing, 35 Shoulder taps flag pole and back (3 stops total)
down and back
P2 Elf on a Shelf

Reverse crunches IC x25

9 PAX – Aaarrrggghhh, AlrightAlright , Gold Digger, Special Sauce, Coach K, Ina, Teasip, Chairman Mao
Q: F150


There was much grumbling this morning about the number of merkins and even some accusations of PAX not completing all merkins. The PAX worked out so hard with the coupons two disintegrated due to their inability to keep up with the PAX. The Olympiads are entering into their 7th day it’s still any teams chance.



Until Splash is done or 45s

THE SCENE: 46 misty and foggy
AO: Caruth Park
Mountain Climbers

Mosey to softop playground

5 pullups at playground
crabwalk over the bridge

Mosey to “children dancing” statue
Bear Crawl to park bench
Mosey to running trail
5 burpees
Mosey to start
Repeat 4 times

Find a bench
10 step ups
5 down and up inclined merkin
5 down and up derkins
5 dips
work backward to 1

Mosey over to tennis courts
Line up on double out line
Rd. 1
Paint the lines starting from far end, run backwards back to start, hit every line

Rd 2
Lunge walk on court, 10 merkins in between courts, reverse lunge second court
Rinse and Repeat back to starting point

Rd. 3
Lunge walk on court, merkin slide walk in between courts, reverse lunge second court
Rinse and Repeat back to starting point

Uptown Crunch both sides
Rugby situps

Mosey to flag pole
25 yard sprints

14 PAX – Teasip, Neuter, Coach K, AlrightAlright, Eruzione, Spider Man (FNG), Aaarrrggghhh, Special Sauce, Fortran, The Gambler, Spread, Chairman Mao, F150
Q: Splash

Icebox via Special Sauce

THE SCENE:  32 mostly cloudy
AO: Caruth Park
Montage — warmup (SSH, storm troopers, high knees, etc).

Kevin Gates, I don’t get tired – mountain climbers + merkin (when he says tired, 42 times)

Demi Lovato, Sorry Not Sorry – suicides

MC Hammer, Can’t Touch This – high knees + burpees (when he says can’t touch this, 28 Times)

I’m Blue, Blue – bear crawl Native American runs

Rihanna, Diamond – diamond plank + diamond merkin (when she says diamond (or diamonds) 36 Times)

Whitney Houston – Freddy Mercury’s + WWII sit ups (when she says dance or somebody, 65 times)

69 Boyz, Tootsee Roll – suicides 

Techtronics, Pump Up the Jam – alternating leg lunges + jump (when they say pump, 43 times)

Reel 2 Reel, Move It – flutter kicks + LBC (when they say move it, 69 times)

Mosey playground picnic benches

Freak Nasty, Da Dip – hold back plank on bench + dip (when he says dip, 60 Times)


7 PAX – Coack K , Ina, Splash, Aaarrrggghhh, F150, Spread
Q: Special Sauce


Special Sauce stepped in and Q’d a ICEBOX inspired workout with some Omahas here and there.

February 9th & 10th F3 Dallas is honoring the Winter Olympics with a F3 Dallas Olympiad. Our opening ceremonies will be at Ozona Grill and Bar on Friday night. This is a special 2nd F Happy Hour to bring your wife, girlfriend, etc. On Saturday, February 10, we will have the opening day of games during our workout. Mark your Calendar and reach out to other men to introduce them to F3. We will be split up into teams where points will be awarded through the workouts. Teams will be announced in the coming week.

Clear eyes and full hearts AlrightAlright

THE SCENE:  59 cloudy
AO: Burelson Park
SSH x35
5 punishment burpees for Chairman’s tardiness
Imperial Storm Troopers x15
5 punishment burpees for C+’s tardiness
Merkins x10
Monkey Humpers x5

15 PAX gathered with clear eyes and full hearts for a beatdown led by Coach Taylor.

Here’s how it went:Dillon Death March (PAX at the back does 3 burpees) – this led us to Hillcrest then south and back east to the quad

Jason Street to the hedges – (Lieutenant Dan: 4 lunges, 1 squat, 8 lunges, 2 squats, etc.) – Crucifictorious while you wait (Iron Cross)

Saracen Arm Circles x20 forward x20 backward
Dillon Death March with 5 merkins to West Dillon (soccer stadium)
Panther Crawl (bear crawl) 100 meters on the track
Money to bleachers
Smashmakers (Claymakers) x10 each leg
Dips x10
Irkins x10
Riggins brother partner run (Partner 1: run 400m, Partner 2: plank, flapjack) – the Q ran 2 laps and each of the PAX that he passed on the second lap had to do 5 burpees and so did the other Riggins brother
Dillon Death March to East Dillon with 5 merkins
Lion Crawl (Crawl bear) up the stairs and bear crawl back down
Arm circles for Vince
Native American Run to Philadelphia (Playground)
3 lines of 5
3 PAX do 5 pull ups, then rotate to the back of their line other PAX complete the following exercises over 5 rounds (total 25 pull-ups for each PAX): Tami Taylor Merkins, Landry Squats, Saracen’s Dad sit ups, Buddy Garrity beer twists, Billy Riggins Burpees


15 PAX – Goldie, Gold Digger, Eruzione, Neutered, Special Sauce, splash, Plus One, Travis, Chairman Mao, Icebox, Coach K, Podcast, C+, Triple Shift
Q: AlrightAlright

F150 shared as he has been reading through Scripture in the Old Testament how God has used a lot of jacked up men in history. We are all leaders either within our families, jobs, or elsewhere. Let’s be men that influence others and reinvigorate men to be men.

-Lots of complaining from the PAX during Panther Crawls, genuine fear during Lion Crawls
-some general whining about too much running
-it was clear that not many of the PAX were die hard fans of the show
-Icebox’s M touched Dirk last night. Ask him for details.
-Podcast has recently moved to Bedford, so expect to see more of him on Saturdays, maybe we can get him to Q
-54 PAX this week ties a record. Pretty impressive stuff gentlemen. Great work.

AlrightAlright shared about February 9th and 10th special weekend. We will have a 2nd F Happy Hour on February 9 at Ozona Grill and Bar. This is a special HH to have M’s,  new men, and those that have not been to a workout in a while join us. On Saturday we welcome back all our new men and brothers who have missed workouts…we will welcome them with Kotters. Mark your Calendar and begin inviting men today.

Fight Gone Bad

THE SCENE:  58 and cloudy
AO: Burleson Park
Side straddle hops x15
Imperial storm troopers x 15
Windmills x 10

Medicine Ball Baton Death March through Sorority row and campus.
   3 lines – person in the front ran with medicine Ball overhead.
   Back of the line Merkins x5 and then sprint to the front and take over the    medicine Ball carry.

Park Bench Workout
   Irkins x10
   Dips x10
   Single Leg Lunges (do both legs) x10
Rinse and Repeat but only x 8.

Mosey to Parking garage for “fight gone bad”.
5/5 minutes rounds
   Station 1 – 5 Squats / 1 squat jump .
   Station 2 – Ramp Runs
   Station 3 – Medicine Ball Clean and Press
   Station 4 – Bear Crawls / Crawl Bear
   Station 5 – Mountain climbers x 5 / Merkin / stance Jacks x5/ Merkin
On each station we went all out for 1 minute, at the minute mark switched to the next station with no break in between until completing all 5 stations, then 1 minute recovery.

Mosey back to flag

LBC’s and BBC’s

7 PAX – Ant man, Dr. Jugs, Goldie, Chairman Mao, F150, Plus One, Eruzione, Ina, Teasip, Boomer, Neutered, Coach K, Alright Alright
Q: Special Sauce


A lot of mumble chatter this gloom as PAX felt good with the warm weather and seeing RUSH week was upon the sorority house of SMU. Teasip serenaded us with one last rendition of the wake fight song after Mary while singing over the sorority’s rush week songs!


Peppered with music

THE SCENE:  41 and Mostly Sunny
AO: Burleson Park
SSH x 20
Hillbillies x 10
IST x 10

Chumbaburpee (Burpee every time “I get down” in song Chumbawumba)
Bring Sally Up – Al gores to the song “Flower” (Moby), duck walk while in down position
Roxanne – merkin every “roxanne”, plank jack every “red light”

Mosey to the parking garage

Partner up and do ½ a set of BOMBs
1 partner exercises, other partner runs backwards up two levels of the parking garage, sprints back.
Trade off with partner
Burpees (25)
Overhead claps (50)
Merkins (75)
Big boy situps (100)
Squats (125)

Thunder Truck – Plank and for every “thunder” perform a Makhtar N’Diaye to the song “Thunderstruck” (ACDC)

Mosey to the bottom of the parking deck. Various cardio exercises up each ramp with alternating ab exercises at the top of each ramp.
Lunge walk, flutter kicks
Bear crawl, rosalita
Reverse lung walk, Homer to Marge
Crawl bear, Russian twists
Burpee Dan (two levels)

None – Zilch – Nada.

2 PAX – AlrightAlright, F150, Ina, Eli, Coach K, Arghhh, Eruzione, Special Sauce
Q: Pepper



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